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Win goodies from The Internet Baby Shop

Enter our competition to win 1 of 2 Little Shield pushchairs or a Little Shield baby walker.
Congratulations to Claire from Coventry and Debbie from Glasgow who each win a Little Shield Davos pushchair and to Pamela from Manchester who wins the Little Shield baby walker, all courtesy of The Internet Baby Shop.

Prizes: We have 2 Little Shield Davos pushchairs (in orange flambe) and 1 Little Shield baby walker (in Milly Pink) to give away.

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All entries must be received before midnight on 27th April, 2008.

A winner will be chosen at random from those listed on on 28th April, 2008.

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Everything you need for your baby, all in one place.

Established in 2007, is a family run business and is the UK's fastest growing e-tailer of baby accessories, toys and equipment. Providing high quality products at competitive prices.

Over the past months, The Internet Baby Shop has gone from strength to strength, and we have picked out two of our most popular products for this competition.

The Davos pushchair by Little Shield is the ideal addition to any family with a young one. Weighing it at just 6.6kg, this lightweight pushchair is great for keeping in the boot of your car or even taking on holiday. Safety tested and certified to BS7409, it has 2 lie back positions, 5 point safety harness, hood, shopping basket and raincover, making it the perfect pushchair for all occasions, all year round. Plus, the Flambe Orange colour makes this one of the trendiest buggy's around!

Also by Little Shield, the Baby Walker provides your baby with the perfect first step into sitting up and getting about. Specially designed to ensure your baby doesn't stray too far, the anti-slip grips prevent the walker sliding down any type of incline. Coming with an electronic music tray, including hoot-able steering wheel and flashing lights, the walker also includes a snack tray, making it great, not just for exercise, but for keeping baby amused or for snacking!

Little Shield was established in 1933 and is dedicated to safety, quality, design, innovation, functionality and affordability. They are the perfect brand for The Internet Baby Shop.

Exclusive AskBaby Discount

The Internet Baby Shop are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases made at their online store to AskBaby members who enter this competition. All you need to do is enter the following code when you check out: ASKBABY0308

For more information and to check out The Internet Baby Shop's must-have range of baby products visit

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The pink baby walker is adorable!!
by BHuss 16th Aug 2010, 5:07pm
Love the colours of the pushchair, will surely brighten my day.
by mumsy72 28th Apr 2008, 11:23am
Great to see a different colour pushchair.
by amebee 28th Apr 2008, 11:22am
New to this site, looks good. This pushchair looks great for everyday use.
by BecD 28th Apr 2008, 11:20am
Fab prize my maclaren buggy is on its last legs so would love to win this
by amylou02 28th Apr 2008, 11:20am
I love that the pushchair is neutral as a neutral colour so its suitable for a boy or girl!
by TootieBear765 28th Apr 2008, 11:19am
I love the sun canopy on the buggy to shade sesitive skin
by Wendymann 28th Apr 2008, 11:15am
Lovely prizes, love the colour of the pushchair
by barbmerv 28th Apr 2008, 11:14am
What a great buggy love the colour and the walker looks great too. This really is a great site keep up the good work!
by justine11 28th Apr 2008, 11:07am
Great site, good to share news and views with others so i know i'm not the only one having sleepless nights etc....
by cakeyshoe 28th Apr 2008, 11:06am
relax and enjoy.
by sammcg 28th Apr 2008, 11:04am
I love the colours
by songbird02 28th Apr 2008, 10:54am
Wow the orange buggy would be great for the summer - what a fab prize!
by KJaybaby 28th Apr 2008, 10:53am
The orange buggy would compliment my sons red hair
by moogiegirl 28th Apr 2008, 10:51am
This site answers all my questions without me asking. Thank you
by polly321 28th Apr 2008, 10:48am
The bright colors will surely brighten my gray mood!
by ttc2 25th Apr 2008, 8:59am
Wow I would love to win this, my favourite colour is orange and i havent seen any in the shops. Our baby shops are tiny in my town! Even if I don't win the price seems reasonable too!
by Nocona 25th Apr 2008, 8:55am
The most informative site I've found. Excellent.
by DianeO 24th Apr 2008, 9:27am
Love the bright colours
by kellstar1982 24th Apr 2008, 9:23am
this is a great buggy
by vikster82 24th Apr 2008, 9:23am
Will most definately get seen with this lovely buggy
by Living1705 24th Apr 2008, 9:20am
Hubby and I would love to win one of these stylish,funky,practical pushchairs so we can take our baby daughter for a walk.Good luck to everyone else
by mogarry 24th Apr 2008, 9:17am
What a great website. Great range of products - love it!!!
by KayDee1979 24th Apr 2008, 9:16am
Cool buggy n great colour
by bigmumma 22nd Apr 2008, 9:27am
These are fabulous and so easy to use anywhere, especially on rambles and cliffpath walks where i live!
by polobint 22nd Apr 2008, 9:25am
This pushchair looks great - really funky
by Isis1981uk 22nd Apr 2008, 9:19am
this is a excellant site and the weekly news letter always have really helpful info and the competitions are a bonus!
by kate07 22nd Apr 2008, 9:18am
This is great site you can get other peoples views and ideas who are in same situation as you !!
by berry 22nd Apr 2008, 9:15am
Great competition, pushchair would be really handy (mine's so heavy.) Great colour too.
by delightfuldoll 22nd Apr 2008, 9:12am
This site is like discussing with your freind during the pregnancy. Both the products are very useful in raising your baby.
by sona 16th Apr 2008, 9:02am
Does having a livley baby due in august mean that it will be lively baby when its born?
by Ceril 15th Apr 2008, 9:34am
It would be really useful to have a pushchair that is easy to transport and the baby walker would be great to help get started moving.
by HelenR 15th Apr 2008, 9:29am
this would be absolutely fantastic for my brothers little 'un - it would be a real suprise after not having seen them for 4 years to turn up with this fantastic item for little Callum
by avmartin30 15th Apr 2008, 9:27am
It's not pink or blue, how refreshing!!
by oppailove 10th Apr 2008, 10:37am
Iv'e just found our I am pregnant, so excited and over the moon. Really like this excellent website, I can see me spending a lot more time on the net.
by nahgallac 10th Apr 2008, 10:33am
what a great place to discuss worrys about ur baby a problem shared and all that
by harlina 9th Apr 2008, 3:32pm
This looks ideal, we walk everywhere at weekends, and living in cornwall, its a real outdoor place.
No huge tractor tyres like some, but just the job for around town, and the baby walker looks ideal for the house
by JMSquibb 9th Apr 2008, 3:24pm
I love the look of the buggy. but better than ithat it looks stable but lightweight a must have for me and mo
by 12Tiggeroo 9th Apr 2008, 3:23pm
this site s great i just joined today im so glad i did
by jennren 9th Apr 2008, 3:22pm
What a useful site - found some excellent information here today, thank you
by jomarise 9th Apr 2008, 2:34pm
my son is still in his pram and be good to have something that would be easy to get in and out of the car and he will be able to see more
by taylor 9th Apr 2008, 2:18pm
Lightweigh pushchairs are the way to go. I'm expecting my third baby in September and it will make things easier when getting in and out of the car.
by maj 9th Apr 2008, 1:35pm
I think it is great for the websites to provide infomation about child birth.
I am having a child in october and i have been looking at this website ever since and this is my third child
by Allisha 26th Mar 2008, 4:26pm
My son would love the baby walker, he is just getting about by rolling so this would be great
by Stephaniehicks 26th Mar 2008, 4:15pm
The Little Shield baby walker sounds great to me, my youngest is desperate to get going but with a big sister who is two and always wants to hug and kiss her I think she could do with a bit of getting knocked over protection. My garden also has a bit of a steep hill so this walker sounds ideal
by elliemc 26th Mar 2008, 4:13pm
I am delighted to hear about a light pushchair that folds easily and can fit in a boot easily. I have a fight daily with my pram and car boot and I have had enough. I will be looking at the internet baby shop with interest.
by chris03 26th Mar 2008, 4:07pm
Hi what a great pushchair, my little girl has just turned one and its a nightmare going round the shops with my travel system! Youve also got the added bonus you could see us coming!
by irenefrances 26th Mar 2008, 4:06pm
The babyshop was started in 2007
by lucyaxtell 20th Mar 2008, 4:34pm
it is interesting to hear of products for the first time.Little Shield is a new name to me.
by gandg 20th Mar 2008, 4:33pm
The Davos pushchair is just what I've been looking for as we're off on holiday in the summer!!
by dinky4 20th Mar 2008, 4:17pm
i have been looking for a gift for my great niece these products are very vibrant in colour and have great safety specs so even if i dont win thankyou for the information about this company
by jackie73 20th Mar 2008, 4:13pm
I think that this is a wonderful idea! It really get parents involved in the different things for their child. And on top of that, the child gets a gift out of it! It's a great idea!
by Stephielynn 20th Mar 2008, 3:44pm
Amazing lightweight products!!
by shanaz 20th Mar 2008, 3:41pm
just looked through this shop and they have some fantastic bargains
by cfercharlee 20th Mar 2008, 2:10pm
just what joshua needs to find his feet a baby walker
by jemimapuss2002uk 20th Mar 2008, 1:58pm
lovley idea
by brokenjane1 20th Mar 2008, 1:41pm
Good site which gives useful weely tips and is easy to read!!!
by treas 20th Mar 2008, 1:38pm
'Win goodies from The Internet Baby Shop'

Wow the colurs are so summery and bright perfect for the hoped for sunshine we all need.
by jochrisbryan 20th Mar 2008, 1:22pm
walker and buggy both look really lovely!!!!
by jamieaka 20th Mar 2008, 1:11pm