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Women advised to reduce stress during pregnancy

Stress-busting techniques are important for a healthy pregnancy, study reveals.
Reducing stress and anxiety levels while pregnant can have a positive impact on an infant's physical development in the womb and long-term health, research suggests.

Experts have called for further research into the link between maternal stress during pregnancy and a baby's health.

Recent findings from the University of Bristol suggest that expectant mums who are exposed to stress, particularly late in pregnancy, have a higher risk of their child developing asthma later in life.

In light of the results, pregnant women are advised to focus on relaxation and stress relief in order to boost not just their own but also their unborn baby's development and wellbeing.

John Henderson, reader in paediatric respiratory medicine at the University of Bristol, said: "The best evidence will come from interventions that can be shown to reduce the effects of stress on women's bodies and see whether these are associated with differences in outcomes for children."

Known to be the most common long-term medical condition in children, asthma affects one in 11 British kids, according to Asthma UK.

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