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Win a copy of Pregnancy: Older Women - An Essential Guide

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Pregnancy: Older Women - An Essential Guide

Research has shown that having a baby in your late 30s or later is no longer unusual. Eight times as many women are waiting to start a family until after the age of 35 than in 1970. However, reports from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists warn that women who wait this long face higher risks.

Recently published, Pregnancy: Older Women - An Essential Guide addresses these issues. The book guides the older woman through her pregnancy, answering her questions and discussing whether having a baby later in life makes any difference to the health and welfare of mother or baby.

This no-nonsense guide takes mothers through every stage of pregnancy from conception to birth, as well as covering fertility, health and IVF. It aims to help expectant mothers feel prepared and comfortable with their pregnancy by giving them all the information they need at this exciting time.

Author Jo Johnson is a nurse with ten years of nursing experience in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility, as well as being a writer. She is also a mother of three children.

Pregnancy: Older Women is the 36th book in the Need2Know series. Need2know is an imprint of Forward Press Ltd. Price: £8.99. ISBN: 9781861440747. For more information on all Need2know titles, please visit

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I am 42 and 5 weeks pregnant with my second child, my first daughter was stillborn in January this year so would love to have this book xx
by brendahump 12th Aug 2010, 9:19am
I am 40 and my husband and I have been try to conceive for the last 5 years. Unfortunately we can't afford to pay for IVF and our NHS trust only allows one try which we did, so who knows the advice in your book might give us the information we need to make our dream of a family come true...
by manserbaby 12th Aug 2010, 9:19am
grape water is fab for colic
by sallywally 11th Aug 2010, 5:33pm
im 39 and 7wks pregnant with my first..would love to read this book
by limey1 11th Jun 2010, 5:26pm
I guess this book would be an essential guide to new older mothers and old older mothers , like myself that are wanting to start again. Things usually come back to you automatically, but its handy to have, if not to just read up on . Id advise any nursing mother to actual purchase a book , professionally written to read all about pregnancy, birth, pre and aftercare.. Its a good guide knowing..
by Dotingdoll 11th Jun 2010, 5:24pm
think this would be great for me as im 44
by mogsanddogs 18th May 2010, 5:20pm
I feel women should have the choice to start a family when ever it is right for them.
by sheks 14th May 2010, 3:27pm
I gave birth to my beautiful little man at the age of 39 years, and was only in labour for 3 hrs 49 mins .... unusual for a first time mum I've been told. The day before my son's arrival, I was put 'at risk' due to having high blood pressure and both my partner and I were informed that he could loose either myself or the baby, or even both of us. I'm now heading up to the big 4-0 and would dearly love to have another child so that my little man isn't an only child, but worry that my partner and son may end up loosing me and our next child hangs heavily over our head !!!
by Ellen1970 14th May 2010, 3:09pm