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Win a Dr Brown's Feeding System

Enter our competition to win a Dr Brown's complete feeding system worth £120.
Congratulations to Jenni from Bratton (Jenni1984) who was chosen as the luck winner!

Prizes: For one lucky winner we have a Dr Brown's feeding set containing a manual breastpump, bottle starter kit, level 3 teats, steriliser, bottle brush, trainer cup and tote bag worth £120!

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All entries must be received before midnight on 13th July, 2008.

A winner will be chosen at random from those listed on on 14th July, 2008.

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Dr Brown's Feeding System, the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle, is widely being recognised by parents and health professionals as the most effective way of preventing the colic symptoms caused by regular bottles and teats.

This innovative and patented design means babies are able to feed much more comfortably as many of the sources of discomfort such as bubbles in the feed and vacuum build up within the bottle are immediately eliminated, helping in turn to reduce colic symptoms, burping, wind, fluid in the ear and even teat collapse.

Dedicated to promoting good health in mothers and their babies, Dr Brown's goal is to provide the best technology-driven products and whether your baby is fed on expressed breast milk or infant formula, you will be amazed by the results. The gentle and continuous flow of liquid created by the vent in the bottle removing the vacuum, has also been shown to be advantageous to babies who are being weaned from breast to bottle feeding.

As well as a complete Feeding System there are also feeding accessories, Training Cups and a new Dr Brown's Natural Flow Manual Breast Pump that not only offers the latest breast pump technology but is the only breast pump available of its kind using pulsation and one way airflow to express the milk from the breast. This pump has been shown to also be useful to assist the milk expression if Mum is suffering from engorgement.

For more information and to check out Dr Brown's products visit

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i used for my three kids breast pump when i was breast fed them
by paw 1st Sep 2008, 8:55am
Dr. Brown's bottles eliminates the sources of discomfort, such as bubbles in the feed and vacuum build up within the bottle! Leaving our babies happier and more comfortable!
by BrandyNichole 14th Jul 2008, 10:14am
i love these bottles as used them with my son 2 half years ago who had colic really badly till started to use dr brown bottles as they reduce air bubble and air getting in to the bottle reduce the vacum. Im exspecting again and will deff be intrested in yousing these bottles again and love the little 4oz bottles you dr brown is deffinately top of my baby list.x
by mrsgibson 14th Jul 2008, 10:13am
My sister recommended this product to me as her baby was having no end of problems with colic until she switched to dr browns I have there opted to use this brand from the start and would love to win the complete feeding system as its hard to get the dr brown products all in one supermarket/shop.
by nirishkim 14th Jul 2008, 10:13am
Site is great, good to hear how other parents are doing, and reading all the hints and tips.
by mm123 14th Jul 2008, 10:13am
Sounds like a brilliant product, would love to be able to share the feeding duties with my partner and let him share the bonding experience! As this is my first pregnancy I am a little worried about breastfeeding as not sure what to expect but I understand it is the best option, this would put my mind at rest knowing I will be able to give my baby the best.
by Pinky22 14th Jul 2008, 10:11am
This is my fourth child and I intend to breastfeed. I had trouble however breastfeeding before and something like this would of been a Godsend at the time. Also I love the idea my husband will be able to feel more a part of feeding this way, as apposed to just making the formula :)
by JennyT 14th Jul 2008, 10:09am
bubbles in the feed which is brilliant!
by humanoid 14th Jul 2008, 10:03am
bottles eliminate colic symptoms .
by maz345 14th Jul 2008, 10:02am
The answer is the system eliminates bubbles in the feed and vacuum build up within the bottle
by Belinda007 14th Jul 2008, 10:02am
i breast fed my daughter but had quite alot of problems in the first few weeks, got really sore and painful to feed her so had to express milk into bottles quite often. really wanted to breastfeed her so i didnt give up. found dr browns products really useful.
by jessicadrnd1 14th Jul 2008, 10:01am
i think its great for encouraging breast feeding
by amandamcg123 14th Jul 2008, 9:56am
i used them with my first son and they were amazing at eliminating the symptoms of colic, great relief for him and less sleepless nites for me!! i will defo be using them this time around..:)
by becababy 14th Jul 2008, 9:56am
I run my own business and need to be back as soon as possible(with baby in tow!) A pump would be a fantastic way of prolonging breastfeeding .
by tinyballerina 14th Jul 2008, 9:52am
i havent heard of this make before - have been looking at some other starter packs but will be finding out more now i know about it.
by Vixiehay 14th Jul 2008, 9:50am
My first baby is due in November and the positive feedback on Dr Browns products is very reassuring, I have never heard of them before, but I will definitely look at these.
by sipps 14th Jul 2008, 9:49am
I heard about this fantastic product from my sister-in-law. She Returned to work after 2 months of her delivery. After giving birth to baby she realized baby is weak and is not able to suck milk properly. She has tried other products for her first baby, but she complained about discomfort with previous products. She said that manual breastpump is very convinient and comfortable to use. She filled the Brown's bottles, with breast milk, for her baby and left in the freeze so that her mother can feed the baby when She is at work. Most of the time it is her mother who cleans the milk bottles, she has glucoma and cannot see properly. My sister-in-law is very particular about good hygiene. That is why she teach her mom to use the Microwave steam sterlizer to clean the bottles properly. For later months, she used the powder milk for her baby that worked out excellent as well.

I am a working women as well and i am planning to stay at home for 3 months and then come back to work. I would like to use the product that provides comfort for me, my kid and for my family!

by shy1 14th Jul 2008, 9:48am expecting my first baby.ive only ever heard praise about dr browns products and i think investing in one will not only be beneficail for your baby, but mummy too.
by ErinsMummy 14th Jul 2008, 9:46am
The Dr Brown's feeding bottles ground-breaking design means your baby can feed comfortably from the bottle as it eliminates discomforts such as bubbles and vacuum build up within the bottle. As these are abolished your baby will dramatically lessen the chance of colic symptoms, burping, wind, fluid in the ear and even teat collapse, in turn giving you a healthy happy and bouncing baby! You’re partner can also join in and enjoy the pleasures of feeding his baby. The Dr Brown’s feeding system is a patented design, therefore cannot be found anywhere else. Truly amazing.
by Misia0309 14th Jul 2008, 9:46am
i am about to have my first baby and would love to try such a thing . i would love that my husband can be a part of the feeding of the baby and still know that the baby is geting the best that it could get (breast milk) and not have to worry about alll the down sides of forumula milk .
by sherry 14th Jul 2008, 9:44am
Firstly, bottlefeeding is not the natural way a baby feeds so there will be some disadvantages to using a bottle that can not be helped, however these bottles do create more of a breastlike feed which can only be a good thing. You will see air bubbles develop in normal non-vented bottles. This is caused by vacuum pulling air through the teat into the bottle. These bubbles mix with the liquid which more than quadruples the amount of air that can ...
...feeding, these air bubbles can cause colic symptoms such as wind and posseting. Dr Brown bottles are put togther to make a feeding system that has a unique air vent which minimizes the air swallowed by your baby. Some babies are affected by wind more than others so I think these bottles can be useful if your baby tends to suffer.

The main thing I noticed about the Dr Brown bottles is you can see the difference. On normal bottles there would be hundreds of air bubbles travelling back into the milk but there were non when using these bottles. Also the teat never collapsed once even though my baby sucks very hard. She is also tongue tied but had no problem with these bottles.
The first night (this could be a coincidence) that I gave my daughter (around 8 weeks old at the time) her milk out of this she slept for a full 12 hours and she has been doing pretty much that ever since. She never sleeps less than 9 hours now and doesn't wake for a night feed. I don't know if this is because of these but it happened at exactly the same time.

The bottles have clear measurements in mls and ounces on the side and are easy to fill as they are widenecked. The are also shaped so they are easy to hold.

Dr Browns bottles Eliminate air bubbles immeddiatley, so your baby has a comfortable wind free feed. You cant go wrong!
by vampalicious 14th Jul 2008, 9:42am
Dr Brown's products prevent colic.
I used these products with my last baby and was so impressed! I would recommend to all.
by Rachel72 14th Jul 2008, 9:41am
I am keen to try the Dr Browns products as I have discovered you can freeze breast milk, an excellent option if I am feeling off colour and do not want to risk passing anything on to the baby, also my partner is better at getting up in the night!
by Kmarch 14th Jul 2008, 9:41am
im a mum to be and im sooo scared my mother and mother in law have all suggested this method but bein 18 i have no idea .... me and my partner are deciding whether to breast feed or bottle feed our baby....what ever is best for the baby and how to get my partner more involved with the feeding ... i have heard the excellence of dr brown merchandise and i must say it has got me thinking.... this is a fantastic prize and i would absolutely love to try it and recommend it on further.
by CorrinneAdelle 14th Jul 2008, 9:40am
i am having another baby after 14 yrs, my daughter would love 2 be a big part of this baby even asking to watch it born, i would love for her to be able to feed the baby every now and then but with breastfeeding it can be hard to express but with Dr Brown's Feeding System it would be posible for her to feed the baby
by catnik 14th Jul 2008, 9:38am
Hello!! I have had some girlfriends use Dr. Browns products, and they raved about it!! I would love to be able to try it out so my husband can feel the joy of feeding our baby too!
by 8S8 7th Jul 2008, 9:29am
I hope I'll be able to breast feed, although you never know what will happen. Pumps are a good idea to get dad involved - and good for them not ducking out on night time feeds as well!
by nicolajessop 7th Jul 2008, 9:27am
excellent prize i had problems with my first born breast feeding i had to express milk and did not have a breast pump.about 2 years ago i had 2 breast operations on the left breast and it is still painfull just touching it so this prize will be ideal for me.i would love this feeding system
by jocey 7th Jul 2008, 9:26am
dr browns productcs prevent colic
by sarahlouise88 7th Jul 2008, 9:24am
hi all ...dr brown bottle and equipment i swear by!!!my son is now 18 months old and had sever colic..we tried and spent alot of money on other bottles..until we come across dr browns!!!they may be expensive but i tell you they work and they are the onlyones i have found to work and help with wind!!my son also had to have a medicine in his bottle called colief!!even with avent anit colic bottle he still had terrible wind!but dr browns none no wind ata ll and happy feeding time all the time no crying no stress and no wind pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DR BROWN ARE FAB and i will by time a nd time again x
by EmmAJanExx 3rd Jul 2008, 9:59am
It is better to share the baby with the dad to be. When you feed you bond with your baby.
Dad also wants a share in it. That is why i would prefer the product. And sometimes you dont know how much the baby drinks if you breastfeed. Better to know what the baby needs!!!!
No more late night then for me!!!!
by Lizzy25 3rd Jul 2008, 9:53am
Excellent prize - a really good start for breastfeeding!
by hayleylouise 30th Jun 2008, 10:06am
have heard that these are fantastic, so here's hoping....
by kirstyelliott 30th Jun 2008, 10:05am
i havent heard of this make before, but after reading other peoples comments, I think it sounds great
by govdev 30th Jun 2008, 10:00am
First time mum here, dont know what to do either to breast feed or bottle feed with milk formula, but this looks like the perfect equipment for a young mum like me!
by huggybear 30th Jun 2008, 10:00am
I have recently attended an anti natal class about breasefeeding having decided early on i want to do this. I just really hope i can make it work for the baby and me as it is clearly the best way for him to start out life.
by JudyO 30th Jun 2008, 9:44am
Really good ones :-)
by kasiuniap 30th Jun 2008, 9:43am
I really want to breastfeed, but want my partner to feel part of it, so aim to express milk so that he can be involved. A breast pump will therefore be essential! My best friend had a baby who had colic and it was horrible for both parents and the baby, so a bottle that avoids colic is a MUST as far as I am concerned.
by ZoeyF 25th Jun 2008, 10:25am
Just before the birth of my daughter, I was in boots looking at bottles and formular milk, just in case i was unable to breast feed. A lady standing next to me enthusiastically recommended Dr Browns products bottles as they had stopped her son suffering from colic. As this was my first child I didn't know what she was talking about and bought a different make. My fears were correct - i dont have enough milk to breast feed only. The bottles i am using are giving my daughter wind. I wish I had listened to the lady in the shop, and would like to try Dr brown bottles.
by shadylou 25th Jun 2008, 10:24am
Im really wanting to breastfeed this time round-I didn't with my daughter and got really bad mastitis. My OH wants to get involved in feeding baby as well to give me a rest-How soon after brestfeeding has been established can you start expressing???
by mia1969 25th Jun 2008, 10:20am
Do you think dummies should be banned?
by panda22 25th Jun 2008, 10:19am
Dr Brown's Feeding System, is the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle, which is widely recognised by both parents & health professionals as the most effective way of preventing colic symptoms,caused by regular bottles and teats.
by Ellen1970 25th Jun 2008, 10:17am
It says it is fully vacume free and prevents colic.
As when i have the baby i def want to breastfeed as there is many great benifits to it and i want to provide my baby with the best start in life.
But whats great this also enables my husband to feed the baby fully assured that it is safeto do so with this bottle.
by sweetpea4eva 25th Jun 2008, 10:17am
i bottle fed my 1st 2 children and brest fed my 3rd and my husband felt like he couldn help out with the feedin so here i am 8 yrs later having another baby!! im 13 week now and my husband is lookin forward to the birth and if i won this system what a great win, he can help out with the feeds and not feel left out ..
by truboo 25th Jun 2008, 10:13am
when i had my first child, DR BROWNS products had not long came out to buy in stores and i was unsure to use them, but now everybody recommend using their products so i would like to use it when my baby arives.
by sapphire28 25th Jun 2008, 10:12am
I would LOVE this feeding system!
by Syria 25th Jun 2008, 10:09am
Want to breastfeed but when I'm not around this would be great for my boyfriend to do his share aswell without having to resort to formula feed
by maid 25th Jun 2008, 10:08am
I have used Dr Brown's before but got rid of everything because I wasn't expecting to have anymore children, just shows what I know!! Now expecting no. 3 and would love to use Dr Brown's again.
by sdhancock 18th Jun 2008, 9:45am
Hi i am about 2 be four months pregnant and my boyfriend said he wish he can breast feed but he's not a female so he would like 2 know how it would feel 2 breast feed so i would love to make him happy by winning this feeding system so he can have the joy that i will have when our baby is born
by daedae876 18th Jun 2008, 9:44am
Have decided to breastfeed when my baby comes, so this seems like the perfect prize.
by mumsy72 18th Jun 2008, 9:43am
My Husband & I meet in 1992 and eventually got engaged in 2002, yes hes very slow to agree to change. We married in 2003 and started trying for family in 2005, months and endless months of trying and getting tests done, we got pregnant in Dec' 2007. The happiest day of our relationship so far. I am now 30 weeks and truely enjoying the pregnancy. I am extremely greatful for this wonderful dream to finally come true. I pray for all those couples trying as its a very difficult road. Since I found out in Dec I have been saving every month to be able to mind my baby myself when it arrives. Its not that I'm against creches, I just have wanted children so badly since 2005 and dont feel its right to not rare it myself. This prize would be just wonderful and help with our budgeting of things. Thanks. GillieMay
by gilliemay 18th Jun 2008, 9:42am
i would like one of these as my baby fights his wind and hardly ever brings it up and i up half the night trying to wind him he is stubborn and some times brings wind up on his own
by chantrelle 18th Jun 2008, 9:40am
i would love the chance to breast feed my little one and i would be embarresed to do this in public but wth dr browns bottles and express pump my little one will get the best milk all the time
by chantal1706 18th Jun 2008, 9:40am
Looks like a great start to breast feeding.
by CeciliaH 18th Jun 2008, 9:39am
My baby had severe wind and reflux and i tried all the other makes of bottles but they didn't work when i came came across Dr Brown's bottles i noticed a big difference within 2 days A happy baby means a happier mum.
Thank you very much for the clever design of bottle and for making my baby much more happier. Well done! i would love to win this prize it would mean that i would be able to give my bvaby breast milk. I didn't know that they had a breast pump that's amazing. It would make a real difference to my newborn baby. Thanks again, i feel that everyone should use Dr brown's bottles because they are great!!!!!!!
by NINJALEE 12th Jun 2008, 9:31am
i feel really bad as i have only breast fed my 2 week old son for the first 5 days. i had to stop so i could get somewell needed sleep. the breast pump i am using isnt very nice and seems to hurt so anything to help would be wonderful. ionly want to give my baby the best.
by nanasparkes 9th Jun 2008, 9:43am
Several of my friends recommend Dr Browns I would love to win this prize.
by cc30 9th Jun 2008, 9:40am
im 24 weeks pregnant, and have decided to breast feed for at least the first few months when baby arrives. only thing that has been bothering me is my partner wont have that feeding time bond with baby that i will have. This drbrowns feeding system seems to be my answer! now my partner can bond with baby during his feeds, and baby will still have mummys breast milk, hoorah!! :)
by Kimberley20 9th Jun 2008, 9:39am
I am only 3 months pregnant and do not have any knowledge on Dr Brown's Feeding System. I have decided i am going to breastfeed so if i won this system it would be brillant.
by Ashxia 4th Jun 2008, 10:33am
I'm having my second child after 14 years!! With my first I couldn't breast feed due to the awful pain in was in with my breasts. As a mother who has this wondeful facilcity and unable to use it for the best of her child was heartbreaking and i felt like i had let her down. I would really like to breast feed my second child. Whilst through this pregnancy I have done lots of research and spoken to other mothers that breast feed I haven't come across this brand of products. They seem to have researched the products well. I shall now be looking into the website.
by worm 4th Jun 2008, 10:29am
i saw the dr browns feeding system in the shop last week. my husband said it is good because the bottle is flexible. and gives a natural feeling. and reduces wind too, but not yet purchased since recently we invested in another brand.
by vijisuresh 4th Jun 2008, 10:28am
i haveheard this feeding system is great and would love a chance to try
by tinamck 4th Jun 2008, 10:27am
with being a first time mom about to go to work, i will be off better knowing my baby will be getting the best nutrients any milk can give-momma's own
by tshepiloe 4th Jun 2008, 10:17am
Used these bottles for both my boys and found them fantastic. Used a different brand at first but noticed a real difference when advised to use this system.
by nblain 4th Jun 2008, 10:16am
wow lovely
by jennren 4th Jun 2008, 10:15am
looks good
by lesleygrant 4th Jun 2008, 10:14am
I am having my third baby and breastfed the last two times. you need a break from breastfeeding as it can be painful and tiring. Expressing milk also gives the other family members a chance to feed the baby. Great prize
by petalou 4th Jun 2008, 10:13am
I think this feeding system looks really good especially the breast pump. I would find this very useful as, for me, expressing has been very difficult and I would love a break from breastfeeding!
by Tabsie 27th May 2008, 9:53am
looks really good
by emmajane29 27th May 2008, 9:52am
im having my 1st baby due in 3 months and need all the help i can as i wouldnt have a clue what 2 buy. i thinki would really benifit for this product as i would be breastfeeding.
by debbiejane 27th May 2008, 9:47am
Great prize!
by debbiewilson100 22nd May 2008, 11:21am
I'm pregnant with my second child and definitely planning on breastfeeding again. However, this would come in extremely handy as my little five-year old is due to have a grommet operation soon, so this would be perfect as I could express my milk and be safe in the knowledge that the baby will be using the best products available to feed from.
by Bubbles17 22nd May 2008, 11:18am
My lovely Daughter in law is expecting my first Grandchild in September. This feeding system looks wonderful, how things have changed since mine were babies. Feeding time made a better experience for New Mum and New Babyx
by mphammersley 22nd May 2008, 11:11am
this is perfect was looking at a breast pump as i will be breast feeding but a decent one is not cheap. think its great that you we have opportunitys like this
by twitchy 22nd May 2008, 11:07am
Thes bottles are great they are handy and not to big for when you are on the move ! My sister has a set and swears by them as she loves hers ! She would be so jealous if I won these as she doesnt have the matching bottle steriliser !
by cheekyd19 22nd May 2008, 10:49am
Dr Browns was a god send to me as my baby was born at 26 weeks, when we realised he wouldn't be able to breast feed we tried every bottle going till we discovered dr browns, after a bit of getting used to my son took his feeds perfectly and was allowed home, i didn't have the problem of colic with him either as these are such an ingenious consept that ensured my son didn't suffer with it.
Thankyou Dr Browns
by beauy 22nd May 2008, 10:35am
by sart 22nd May 2008, 10:30am