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Win 6 Pairs of Children's Shoes

Enter our competition to win a year's worth of children's shoes from Eeruka!
Congratulations to sue1969 who was chosen as our lucky winner!

Prizes: Eeruka are giving away 6 pairs of high quality children's shoes worth up to £30 each - you get to choose a new pair every 2 months!

They change their stock regularly so you'll have the chance to choose from a range of new styles each time!

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All entries must be received before midnight on 27th July, 2011.

Winners will be chosen at random from those listed on on 28th July, 2011.

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Eeruka Limited specialise in selling very high quality children shoes at very affordable prices.

They realised that it can be quite difficult and expensive to find fashionable, high quality and reasonably priced children shoes. So they decided to make the job a lot easier for you, by putting together a collection of lovely children shoes that you will love.

Their shoes are produced by some of the main shoe manufactures in Europe, i.e. PABLOSKY and are made with premium quality material, absolute comfort is the key word.

They sell some of their shoes in half sizes, which can be quite hard to find - and start from 2.5 right up to size 11.

Please visit to see the styles available.

For more offers follow Eeruka on Twitter: eeruka

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great quality, great looks!
by payens 28th Jul 2011, 11:59am
by aboode 25th Jul 2011, 10:28am
So many to choose from.
by megger 13th Jul 2011, 10:06am
i love this...... childrens shoes are so cute :)
by vivianallman 13th Jul 2011, 10:05am
never won anything before
by muse 13th Jul 2011, 10:05am
Really gorgeous, good quality shoes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win! x
by sazza30 13th Jul 2011, 10:05am
by midi103 13th Jul 2011, 10:05am
These shoes are really lovely, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
by shan1288 13th Jul 2011, 10:03am
my son would look great in these shoes
by jessws 13th Jul 2011, 10:03am
My little girl Amber would love the shiny school shoes with the bow . They are yummy : )
by dognut4 13th Jul 2011, 10:03am
Oh these are just super cute. I love shoes so much, they can really make an outfit. xxx
by claireabelle 6th Jul 2011, 9:10am
Fabulous range of shoes for children and a great range of sizes!!
by kh103 6th Jul 2011, 9:06am
awww this is great hope i do win it i'll be great since it's important to wear them and specaily since they are Eeruka what else do i want the best gift for my kids xxx .
by Mzadran 27th Jun 2011, 10:43am
Great competition to enter it's worthit and since its Eeruka shoes there the best u can have been checking there websites and did by a few before there worth the prize so...i was shocked to see that there being given away nice .
by makhtar 27th Jun 2011, 10:42am
Love these shoes x
by redstar73 27th Jun 2011, 10:41am
Thanks Eeruka and Ask baby for a stylish and useful competition prize !! everything crossed for a win !! X
by spacegrantham 27th Jun 2011, 10:41am
The fact that they start at 2.5 is great my little girl is very small for her age, so I find it hard to find shoes for her. So the article was very informative for me.
by vicratty 23rd Jun 2011, 8:56am
Great competition, will be telling friends about it too as I know a few who would be interested
by sara73 21st Jun 2011, 5:26pm
what a great competition, definately worth entering, and im going to have a look on the Eeruka website and see what they have I can buy my little boy now, after 4 girls its a bit strange buying boys shoes x
by DeeMac34 20th Jun 2011, 8:55am
waal,this is great,having shoes every 2 months.Hope i will find grace in His sight
by eliel 13th Jun 2011, 9:01am
We;'re expecting twins soon and also got 8 year old, so winning your competition would be fabulous. thanks melanie parratt
by margieheath 13th Jun 2011, 9:00am
Just been and had a look at the shoes and there are some lovely shoes on there. My little girl would love them.
by Angel78 6th Jun 2011, 4:24pm
The shoes would come in handy for my little boy, what a shoe wrecker!!
by Reeniwan 6th Jun 2011, 4:24pm
great to have new baby shoes every 2 months, wishing mummy can have one too lol
by krystin2311 6th Jun 2011, 4:24pm
I would love to win these for my twin grandchildren - would be useful to help their mum out
by jennyp19 26th May 2011, 8:53am
I am going to be a second tym mum in Oct'11 so i would luv to win dis prize as it during dis tym of recession dis is a very gr8 promotion and as my lil one progresses i want his lil feets to feel comfortable and stylish by giving him Eeruka footwear. Thnks Ritu s Thaman
by Ritu1979 26th May 2011, 8:52am
Useful prize. Hope I win.
by hgutowsk 26th May 2011, 8:52am
great site
by lfc 23rd May 2011, 12:54pm