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Win a Pure Chic organic Mum & Baby pamper hamper

Enter our competition to win a pamper hamper filled with top brand natural and organic skincare treats for Mum and Baby.
Congratulations to superhez who was chosen as the lucky winner of this fabulous prize.

Prizes: Pure Chic is giving away a new mothers hamper basket worth £114 to one lucky winner. They've included something for both mother and baby wrapped in a gorgeous basket.

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All entries must be received before midnight on 1st February, 2010.

A winner will be chosen at random on 2nd February, 2010.

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As a new mother with so much to think about and so much to do, the products we use on our new bundle of joy often takes a back seat.

Pure Chic offers a selection of natural & organic skincare products for the whole family. With a selection of top quality brands to choose from all of which are certified, giving you that peace of mind we all want.

The pamper hamper, filled with 17 top brand natural and organic Mum and baby skincare products is together worth £114 and includes:

For baby

Weleda - Leading brand in organic baby products.
  • 1 x Bottle of baby lotion

  • 1 x Bottle of cream bath

  • 1 x Tub of nappy cream
Beaming baby - The only true organic baby wipe brand
  • 2 x Packs of baby wipes

  • 2 x Packs of baby face wipes

Simply gentle - A selection of organic cotton wool
  • 2 x Packs of cotton wool ball

  • 2 x Packs of cotton buds

  • 2 x Pack of cotton wool pleats

For mother

ila spa - The brand that's making waves in the beauty industry everyone loves ila spa at Pure Chic
  • 1 x Bottle of face oil for glowing radiance
Pure Chic - A new mothers must have
  • 1 x Post pregnancy Tummy wrap
Simply gentle
  • 2 x Packs of pads
Visit to find out more about their selection of top of the range natural and organic beauty products and cosmetics.

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What a wonderful idea! Something for mum and baby x
by flitss 3rd Feb 2010, 9:50am
Fab hamper! A treat for both Mum and baby.
by sassolino 1st Feb 2010, 9:22am
This is a wonderful for both mummy and baby and even nanny for the family night of pampering that everyone would enjoy
by happynanny 1st Feb 2010, 9:21am
thank you
by jaks111 1st Feb 2010, 9:18am
My daughter is now 7 weeks old. It has been a very tiring and emotional time, and a pamper hamper would certainly help with relaxation and sooth the sore areas. Many thanks x
by sharonr9 27th Jan 2010, 9:36am
This is a fab contest, just what we all need, a littl eof what we need and a lil pampering
by LilMissPea 27th Jan 2010, 9:35am
I would love to win this, as I'm, sure everyone would. What a lovely prize. Good Luck Everyone
by AbiH 27th Jan 2010, 9:33am
This looks fab and would be great for my new baby and me.
by emma147 27th Jan 2010, 9:28am
I got my fourth baby on the way and would love a treat for me for once :D Good luck all x
by caralou 27th Jan 2010, 9:28am
if only.......
by Phobia 27th Jan 2010, 9:27am
Sounds like a lovely prize to win so good luck to us all! :-)
by leneS 27th Jan 2010, 9:26am
This would be great - Georgie's skin is a bit sensitive, with the cold weather & the central heating! Well done AskBaby x x
by Rab19 27th Jan 2010, 9:26am
organic great stuff
by kipper1955 27th Jan 2010, 9:26am
i ned wil b a treat
by shuzna 21st Jan 2010, 9:18am
I dont think you can beat Natural organic for you and your baby ♥
by MrsChivz 21st Jan 2010, 9:18am
Organic is the way forward. A great way to experience those products which are on the upward trend. Good luck to all of those who enter!
by Supergirl76 18th Jan 2010, 2:41pm
great prize to win, love organic products, would be a great opportunity to discover them.
by mumsy72 18th Jan 2010, 2:37pm
What a generous prize! Good luck to everyone and to the winner you lucky thing :-)
by griggsy 14th Jan 2010, 9:28am
Going to enter motherhood first time and Luv to have Organic stuff.
by Luvtosh 14th Jan 2010, 9:28am
good luck every1
by gailsie 14th Jan 2010, 9:26am
Omg 2 years on and this is the one i want the most, Hoping its this time lucky xx
by MrsMummy 14th Jan 2010, 9:25am
first baby on the way, quite nervous and could do with a treat
by katewalker84 13th Jan 2010, 11:41am
i love this.
by saby 13th Jan 2010, 11:41am
im a yummy mummy, in need of a pamper hamper .
by annaHagfish 11th Jan 2010, 4:17pm
First tilme mum and love organic as I have sensitive skin and would be a real treat toe win !
by Pann 11th Jan 2010, 4:16pm
this would be a fantastic prize for any mum to win, i use purechic products all the time and i would recommend there products to any mum out there if you have never tryed there website as a young mum myself with a 8 week old son my advice is checkout there website its the right place to get the best baby and mother care products. go see for your selfs.
by sarah626 11th Jan 2010, 3:14pm
Sounds lovely!!! :-)
by MrsJohnson22 11th Jan 2010, 3:13pm
Prizes sound brill, and would be ideal as not only is comp winners announced just after my LO arrives but also the day before my 21st birthday!!! lol
by AlfiesMom 11th Jan 2010, 3:10pm
Will Be Very Nice To Win This. Good Luck Everyone =]
by BabyEvans2010 11th Jan 2010, 3:10pm
i hope i win lol as iv never won anything in my life & it would b a nice treat 2 pamper my self after a hard days work looking after my 4month old daughter lol fingers crossed
by missleelee 11th Jan 2010, 3:09pm
Would love to try these brands!
by Bliss36 11th Jan 2010, 3:08pm
Great products to win!
by cleopatra 11th Jan 2010, 3:08pm
sounds gorgeous
by mizzmelli 11th Jan 2010, 3:08pm
Prizes sound fab and just what little teeny and I need, A bit of pampering, She sure is a little diva already!
Thanks AskBaby :)
by swjc21 7th Jan 2010, 10:03am
brilliant would love to win!
by nikki75 7th Jan 2010, 10:03am
Sounds great havnt ever won anything before. It would be a fantastic thing to win as there are items for both of us!!
by kimj 5th Jan 2010, 3:54pm
fantastic prize the products are great!
by loril 5th Jan 2010, 3:52pm
sounds fantastic
by heathie 5th Jan 2010, 3:52pm
I need this :)
by Qweena 5th Jan 2010, 3:50pm
Desperately need a tummy wrap lol
by Lutaylor 5th Jan 2010, 3:46pm
what a lovely gesture to get a new baby and some much needed goodies for him and mummy if i was lucky enough
by tillybilly 5th Jan 2010, 3:46pm
1st time mum never thought id ever get preggres due to polysytic ovarys so to enter a competition.with great products is all sounds fantastic.good look all other mummys to be xxx
by jil3681 5th Jan 2010, 3:45pm
aww my son would love this he loves being pampered with and hes only 4 months old lol n it would be so nice for me to be able to have a lil me tym which i dnt really get its only jus me and my son lol cant leave him on his own other wise hell scream n scream lol
by stain01 5th Jan 2010, 3:42pm
I've never won anything before. This will be a blessing as I have two babies!
by shye 5th Jan 2010, 3:42pm
by ejwejw 5th Jan 2010, 3:41pm
i would love to win this hamper in order to try it for myself and my baby bcos i don't know much about this product
by oladeinde 5th Jan 2010, 3:41pm
ooo how exciting !!
by askbaby688688 31st Dec 2009, 9:04am
sounds great - good luck yummy mummies
by Taly 30th Dec 2009, 10:01am
love this product...
by gosiaczek210 30th Dec 2009, 10:00am
also as a first time mum to be, it would be lovely to have something to pamper both myslf and baby wen its due ;-)
by speckles 30th Dec 2009, 9:56am
iv never won any thing in my life,would be happy for this to be my first win.
by Michelle01432 30th Dec 2009, 9:56am
This hamper would cheer me up no end. Im only 26 wks pregnant and have been in and out of hospital since i was 20 wks with various problems, bleeding and now a problem with my kidney which is causing me unbelievable pain. Ive been stuck in the house all xmas and feel so fed up this would bring a hugh smile to my face.
by khaworth 30th Dec 2009, 9:56am
lovely product!!
by sery 30th Dec 2009, 9:55am
I would love to win this hamper, as i couldnt think of a better product for my baby.
by plum2509 24th Dec 2009, 9:24am
this is my first child...very excited but very nervous too.........and just like some of the other mums have said it would be a lovely prize for babies and mums x
by Muby 24th Dec 2009, 9:24am
I know like all Mums this would be a lovely prize to win, pamper away those baby blues
by megger 22nd Dec 2009, 9:07am
I hope Ive Got The Chance I Have This Hamper, It Would Be Really Use Full & My skin Will be Better Then It already Is, The Products Sound Really Good & Helpful For Me & The Baby, Good Luck TO ME, Its My First Child. :)
by lollypop90 22nd Dec 2009, 9:07am
Fantastic prize hope I win daughter is having a baby soon she will love this prize bye lol
by chrism 21st Dec 2009, 10:05am
wow this looks great!!
by Katricedawn 21st Dec 2009, 10:05am
My skin feels better already, just reading about the product!! The last thing I won was a student key ring on Paignton pier. Good luck tome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by mariawi 21st Dec 2009, 10:05am
its my first baby
by rinky 21st Dec 2009, 10:03am
I have been using some of the simply gentle products until recently when the shop I was purchasing them from closed down. All other products sound great and I hope I am in with a chance of winning.
by febee 16th Dec 2009, 6:09pm
all comments are good but this is the best i have used
by mike123 16th Dec 2009, 9:10am
Would be a nice start to my baby shopping. The tummy wrap I think will be great after the birth.
by 7chick 16th Dec 2009, 9:09am
I really hope to win this hamper the products sound fantastic and the more natural and organic the better for me and baby . And in these times with so muc to buy I could really use a few free things along the way ,and for that extra needed pampering ....thanks for all the competitions ....would love to have more.
by Kmama 15th Dec 2009, 9:20am
this hamper is an absolute amaing prize and every new mum or mum 2 be deserves it...i hope i win would love a head start on what to buy etc......fingers croseddd hehe :D xxx
by Aimee90 15th Dec 2009, 9:19am
what a fab prize :) good luck to me
by ruby37 15th Dec 2009, 9:18am
I would love to get this sample gift so as to buy more pure chic products!!!!
by ShwetaSingh 14th Dec 2009, 10:16am
ive had a really bad year so a bit of pampering would do me and my son brilliantly
by seesee 14th Dec 2009, 10:15am
You should always find time to pamper yourself and your baby with organic products, it 's one of lives affordable luxuries that you can enjoy.
by sheks 14th Dec 2009, 10:14am
by shan111 14th Dec 2009, 10:12am
by haunting 14th Dec 2009, 10:10am
Think it would come in handy for me as i return to work in February, great to have some ME time and destress after work!
by pollie82 11th Dec 2009, 9:28am
I never win anything so It would be great to win something for the little bump!
by beckylee25 11th Dec 2009, 9:27am
What a golden opportunity
by folly4real 11th Dec 2009, 9:27am
My best friend is just about to go on maternity leave with her first child and feeling rather apprehensive so I think this would be a nice treat for her to give her a boost!
by Justine85 10th Dec 2009, 10:22am
Perfect gift for Christmas
by venusmoon 10th Dec 2009, 10:09am
What a brill prize for me and my baby
by alicesmum 10th Dec 2009, 10:08am
i dont usually win this would ne nice!
by bulbul 10th Dec 2009, 10:03am
sounds like a great prize!
by Samijane123 10th Dec 2009, 9:58am
excellent prize i would love to win this for my daughter
by shelly1967 10th Dec 2009, 9:57am
Looks and sounds Divine!
by Toba 10th Dec 2009, 9:50am
Excellent Prize choice - Fingers Crossed for me.

by hayleyse 9th Dec 2009, 11:26am
this will make a very nice hamper to welcome my baby and i into motherhood :)
by bunnnyandcheeks 9th Dec 2009, 11:26am
this sounds really nice, hope Im a winner!!!
by Gemand2ndbump 9th Dec 2009, 11:25am
Wow! really a good prize for me and my baby.
by rajiliju 8th Dec 2009, 5:59pm
This is a great prize 4 me & my baby
by Anajg 8th Dec 2009, 9:36am
Great prize!. Would love to win it!
by paulajane68 8th Dec 2009, 9:36am
Would love to win these organic products!!!!
by jeaniebluerose 6th Dec 2009, 6:16pm
would be great to win a treat for me & my gorgeous baby girl! x
by kelmar 6th Dec 2009, 6:15pm
What a great prize!
by WendyMoncaster 6th Dec 2009, 6:15pm
thi hamper of goodies for mum & baby sounds really nice would be a cool christmas present for mummy & baby to share
by shellypig090 6th Dec 2009, 6:15pm
Wow, I would love to win this!
by kell73 3rd Dec 2009, 9:37am