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Women not getting enough advice from doctor

Research has suggested that a quarter of pregnant women are not getting adequate advice from their doctor.
Just under a quarter of pregnant women do not think they get enough advice about their pregnancy from their doctor, research has suggested.

Only 24 per cent felt adequately informed and around half did not take any kind of prenatal course.

The research was led by Miguel Angel Herraiz, the head of the obstetrics department at the Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid.

"We need to provide a birth plan and explain well and at all times how the process is going to be," he said.

He added that the study's aim was to discover what women's preferences were for giving birth as the media and administrations currently tended to be in favour of a 'natural birth'.

A total of 250 pregnant women of different nationalities and varying age and education levels were surveyed.

There was a roughly 50/50 split between those using public and private healthcare, but 99 per cent thought a hospital was the best place for giving birth.

Other results included that 80 per cent of women preferred to give birth using epidural anaesthesia and four per cent with a caesarean.

One person who has chosen not to have a caesarean is the 'world's first pregnant man', Thomas Beatie.

The 34-year-old, who created a media-frenzy when he announced he was pregnant, gave birth to Susan Juliette and has been speaking about the experience.

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