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Woman defies odds to have triplets

A woman receiving fertility treatment has given birth to three babies.
A woman who was told that she could not have children has defied the odds to give birth to triplets.

Sam Paciuszko, 31, gave birth 14 weeks early by Caesarean section at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth to two girls and a boy, each weighing just 2lb - the same weight as a bag of sugar.

After Sam and her husband Andrew were told that they could not have their own children, the happy mother described her babies as "miracles".

The parents were informed that there was only a 30 per cent chance of all three babies surviving but Martha, Evie and Harry are all now "doing well" as they gain weight and receive specialist treatment.

Sam had been told that she would never have children because her body was not producing eggs, but after she married, she began undergoing fertility treatment.

After three years, the human resources manager began to give up hope that she would become a mother until she became pregnant last year.

"Andrew and I took the gamble but never really thought we would have more than twins," Sam told The Times.

"We are very grateful and happy with our three bundles of joy and miracles but that will be our lot. They will be our first and last children."

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