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Win a Mum & Baby photo shoot & pamper day

Enter our competition to win a Mum & Baby photo shoot & pamper day from!
Beverley from Peterborough (bevfairhead) has been chosen as the lucky winner of this competition - congratulations!

Prizes: We have one Mother and Baby Photo shoot & Pamper Day to give away courtesy of This includes 2 x A4 prints.

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All entries must be received before midnight on 29th June, 2008.

A winner will be chosen at random from those listed on on 30th June, 2008.

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About the prize: Feel like a star for the day as you're transformed into an even yummier Mummy while spending time with your little one!

Your day will start off with a tailored beauty consultation followed by pampering hand treatments and a skin refresh. Next, you'll have your make up applied by a top make up artist and your hair styled into a clamorous 'do ready for your shoot (all the while your little one will be kept entertained).

You'll then be able to discuss ideas for your photo shoot with your (very friendly!) photographer so that you can create a portrait that you'll be able to cherish forever. Finally comes the shoot where the photographer will spend time taking beautiful pictures of you and your baby. You'll be able to choose 2 A4 prints to treasure which you can view from the day after the shoot.

This experience is available to book 7 days a week throughout the year and is redeemable at locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Chester and Cheshire.

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This would be really nice for me and my son because we can't afford pictures to be done and it would be a nice experience to bond together more which will help him develop more as well with the love of me and special photos to remember it hasn't been an easy time for us since he aint got a grandad on my side of family so please we need this please xxx i would be very grateful xxx
by jacobj2 11th Oct 2010, 9:08am
I was very ill during my pregnancy and would have loved to have "Bump" picture's taken. My baby boy is coming upto 4months now and i'm gradually getting back on my feet after a hard labour, because of this i wasn't able to bond with my baby like i would have loved too. So having this photoshoot would mean everything to me, and give me a chance to bond with my baby boy with a day just for us. A moment we can cherish forever xx
by HannahAndOliver 14th May 2010, 5:22pm
i hate having my photo taken as i dont think i look that good in them but my little boy loves the carmera so i would to win a mum and baby photo shot so we can have a lovely photo of the two os us 2 getther
by sarah2084 25th Jun 2009, 9:24am
i would luv to spend the day with my daughter getting pampered and a photoshoot iv been saving up to do somethig like this but havnt yet been able to afford it.winnin this would mean the world to me,,i would show the pictures so proudly to everyone,xxxthankyou so much for this opportunity,xxxxx
by csrsls 9th Jun 2009, 11:16am
Every moment with my baby is special and to be able to have photo to capture that would be amazing. Every mum needs pamoering and every baby needs spoiling it would be a dream to win and add to the many days of wounderful experiences with my baby
by Abiola 1st Jun 2009, 9:11am
Every moment with my baby is special and to be able to have photos to capture that would be amazing. Every mum needs pampering and every baby needs spoiling it would be a dream to win and add to the many days of wonderful experiences with my baby.
by nishadev 27th Mar 2009, 9:27am
My baby is due around 15th June, and i am so excited.
I wish that i could be with my little pumpkin today if i could.
I just can not wait until my baby is here, so i can share such amazing moments of becoming a mummy.
This will be my first baby.
This photo shoot would be a fantastic oppotunity to have the very frist pictures done of my baby when they are first born. What a amazing experiance that this would be.
Just really and truly amazing.
Good luck to you all. xxxx
by pumpkin1984 23rd Mar 2009, 9:15am
oh god, wat i would do to win this, be so lovely, wish we could all get it, be so nice.dont think alot of people can afford to pay to have them daughter is 7 months old, i just split up with her daddy, so cant afford professional ones.i would love this :-)
by yazzyloulou 11th Dec 2008, 9:41am
hi i would love to do this for my daughter i havent been able to afford the photo shoot yet for my daughter who is 8 months winning this prize would make me so happy.
by nazreen786 5th Nov 2008, 9:10am
OMG how fantastic would this prize be!!! I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second child after experiencing 2 miscarriages. My daughter will be 3 soon and unfortunately (although having hundreds of 'home photos') we haven't been able to afford to get any professional ones taken. Winning this prize would be absolutely amazing. Both for me, my hubby, my daughter, and bump :)
by kevshapa 30th Jun 2008, 9:23am
All moms need to be pampered. I would love to win this!
by j6go 30th Jun 2008, 9:03am
I would love to win this!! I'm always the one with the camera so all the photo's we have are of my husband and daughter!
by Fayebelle 30th Jun 2008, 9:01am
I would absolutely love to win this prize - this is something so special that would give a lifetime of wonderful memories. Little one's grow so fast - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since my eldest 2 children were babies and now they are 11 and 9 - I don't know where the time goes. You really try so hard to remember every single detail but this wonderful present would be a marvellous gift + memory to treasure forever.
by coppelia100 25th Jun 2008, 10:05am
outstanding customer service
It would be nice to spend a day looking and feeling beautiful.... not just in jeans and t-shirt covered in baby sick.... although its all worth it for one of his smiles
by zacsmum 25th Jun 2008, 10:02am
It would be such an amazing day and as I am stil in early stages of my pregnancy and not feeling too great it would be pure luxury to be pampered with my little one. A true day to remember, plus my other half isn't too handy with camera, he always cuts my head off!!!
by KATIE23 25th Jun 2008, 9:56am
i would love to win something like this for my baby and me....
by GraceKlogz09 18th Jun 2008, 8:50am
Would love to be able to spend some time with my baby and being pampered...and the fact we would have some pictures to treasure for ever.
by mumsy72 18th Jun 2008, 8:49am
I would love to have a day out with my child, its something special. I mean we all go out with our kids but when u have special times, like photoshoots its somethiing special, as its a memory for life. That is why i would love this
by rakinderkaur 18th Jun 2008, 8:49am
Lovely prize, although as my baby's not here yet, I hope it can be used some months in the future!
by CeciliaH 18th Jun 2008, 8:48am
i only found out i was pregnant 2 weeks ago (and am now 7 weeks) and altho one of my friends has just gven birth for the first time and has given me advice it is sooo great to be able to speak to people at the same stage and have everythin in black and white. and if i won this prize it would be great as my boyfriend works in afghanistan and wont get to see us much it ould be somethin for him to cherrish.
thankyou xx
by chantal1706 18th Jun 2008, 8:48am
This being my first baby I think it is important to make sure that you still feel special and not getting bogged down with what you should or shouldn't being doing with your new adition. By being able to take part in a Mum and Baby shoot it will help in amknig you feel special and realise the beauty in yourself and your baby.
by LisaLou1980 18th Jun 2008, 8:47am
I would like to win!!!! It would be something to rememeber forever and to write about in my babys diary!
by roseplym 12th Jun 2008, 9:29am
It will be susch a wonderful treat to win this Photo shoot & pamper day! I have a 15 months old son and since giving birth to him I haven't had any time for me & our new baby at all simply because our little angel takes all of it and, why not?!
So knowing that we have our 2nd boy arriving in August it would be a fantastic opportunity to have a bonding and full with joy day to remember for the rest of our lives.
by Liga 12th Jun 2008, 9:29am
I would love to win this competition as it would be nice to spend the day with my baby on my own. It would be a lovely gift for me and my baby.
by laurajayne 12th Jun 2008, 9:27am
Time goes by so quickly it only seems like yesterday that i gave bitrth to my beautifulI baby girl feel that to win this prize would just be amazing moment to share with my child, that she would always be able to look at. If i won the prize it would be the first time that i would be pampered, it would make me feel as if i were on top of the world. Winning the prize would mean that my daughter and i would have some special mummy and baby time.
by NINJALEE 12th Jun 2008, 9:27am
this would be perfect, evey photo i take is a big blur!!
by emmav6 12th Jun 2008, 9:26am
I would love to win this prize, as i don't get any time just for myself and my lil angel to spend an entire day togeher! He would enjoy it just as much as i would!
by Angelboys 12th Jun 2008, 9:26am
Please let me win as i havent really felt like my new baby and i have had anything just for us. everything seems to have other people involved. i would lov a day just for me and him
by nanasparkes 9th Jun 2008, 9:51am
This gift to win would be perfect and a good memory to keep forever. I think its lovely to have a picture to look at of a mother and her child, its so precious.
by annekaandjohn 9th Jun 2008, 9:49am
I'd LOVE 2 win this!
by Shan89 9th Jun 2008, 9:49am
I have plenty of pictures of my 4 year old daughter but would love to be able to have one quality picture rather than lots of cheaper pictures with my new baby.
by danielle84 9th Jun 2008, 9:49am
I would love experience to have a professional photo done with my special little girl x
by meme1982 9th Jun 2008, 9:46am
i would love to win this prize... it would b an experience of a lifetime...
by pokajontaz 9th Jun 2008, 9:46am
This would be an amazing experience with every mother as these years are very precious and go by so fast, this would be a perfect gift to capture those important first years of your baby.
by Rosalyn 4th Jun 2008, 10:10am
my sister would love this gift. she has a picture taken professionaly of her little girl every birthday and every time a photographer has a special offer on.
she has pictures all over the house of my niece

what a lovely prize - not sure i will be able to do the same with my bubba as photo shoots are so expensive
by somoslagente 3rd Jun 2008, 10:05am
it is very nice to have a picture with my new born baby.................. FUN
by samira85 3rd Jun 2008, 10:02am
I will be giving birth to my first baby just after this competition closes and think it would be a great experience after all that hard work!
by JudyO 3rd Jun 2008, 9:56am
wow! what a priceless prize for everyone! What a lifetime treasure this would be!!
by kerrylyn78 3rd Jun 2008, 9:56am
i have always wont a photo done of me and the dad with the baby
by 23042008kmk 3rd Jun 2008, 9:55am
I had one of these photo shoots with my mum a couple of years sgo and it was fabulous. I would love to be able to repeat the day with my own daughter
by ruby22 3rd Jun 2008, 9:55am
I wood love to win this wonderful prize/gift because being pampered, and a picture of that great time,is such a rare occurance in a mummy's first few months and it wood be such a wonderful experience for my beautiful baby.
by kato 3rd Jun 2008, 9:55am
I would love to win this to have our first professional family photo
by suzy1505 3rd Jun 2008, 9:54am
I havent got any pictures of my daughter as i went with my husband 2 a shoot and they kept us waiting til it was feeding time,then upset my daughter by taking her socks off, she was only 4wks old... It put me off having any more done which i regret terribly. I would love to win this competition and put that horrible experiance behind us!!
by Maria2411 3rd Jun 2008, 9:54am
a lovely prize. it is so much fun having a photo shoot and memories you can always tresure.
by petalou 3rd Jun 2008, 9:41am
I'd love to have a professional photograph done of our latest addition as we as a family have not had any done before and this will make me have all the family done too! It would be an amazing experience!
by Blueby 3rd Jun 2008, 9:40am
oh goody... some much needed pampering for me and a chance to capture a a precious time with my baby girl that goes by so quickly.
by pukaslucas 3rd Jun 2008, 9:40am
I am loving this site it answers every question I could possibly have and reassures me about every strange symptom I have been experiencing. I only found out I was pregnant at 21weeks so I am trying to get my head round it in super quick time!! Lots of planning to fit in to 4 months!! It would be nice to relax after it has all happened and enjoy being a mum after thinking I could not conceive due to having an eating disorder for the last 7 years.
by Vixmac 3rd Jun 2008, 9:39am
i have recently given birth to a baby boy and i would love to win this to see a smile on my little girls face as she adores her brother
by chantrelle 27th May 2008, 9:24am
what a wonderful prize to capture those precious memorys
by emmajane29 27th May 2008, 9:23am
I finally have my little lady and shes becoming a true little lady to be proud of! Her Daddy and I couldnt believe our luck when we were blessed with her... she is a dream come true and everything I wanted and dreamed of. Her mischief full little personality is beginning to shine through now too, so a mum and babe photo session would really capture that hehehe :-)
by Pegasi 27th May 2008, 9:22am
This will definitely be a lovely memorable treasure forever.
by RadhikaBalaji 27th May 2008, 9:19am
This would be the most memorable item for mum and her baby to keep forever, something i would love to win
by Kellyac 27th May 2008, 9:17am
award winning customer service
by Debbie2907 27th May 2008, 9:17am
Would love to win this!
by debbiewilson100 22nd May 2008, 9:55am
I am due to be a very proud grandmother after years of thinking that it would never happen !! I would love to give this to my daughter in law as a gift
by daisyduck123 22nd May 2008, 9:50am
pamper me please im a bloke
by TinyDenZach 19th May 2008, 10:05am
great a chance to get pampered for once as dont have much time with a 2 year old and a 6 mth old would be great to have some one pamper me for a change and have the photos ther to remember it. could look back in years to come
by akadil 19th May 2008, 10:03am
This would be something so amazing and lovely to look back on when my child is grown. To sit there with my son, and coo over such a beautiful baby he was. I just think it would be quite the experience for new mom and new son. :)
by lisamarie1807 19th May 2008, 10:03am
I would love to win this prize, as I hardly have any pictures together with my little boy and been very stressed lately, caring for him on my own all day until daddy comes home tired from work and we all go to bed.
by Meike 19th May 2008, 10:00am
by FAITHNRACH21 19th May 2008, 9:59am
This prize would be a wonderful surprise for my lovely girlfreind and our new child who is due on 8th August 2008
by skanks123 19th May 2008, 9:58am
To remember those precious first days. Lovely idea.
by v9 19th May 2008, 9:56am
I would love the chance to have a lovely relaxing day pampering myself and getting a lovely picture with my new baby boy. I don't often get the chance to relax as i have a 7year old boy,2year old,boy,1year old girl and a seven month old baby boy so if i win this prize i would be so happy.
by specialk 19th May 2008, 9:55am
Personally; I think this contest is a wonderful idea! Everyone is not as fortunate as others to do these kinds of things with there daughter / son due to many different reasons. And this contest allows someone to maybe have there dreams come true... I know if I would ever win something like this I would cherish it for the rest of my life!

by Natashia 19th May 2008, 9:53am
i think that this competition is fantastic and would be great 2 win. the pamperin would be brilliant for me as it has been very tiring and it would be brilliant if i was treated to something special and the photos would be brilliant for both me and the baby to reflect back on in years to come, when she is al grown up. Thank You.
by loubielou 19th May 2008, 9:53am
Hopefully they can airbrush ;)
by BrynnMarie 19th May 2008, 9:53am
I would do any thing for a professional picture of me and my beautiful daughter and oh boy do i need a pamper lol.. Im lucky to get 2hrs sleep at night and next baby is due 3rd july and i feel like a beach whale lol.. Good luck to every one entering think we all need a good pamper with being mummys i for sure do xx
by msnewton 19th May 2008, 9:52am
Would love to win so I can have my new baby and son photos taken together
by laurensam 19th May 2008, 9:51am
This is such a precious time, it is wonderful to capture that joy on film and delight your child with the photos later in their life.
by beccablum 19th May 2008, 9:48am
I would love to have beautiful professional pictures taken out with my baby. Babies dont stay tiny forever and each moment is a time to be treasured and captured on film. I love photos and i hope to be given the opportunity to do so.
by MAHIVE 19th May 2008, 9:48am
how fab would it be to look and feel great with your new baby??
by MDBW 19th May 2008, 9:47am
This would be a lovely experience for me and my new little one!! Something I could cherish forever!!! Fingers crossed from me and baby!! lol
by Lyns84 19th May 2008, 9:42am
After all the months of feeling bloated, aching and watching your favourite clothes becoming a thing of the past, the opportunity to be pampered and made to feel glamourous whilst proudly showing the world your beautiful child would be a dream come true.
by ashspeed 19th May 2008, 9:41am
Having some time for new baby and me,
Sounds quite simply 'heavenly',
Oh to be pampered and oh to look yummy,
I hope that I'm the winning mummy!
by sjwfrance 19th May 2008, 9:29am
I would love to win this shoot and pamper session so I could experience a lovely day with my baby (to be) and surprise hubby with the photos afterwards.
by WindyMiller 19th May 2008, 9:28am
This would be a lovely keepsake to keep, we had thought of having this done when baby comes but having looked into it was too costly, so to actually win a prize like this would be amazing. Have waited a long time for this baby and can't wait to meet baby in October!
by Baz 19th May 2008, 9:27am
I think any new mum would love the opportunity to be pampered and treated like a celeb at a photo shoot, especially as they would have the pictures to look at afterwards when they are feeling tired or blue.
by BeckT 19th May 2008, 9:27am
I would love to win this prize to capture the special moments once my baby arrives!
by louiserogers 19th May 2008, 9:26am
Is not easy to take care of a baby, As they just only know how to cry to tell you what went wrong. So we got to find it out ourselves. But if you patience and try to relax abit. Not a problem to take good care of them. If husband able to help and share discussion. Everything will be solved more easy and faster. But if your a single parent. Can ask family member or talk to other mum. Everyone will share experience with you. So never be quiet , just need to open our mouth and ask. Wasn't that easy.
by Angeljoy 19th May 2008, 9:24am
Im entering this on behalf of my Wife as it would be a fantastic suprise for her
by BENNY 19th May 2008, 9:23am
This would be a fantastic prize to be won ...
Thanks for the opportunity
by kelso 8th May 2008, 8:56am
i would love to win this as im only young and i do not have time to pamper myself anymore ( getting ready for the baby ) and to have pictures taken with my new born would be lovely
by chloepeaches 8th May 2008, 8:55am
This is brill, a chance to have a lovley picture with my new little baby will make me very happy. Just hope i look a bit better than i do now!!!
by sarahxxx 8th May 2008, 8:53am
i would love professional pictures taken, my only concern would be the baby bulge. hopefully will have gone by July!
by mjw08 7th May 2008, 9:05am
My friend hightly recommended this company after her baby pics as she was made to feel really relaxed and important. Thats before I read that they had won awards for their customer service!!
I'd already thought of booking an appointment for when the babies born so fingers crossed!
by Angel78 7th May 2008, 9:02am