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Woman gives birth to sextuplets

A New York mother has successfully given birth to sextuplets.
A woman in New York has given birth to six babies - four boys and two girls - only the second set of sextuplets ever to be born in the city.

Digna and Victor Carpio are now the proud parents of new babies Justin, Danelia, Jezreel, Genesis, Joel and Jadon, as well as their seven-year-old son Jhancarlos.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center said on Monday (October 27th) that the babies had been born by Caesarean section on October 6th during the 25th week of pregnancy - about three months early.

The parents kept the amazing birth a secret until now while doctors worked hard to ensure that all the infants were properly cared for, but now all six babies have good odds of survival.

Baby number one was born at 10:36 am, with the sixth arriving four minutes later.

Each baby weighed between 1.5 and two pounds, with the two girls being the heaviest.

Proud dad Victor told the New York Daily News: "It was incredible seeing all six of them in the arms of those smiling nurses. I can't sleep worrying about [how] we'll manage to care for them!"

Digna added: "Life is beautiful, and we're so thankful."

City Council member Tony Avella has already started a collection for baby bottles, nappies, prams and other supplies.

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