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Win an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Cot

Enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning an Arm's Reach Universal Co-Sleeper Bassinet worth £239!
Congratulations to Sara from Farnham who was chosen as the winner of this great prize.

Prizes: We have one Arm's Reach® Universal Co-Sleeper® Bassinet, which comes with quilted lining, leg extensions, nylon carrying case, and one fitted sheet (worth £239) to give away.

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Entries should be made using the comments box below - you will need to be logged in to enter.

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Arm's Reach Universal Co-Sleeper Bassinet

The Universal Co-Sleeper® Bassinet is a pioneering baby cot that creates a safe, dedicated environment for your baby, while keeping them within arm's reach. As such, parent and child receive all the benefits of a traditional co-sleeping relationship-such as reduced risk of cot death, greater bonding, more comfortable recovery from birth, and easier breast feeding-with none of the traditional risks. The Co-Sleeper® Bassinet attaches simply and securely to any adult bed width and adjusts to multiple bed heights for maximum flexibility.

If the Co-Sleeper® Bassinet were simply a bedside cot, it would still be a fantastic, exciting product. What sets it further apart from other infant beds, however, is that it converts to several additional uses—a free-standing bassinet, a changing table, a sturdy play yard, and a fantastic travel cot. This flexibility is unprecedented in the UK market and offers an exciting and cost-effective product usable from birth through the end of the toddler years.

A Universal Co-Sleeper® Bassinet skilfully meets the needs of any mother who values the idea of co-sleeping, who plans to breastfeed (making night time feeds much easier!), who is recovering from a caesarean section (you don't need to get out of bed to care for baby!), or who simply appreciates the space and cost savings the Co-Sleeper® Bassinet offers.

Endorsed by such renowned baby experts as Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna these cots have the support of mothers, medical professionals and experts from around the world.

Contact information:

Robynne D. Cole
Managing Director
Sierra Distribution Ltd
PO Box 1242
Buxton, Norfolk
NR10 5WU
Tel:01603 278 235

Visit for more information.

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Looks very handy. It's so hard to decide if you need a cot, moses basket, crib, co-sleeper...
by nilora78 3rd Sep 2010, 9:33am
Ideal for visiting grandparents where space is limited, and strange place maybe a bit upsetting
by buchanan 14th May 2010, 3:45pm
Oh this product look fab i have been reading about it all over the web and it sounds perfect. I'm going to be a 1st time mum so al very scary, that thought of having my new bundle beside me would be very reassuring. fingers crossed.
by nealavond 14th Jan 2010, 9:25am
hi i would love to win the co sleeper as i am having a cesarean section my third one and it would make life so much easier thankyou
by mum187 11th Jan 2010, 3:20pm
ASKBABY.COM has been so informative for me and my family, a wealth of knowledge and help.
The ARMS REACH UNIVERSAL CO SLEEPER is a fantastic piece of equipment, I have spent weeks researching this item, I have checked sites for price comparisons and it ranges from £198 to £234 in price.this may seem expensive but when you take in to account the amount of features this has then it does not seem such a large amount, take in to account, IT IS A TRAVEL COT, A PLAY PEN, A CHANGING TABLE AND MOST IMPORTANT YOU ARE CLOSE TO YOUR CHILD, if you are a parent that worries if you are not close to your child as 99% of us are then this is perfect for you, if you are breast feeding you only have to reach over and slide your adorable new bundle of love on to your bed, it's that simple, then slide the little bundle back in to the ARMS REACH UNIVERSAL CO SLEEPER .
The ARMS REACH UNIVERSAL CO SLEEPER is perfect for those english holidays aswell so you can put the ARMS REACH UNIVERSAL CO SLEEPER in to its travel bag and pack it in to the car and set it up when you get to your cottage,hotel or family,friends house or even the caravan, still having the baby close by your side.
This is a fantastic product and will be a great investment for any loving mother, father or grandparent.
My second baby is due on 22 february 2009 just after the competition ends and would make an excellent
addition to my new family aswell as saving me money, I wish this product had been available for my first child 7 years ago.
Good luck to everyone entering the competition and good luck to all expectent mums,dads and grandparents and thank you to ASKBABY.COM for providing this excellent forum and all these prizes.
regards. Amanda.
by boosmith 17th Feb 2009, 9:52am
hi, it would be good to win the co sleeper as i have a 10mth old who is very demanding at night, she sleeps with me. i have a bedguard but she still manages to get to the end of the bed, but so far i have managed to catch her before anything could happen, this is causing me to sleep less with worry. i have 2 other girl who feel the affect. so i started looking for a bedside cot and i saw the co sleeper for the first time on ebay and knew this was for me but didn't win it!. they r very expensive to buy, so buying a new one is out of the question. not many in the uk. so if i won this my daughter would be safe and my worries would go away!!
by arzoonaz 5th Jan 2009, 9:30am
this will be suitable for my 5 months daoughter
by paw 1st Sep 2008, 8:54am
please i need this, i will be breastfeeding my baby,so this will make it easy for me to reach for her for her late night feeds and i wont have to get out of bed--this can help us survive the winter
by tshepiloe 2nd Jun 2008, 8:46am
Answer: Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna

I would love to win this - my baby wakes up looking for his dummy several times during the night, this would mean I wouldn't need to get up!
by nastynic03 20th Feb 2008, 8:49am
I have not seen this before, but it is definitely now on my wish list, great for so many reasons, I am due very shortly co-sleeping using this would be fantastic!

by ickleun 20th Feb 2008, 8:44am
My partner would this I was the bee knees if I won this for our new baby Isla.. Can't Wait Till She Gets Here -- So Excited Daddy to Be...
The Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Cot looks so cool and I won't even have to disturb her sleep when I reach over to see to our daughter in the night...
So cool it's endorsed by Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna

by SmartONE 17th Feb 2008, 1:56pm
i have seen normal cots but i havent thought of buying any cuz i cant even think to make by baby sleep far from me.but this cot really is my cup of tea.i can hold my baby`s hand widout risking him by making him sleep in my bed:):) thats just so perfect
by laiboo 17th Feb 2008, 1:55pm
would love to win this as I am breastfeeding so this would mean wouldn't even have to get out of bed to sort the baby out hurrah! :)
Plus the old moses basket we have is looking a bit small already even tho she is only 3 months.
by alibobsy 17th Feb 2008, 1:51pm
This looks like a great product - I had an attached bassinet in the post-natal ward and loved it!
by AGT 17th Feb 2008, 1:51pm
the co-sleeper looks great, and looks ideal for new born i could have done with this for my 1st instead of having to trapse to the the other side of the room.
by 1pmt 17th Feb 2008, 1:48pm
This being my first baby i was looking at cots so my baby could sleep next to me as i'm only 18 and would worry if anything went wrong, but this one is the best i've seen so far it will adjust to my bed size and will help me feel comfortable knowing my baby's beside me. It is also quite good as when i'm in the living room or visiting someone i know i just need to quickly pack up the cot and i can go without the worry of if the baby needs to fall asleep where will i put it to sleep and i don't need to rush off. Its also good as i plan to breast feed and this cot would be good for that. It was endorsed by Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna
by laura1988 15th Feb 2008, 9:34am
I cannot wait to be a mummy and be able to have my little darling so close to me with this amazing cot. I am a natural worrier, but knowing the little one would be right beside me, my mind would be at so much ease. Well done Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna for endorsing such a necessity for mummies and daddies!
by JoJo21 15th Feb 2008, 9:34am
Our first baby, i could do with the easyness of the arms reach cot. My partner and i are so excited and can wait for our bundle of joy to arrive. The convinience of this cot would be fantastic and a real money saver as i read it lasts upto toddler age. Brillant invention. The closeness is safe too which would be a bonus for those tired nights, my partner works away 5 days a week, so the less hassle the better for me. It was created by two wonderful people Dr. William Sears and Dr. James Mckenna
by YummyMummy88 14th Feb 2008, 12:24pm
i think the co-sleeper is ideal for parent and newborn babies. its beneficial for those who are waking constantly and need to be close to their mother for feeding e.t.c. ideal for breastfeeding mums for that co-sleeping closeness but in the safety of knowing ur child isnt in your bed.
by asfletcher 14th Feb 2008, 12:24pm
It sounds like a very clever concept to have so many other uses.
by pebble 14th Feb 2008, 12:23pm
by coreysmummy 14th Feb 2008, 12:16pm
hi im soraya im 17 years old and a mum to be and im 14 weeks pregnant and tho it was and has been tough for me i didnt think i was ready until i found out in the begin ,unfrotuntl i live with my bf paretns and havnt got a place of our own but hopefully we will have iwould love to chat to other young mums hear .i cant wait to be a mum and i think i am ready and think i will be a great one and i think the cot is brillaint at arms lenght
by allstuff 14th Feb 2008, 12:14pm
We live in a very small flat with limited room for a cot, this looks perfect. I will have to show my husband when we start buying all the necessities!
by Ricecake 14th Feb 2008, 12:11pm
I love this cot its a fantastic idea!!
I really would love to win one because my baby is special, arm's reach co-sleeper cot is supreme, we'd be sleeping safe and snug together, the ultimate winning team!
by mayfairmo 14th Feb 2008, 12:10pm
I think that this is a great idea. Not only makes the night breast feeds easier but for ease of mind also. I know that I'll be forever checking the baby throughout the night so to have the baby right next to me would be so handy. The fact that Dr William Spears and Dr James McKenna have endorsed the cot as well as other medical professionals means that you know your getting good quality whilst being safe.
by Angel78 14th Feb 2008, 12:09pm
This is my first baby (although I have 2 step children who live with us) and I think it will be so much easier doing night feeds if I just have to reach over and into a bedside cot. The adjustable legs sound great as they will allow you to have the cot at exactly the right height and the recommendation of Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna is very reassuring.
by Debs08 14th Feb 2008, 12:09pm
It is a fantastic idea having the arm's reach co sleeper, which makes it easy to reach out for the baby during the night, whether for feeding or petting them back to sleep. you dont need to get up and go to the next room or get out of the bed inorder to get the baby from a cot bed, which will disturb you sleep. I love the arms reach co-sleeper
by AskBaby11062 14th Feb 2008, 11:59am
i love this idea, i love theidea of my baby being close and i am planning on breastfeeding so this would be a great buy, if only it would be a little cheaper as i am a younge single mum and not getting any support from ne one not even the father, great invention
by dani1105 14th Feb 2008, 11:57am
I like the idea of having my baby right next to me during the night but after listening to various comments about the danger of the baby sleeping in bed with you, this is a fantastic solution. I havent actually seen one of these cots before and really like the idea!!
by Bellhickman 14th Feb 2008, 11:55am
Great idea, perfect for breastfeeding and having your baby close, whilst reducing the risks associated with having your baby in bed with you.
by mightyminx 14th Feb 2008, 11:51am
wondeful to have this as its such a fantastic invention to have baby save yet next to you.
by noahsmummy 14th Feb 2008, 11:51am
It a good size for keeping the keeping next to the bed and its a clean fresh colour too. it is also good if you are traveling with your child.
by gez 14th Feb 2008, 11:47am
these are a brillant idea,i had to use a alarm with my youngest and needed her cot near my bed,which i hated as i felt like i was sleeping in a cot :-),so this would have comei in handy then,and if i dont win this i will defently be looking in to getting 1 when baby number 5 comes along
by bella165 11th Feb 2008, 12:01pm
my partner wants our baby to stay in the nursery after birth, as our bedroom
is not that big. yet with this arms reach cot it would be perfect. I'll be sure to tell him about it.
by missgenie 11th Feb 2008, 12:00pm
i would love to win this cot, it is perfect, having my baby at arms reach whilst i sleep would really put my mind at ease
by hkp84 11th Feb 2008, 11:54am
I wish i had one of these for my daughter when she was tiny, would have made night feeds a lot easier.
by xxmoonbeamxx 11th Feb 2008, 11:54am
This is my first baby, concieved within a month we couldn't believe it my Fiance is now away at sea till June. I just hope everything will be okay. The Co-sleeper looks really good perfect for those days I'm too tired to keep getting up.
by l6prn 11th Feb 2008, 11:53am
I think it is great idea as the baby will be within reachable distance and i will have a peace of min also it would help as i have given my old cot away to a family member as i didnt plan to have a baby so soon
by smita 11th Feb 2008, 11:51am
This looks like an ideal way to make breastfeeding during the night easier! My daughter is six weeks old and sleeps by my bed but I still have to get out of bed when she wakes in order to go and lift her out to feed her, then do the same again when I want to put her back in - it would be ideal to have her so close to me like this for those night time feeds! My husband doesn't feel 'safe' with her in our bed while we are sleeping so this would be a perfect compromise :)
by gemmamjl 11th Feb 2008, 11:51am
What a fantastic idea,this will be my first baby and its such a wonderful way to have the litte one close but not dangerously close.Its brilliant.
by aaimeedan 11th Feb 2008, 11:48am
i thinks a great idea u can have ur your child close to you when night feeding and its a reasonable price,easy to order its an amazing way for a goods night sleep.
by margi2803 11th Feb 2008, 11:42am
A cot thats perfect for my tot, he won't get too hot and I wont lose the plot!
Safe from harm and at the reach of my arm, this cot is truely a charm!
by annahelm 11th Feb 2008, 11:38am
This is my first baby so having the reassurance of being able to sleep beside him without having to worry about crushing him, or him overheating is terrific - It will maximise our potential for as much sleep as possible and means we can enjoy the nights as a family without major disruption of getting in and out of bed to feed - especially as I may have to have a caesarean. Also the fact thats its multi functional means that we don;t have to buy a multitude of different products for home use and travelling etc. Well done! and the fact its Endorsed by such renowned baby experts as Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna these cots have the support of mothers, medical professionals and experts from around the world makes me want one all the more!!!

by MamaSimba 11th Feb 2008, 11:37am
The cot looks very cute and convenient!
by maternitymum 11th Feb 2008, 11:32am
I think this is a phenomenal idea. The fact of the matter is that mothers and more importantly, new born babies need to be close to their mother's. This is ideal as it eases the transition after a late feeding as well as alleviates the risks of accidental crushing or suffocation of the baby. I don't think you could custom order something for better or cheaper.
by Holdingmybreath 6th Feb 2008, 9:27am
Its a beautful white cot and its what i have been looking for. My baby girl is sleeping in my room with me and i would love to have this cot next to my bed.
by maryb 6th Feb 2008, 9:11am

a good way to have the baby near.
by Kinbroke 5th Feb 2008, 9:52am
i think its an amazing idea!! How it has several uses, the prices of the items that this transfoems in too would easly add up to much more than the price of this one singular item! breastfeeding mothers need to have their babies close all the time and this is definately a safe way of doin so!
by vanilla69 5th Feb 2008, 9:48am
This is my first baby, now Im over half way Im beginning to research the next steps, it's all new and scary. The space we have is exceptionally limited so any help with space saving ideas to help keep baby close is especially welcome.
by joeyp001 5th Feb 2008, 9:38am
Hello, How is everyone. Im having my first baby. Im very excited and worried a little. I roll a lot when Im sleeping, and Im scraed I might roll on to my baby. That's why the Co-Sleeper Cot is the most wonderful invention. It may be the best thing for me and my baby. Thanks for listening. God Bless
by christine143 5th Feb 2008, 9:35am
fantastic idea its been 16 years since my last pregnancy and Im on the look out for anything that makes life easier for an older but hopefully wiser mother!
by mia1969 5th Feb 2008, 9:34am
my baby will surely love this cot..for sure it is a good night sleep for all of us..i will try my luck to win this such a beautiful prize..
by kermit 5th Feb 2008, 9:33am
I would love to have one for my baby girl due in Feb 29, 2008. I can hardly afford to buy one for her. Trinity
by trinity 5th Feb 2008, 9:33am
I'm very happy that I found such a beautifuland and interesting website like this.I can find all answers which I didn't know earler!!!!
by Julia87 5th Feb 2008, 9:30am
i think that being as near to ur baby as possible without putting him/her in danger is very important so the co-sleeper is perfect for that .
by XsaleeX 5th Feb 2008, 9:30am
oh, it looks lovely, love looking at all the baby thing's at the mo! this is my first and as a young mum who's going to have to go on benefits, winning the comp would save me money and would help me out alot.
anyways love the look of the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Cot.
good luck everyone! xo
by Kimberley20 5th Feb 2008, 9:28am
this is my 2nd child and my last crib was quite large so i think this 1 wil be a good space saver and it would easily fit nicely by the side of my bed
by Alyshia 1st Feb 2008, 11:36am
this is going to be my 3rd baby and Ive never seen this b4 it looks great as i breastfeed the other 2 and am planing on breastfeeding this 1 i would love to win this.
by kirstenw 1st Feb 2008, 11:35am
Looks like a lovely idea for keeping baby close.
by chrisaw102 1st Feb 2008, 11:34am
excellent idea modern, compact, comfy looking and benefit of having my baby at arms reach! lowers risk of cot death by no temptation to bring our baby into bed when your exhausted brill i love it
by nellytum1 1st Feb 2008, 11:30am
Like the previous person i have never seen one of these and it look like a great idea! It will even co-ordinate with my bedroom decoration.
by JudyO 1st Feb 2008, 11:27am
I agree with one of the previous posters - a top idea. Got to enter every competition there is also as everything we don't have to buy leaves a bit more money for other baby essentials.
by TommoExpectantFather 1st Feb 2008, 11:23am
It looks cosy for my baby and quite compactl to fit into minimal space.
by GC 1st Feb 2008, 11:18am
Its the first time i've seen something like this. Excellent idea!!
by Archie 30th Jan 2008, 11:24am
This is my first baby, and ive decided to breast feed this cot would be ideal to keep the baby close to me
by tonilee 30th Jan 2008, 11:12am
wow what a prize!!
by omibird 30th Jan 2008, 11:10am
What a great idea! Our baby will be sleeping in the same room as us, so it will be a great space saver, as well as the fact that the baby wil be close to you all night for feeding etc.
by SarahByfield 30th Jan 2008, 11:07am
"Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna" were the famous baby experts who made this recommendation, and I must agree this item looks absolutely fantastic and would make any mother's job an easy one. I'm going to be a first-time mother ; both me and my partner are excited but a little scared at the thought of bringing a new person into the world. Our baby is due in August, so maybe its a little too early to be looking for something as gorgeous as this.

So let me just say "good luck" to each and every one, who takes a chance at entering this competition.
by EllenS 30th Jan 2008, 10:48am
It would be great to be able to have my son close to me during the night especially he is only settling when he can feel you close to him.
by HelenR 30th Jan 2008, 10:44am
much smaller than our current rocking crib; and easier on the kneecaps in the dark, I expect
by BabyValentine 30th Jan 2008, 10:27am
Good idea to keep baby close but not too close so they can room in!
by madstef 30th Jan 2008, 10:24am
ive never heard of these and i think they sound like a good idea. i have cerebral palsy and it would make such a difference and be so much easier to reach my baby in the night when she wakes
by lisa34 30th Jan 2008, 10:21am
what a fab idea, would certainly make night feeding alot easier!
by forrest27 30th Jan 2008, 10:20am
fantastic cot ,would love to have for my 3 baby :)
by daliauk 30th Jan 2008, 10:19am
This is such a good idea. It'd just help you sleep more easily knowing that you can reach out and touch your newborn at anytime! The fact that it has been endorsed by such renowned baby experts as Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna speaks volumes. It sounds like a god-send for any new mother and child!
by KayDee1979 30th Jan 2008, 10:16am
Im new to this website, im Pregnant with my second child and have suffered loads of problems with Very bad morning Sikness. Finding this site has really cheered me up and i love the competitions and things available on its brilliant THANK YOU X
by Donna23 30th Jan 2008, 10:04am
I know of other mother' have used the arm' reach and they say wouldn't change it for anything in the world it so much easier to have baby close and breast feed if not wantin to let baby sleep in bed with you.
by applejax 30th Jan 2008, 10:02am
I think this cot looks a great way to keep your baby close, and ideal for night feeds, so much less disruptive. I going to be a new Mum and this would be great.
by Sarah76 30th Jan 2008, 10:01am
What a fab idea ~ it's like the baby is in bed with you, (which I love) except without the danger of accidentally rolling on them.
I love it!
by lillyinthesun 30th Jan 2008, 9:58am
This is a very good idea, as the baby is a arm length away, you dont even have to bend down as much to pick baby up, as i am pregnant with my second child, i would love this because i think it will help alot and it doesnt seem that big less space great!!
The exerts that recommemended are: Dr William Sears and Dr James McKenna.
by nats30 30th Jan 2008, 9:55am
Being pregnant again, this is the route I would like to go down. With my first child I breastfeed exclusively and laid her to sleep in a beautiful moses basket I had bought. This I used for 6 weeks, and for 6 weeks my tiny little bundle did not sleep at night (I saw far too many sunrises, even more so than when I was a student I think..). It was only when it was suggested we try her in a cot in her own room did we get some nocturnal rest (although paranoid mum here lay awake all night with my ear pressed to the monitor to listen for any sounds - panicky that I heard nothing, then panicky I heard snuffling.) I have already given away the dreaded moses basket (although my friend is adament her little girl sleeps just fine in it) and see this co-sleeper as the answer to maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment that helps support night feeding and parental care in a positive way. Also suffering back problems, the design and idea is another major plus point. And lastly, being multi-functional means it is more of a space (and cost) saver (and I think it looks comfortable and stylish too!).
by secretsquirr 30th Jan 2008, 9:54am
i realy like the look and sound of this cot as when my last baby was born i was up and down cheaking him all the time with this cot you can have baby close too you at eye veiw i also like the sound of it being endorsed by baby experts dr willam sears and dr james mckenna
by tajg 30th Jan 2008, 9:45am
looks a very handy good quality item indeed I will tell others about this can also be used as a travel cot bed
by jacqui1964 30th Jan 2008, 9:39am
After finding out I was pregnant and having a delightful pregnancy (so far!), my husband announced just the other night that "Choosing a name is going to be the hardest part !". A typical man comment I think. Anyway despite the fact that I anticipate labour being extremely painful, choosing equipment and paying for it must surely come a close second. No matter how many product reviews you read it just seems to get worse. On top of that, my indecisiveness seems to have become more severe since the hormones kicked in and I find it extremely difficult to make an informed purchase. Please help! I would just love to have that special nursery item which I can one day tell my friends "I couldn't have managed without it!" They will at least then believe I had some idea of what I was doing. Of course they may also have heard it was recommended by Dr. William Sears and Dr. James Mc Kenna.
by JuJu 30th Jan 2008, 9:38am
This is such a versitle cot that is perfect for my new baby and it is reassuring to know it is approved by the medical profession. Our youngest toddler still comes into our bed so this cot will be a great addition to the "family bed"
by barboofa 30th Jan 2008, 9:35am
I think its a very great idea having a co-sleeper,because i believe its part of making your baby get used to the idea of sleeping in his/her own bed,becuse I guess its a bit of a problem having your baby sleep in your bed with your partner,it will be difficult to put him in his bed when he's grown,because he's used to sharing a bed with mom & dad,so the Cot is best thing my baby could ever have.
by smah 30th Jan 2008, 9:33am
i wish i had this because i dont have one and it would make my life easier as babys are expensive and im on beneifits :(
by MaMaStrawberry 30th Jan 2008, 9:10am
I think this is a fantastic item for an parent, either being your first or secord etc, it give you peace of mind as your baby is close by at all times.

I am a fisrt time mum to be and this item would be perfect, a little pricey but very practical as your baby is with you all night long :)
by Dan1910 30th Jan 2008, 9:02am
This looks like a great idea - very reassuring for what will be a first time mum.
by lanny 30th Jan 2008, 8:50am
looks good. my baby will be sleeping in the same room anyway so this will be nice & cozy for us! a nice substitute to sharing an entire bed.
by MB2 30th Jan 2008, 8:50am
It would be great for my little one who seems to need a lot of TLC.. but heck don't they all - even my 13 year old seems to need it too!!
by Barrok 30th Jan 2008, 8:49am
This co-sleper looks brilliant, giving mum and dad the peace of mind that baby is close by when used as a bassinet and the fact that it is multi-functional and can be used as a play pen, changing area and travel cot make it a really practical nursery item. A great idea and good to know that it has been endorsed by baby experts Dr. William Sears and Dr. James Mckenna.
by strangebuttrue 30th Jan 2008, 8:48am
What a great idea! Will be easier to check on baby and soothe baby to sleep whilst still getting baby used to sleeping in their own area - safe and cosy i really like this idea and this will prove an instant hit i think.
by jamieaka 30th Jan 2008, 8:45am
this is a good, useful and practical product that would help mothers in a lot of ways. it would make breastfeeding at nights easy and you could easily snuggle very closely with your baby without having any fear of the baby being laid on.i hope i win the item as it would be very useful for me.
by Dupsy 30th Jan 2008, 8:44am
I think this looks like a really good item, this is my first baby and i think it would give me peace of mind having the baby so close to me and at arms reach, and i think it would make it a wole lot easier if i do decide to breastfeed my baby.
by Alliw 23rd Jan 2008, 3:09pm
i think this oppurtunity to win something fabulous is im goin to be a new mum,so this would be something really handy.but bit expensive to buy,but very practical n good product.
by farus 23rd Jan 2008, 3:05pm
I've seen these featured in magazines but had no idea where to get one from. Spotting it today made my eyes light up and I found myself saying, "Yes, that's what I want!" A fantastic way of staying very close to my new baby - when he arrives - with the reassurance that he'll be safe in the co-sleeper cot.
by daisylady 23rd Jan 2008, 2:51pm
That is such a fab idea and looks fab too
by LVS 23rd Jan 2008, 1:39pm
Every pregnant lady should register in this site b,coz this site provide all information and give full trainning to new mom also.thanks a lot
by hindi 23rd Jan 2008, 1:02pm
love the co-sleeper, enables you to be close to your baby while sleeping in all safety.
by mumsy72 23rd Jan 2008, 12:59pm
I'm due at the end of March 2008, with my first! So not really sure what to expect in those supposedly exhausting first months of constant feeds. So What a brilliant idea!! I never new such a thing existed.. How completely convenient!! Breastfeeding made so much less of a hassle as well as those moments where you need to get up just to check that they're still breathing or have a quick glimpse at there cuteness! I'd definately love one of these but the amount of money this baby has already spent, I think i'll have to do without this luxury and stick to my moses basket and cot. Would love to win it though!!!!!
by dxbsophia 23rd Jan 2008, 12:58pm
I love the co-sleeper cot i would love to have one for my daughter (Sabrina) because I have scoliosis i have the metal rods in my back and i got them put in like 4 years ago and it would just make life more easyer if i didnt have to alway get out of bed to get her and we dont have much room in are room for her and they are just to much for me to afford one. But i heard a lot about them that they are really good
by hotlilmamma 23rd Jan 2008, 12:56pm
i think this is lovely. Im sixteen and i'm going to be a first time mum. i've already planned out what things to get with my partner but it's just hard trying to find the money to get everything. My family are alright with me being pregnant but they think i am to young. i know im going to be a good mother yes i will struggle but having my partner with me we are going to be great parents. We are really excited that we are going to be parents. I've been reading books about everything so i know what to expect, our little bunndle of treasure is going to be here in august. I know being a first time mum is going to be hard but me and my partner have always wanted a baby so i know that everything will be ok. i cant wait till i hold our baby in my arms for the first time i know for sure i will shed tears of happiness.
by hippygirl 23rd Jan 2008, 12:51pm
The Arms Reach Co Sleeper looks great, easy to pick up the baby come feeding time, and as I am a new mum-to-be come April, I need as much help as possible to fit in to motherhood. I am looking forward to my baby coming but am so baffled at the moment with all the equipment I need to buy, currently I am in search of Nursery items and finding it great fun. I was looking at a Moses basket on a stand as I suffer with aches in my lower back so anything that helps me by not bending down is a winner in my book. I would love to win one as not sure I could justify the cost to my husband who is having kittens at the amount of things we need to buy!!

by Tomo 23rd Jan 2008, 12:48pm
Hi - this is my first pregnancy so I am new to AskBaby, I have already found the site useful, especially the part where I can watch the baby's development. As its really scary being pregnant for the first time I welcome sites like this who can help you with any concerns so a big THANK YOU.

by Sarahlou007 23rd Jan 2008, 12:24pm
This is the first time I've seen such a great cot you can have right next to you at the bedside, it looks much easier than a moses basket, and means you can have baby very close to you. Excellent idea!!
by mandi71 23rd Jan 2008, 12:20pm
This bed looks fantastic. Very user friendly and portable.
by bikermich 23rd Jan 2008, 12:15pm
Endorsed by such renowned baby experts as Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna these cots have the support of mothers, medical professionals and experts from around the world.
by SomewhereGirl 23rd Jan 2008, 12:05pm
That looks blissful! Save all that exhausted stumbling around trying to find the cot/right end of baby without knocking things over and waking grumpy husband/other children! Anything that makes those night feeds easier has got to be a winner.
by coxiegirl 23rd Jan 2008, 12:05pm
Never seen anything like this before, but having seen it now, will seriously look into getting one in time for the birth of my second child in July.
by Sue5 23rd Jan 2008, 11:58am
Would be a great win!
by Dors1976 23rd Jan 2008, 11:46am

what a brilliant idea, Personally I find it can be quite difficult putting baby back into her crib after feeding and changing at night, you either have to twist and put strain on your back or get in and out of bed to do it. All of which is more unsettling for baby when you have just got them off to sleep. This idea lets you gently slip baby back into their own bed without too much disturbance and makes them feel they are not seperated from you too!
by roob 23rd Jan 2008, 11:44am
Looks like a fantastic cot and would be ideal for my little one!
by shanaz 23rd Jan 2008, 11:37am
This looks fabulous and I love the fact Dr. William Sears & Dr. James Mckenna endorse them....I have a slight concern as I wasn't aware of such an item my little boy ended up in bed next to me whilst I was breastfeeding after Christmas I started putting him in his own cot as he is over 6 months old. At first everything seemed fine only this week he won't let me put him down in his own cot. This is meaning he is ending up back in my bed. I do not want to dismantle his cot and put it back together in my room. So having see the Arms Reach Co Sleeper my first thought is it would be ideal, but I am worried he then wont go in his own room? I am weaning him off me and I am down to only one feed from me. Any advice welcome?

by cat831 23rd Jan 2008, 11:37am

It is ideal, the best thing since sliced bread. Im planning on breast feeding this baby, as I have breastfed my two older children. I found back then it difficult getting in and out of bed and finding a comfortable chair to breastfed and have in the bedroom. With this product i can stay in bed and breastfeed in comfort.

Wonderful item and product, I wish them good luck in this product, a little pricy for me,but very practical.

jennifer Mackenzie
by numnut 17th Jan 2008, 9:31am
What a wonderful creation! I will be a young(-ish) first time mum come the end of August, and living away from family and friends (with little money!), am almost completely clueless of the must-does and dangers of having a baby and in particular-laying baby to sleep. I would love more than anything to hold my baby all night long but realise this is impracticle and very risky. I never knew such a thing as a Co-Sleeper cot existed, and would love to own one myself to enrich the parenting experience for both me and my husband. What a great idea to have your baby within an arms reach during those first demanding and exhausting weeks of constant feeds!!!!
by sarahl 17th Jan 2008, 9:30am