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Woman pregnant from screened IVF egg

The first ever pregnancy has resulted from a screened IVF egg.
A British woman has become the first in the world to become pregnant using a new IVF technique which involves screening eggs.

The new technique could more than double the success rate of IVF pregnancies.

It involves screening fresh eggs for abnormal chromosomes, which are a major cause of miscarriage.

The 41-year-old woman is being treated at the CARE fertility group in Nottingham.

She underwent IVF treatment 13 times previously, but it never led to a pregnancy.

The woman is now six months pregnant.

Dr Simon Fishel, director of the CARE fertility group, believes that the new technique could help many more women to conceive using IVF.

He said that eventually, it could also help to reduce the numbers of twins and triplets associated with fertility treatment and lead to just one baby.

"We know that at least half the eggs and embryos produced are wasted due to chromosomal abnormalities," he explained.

"If we could choose those with normal chromosomes, logic tells us we double the chances of pregnancy and that's what we hope."

Experts added that a lot more research is needed into the technique before it is widely rolled out.

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