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Win 1 of 7 Skin Shop gift packs

Enter our competition to win a gift pack from the Skin Shop's new natural cotton & silk baby skincare range
Congratulations to Goochie82, HUKNUK, tina123, gizmomama, BabyDuck, clbmoore and kmh who were chosen as our lucky winners.

Prizes: We have Skin Shop gift packs worth £21 each to give away to 7 lucky winners.

Each pack contains goodies from the Skin Shop's brand new Cotton & Silk natural skincare range for babies, complete with a handy natural cotton bathroom bag and one of their brand new Kid's Cleansers.

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Does your baby suffer from dry, irritated and sensitive skin? You're not alone! 1 in 3 babies now suffer from eczema and dry skin and skin experts warn that it could be due to daily bathing with baby care products containing perfumes, foaming agents and preservatives.

Skin Shop's new and unique Cotton & Silk skincare range containing two naturally derived ingredients, a silk protein and an oil extract taken from cotton seeds, has been formulated specifically for use on babies and children with eczema or very sensitive and dry skin.

The silk protein, silk sericin, has been show in published research to reduce trans-epidermal water loss and improve skin smoothness in eczema-prone or very dry skin.

Cotton Seed Oil is rich in omega fatty acids, in particular Palmitic, Oleic and Linoleic acids, which are crucial fatty acids present in healthy skin. Research shows that a deficiency in Linoleic acid and the elements it forms in the skin are directly linked to dry skin and eczema in children.

The Cotton & Silk skincare range has been formulated to give maximum moisturising benefits to very young skin, without causing irritation and is free from parabens, lanolin, artificial perfumes, irritating emulsifiers and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Plus Skin Shop has also developed one of the first dedicated Kid's Cleanser, formulated to gently remove general dirt and grime, stubborn sun cream, face paints etc from young skin without causing any abrasive damage or dryness.

The cleanser also contains silk and cotton extracts and has been formulated for use on children with eczema or very sensitive and dry skin.

If you'd like to purchase the Cotton & Silk skincare range or Kid's Cleanser directly, Skin Shop are offering all members an exclusive 10% discount on ALL Cotton & Silk baby skincare products, which includes a daily moisturising lotion, a body & hair wash and a soothing salve for nappy rash and dry, sore patches of skin plus the new kid's cleanser.

To claim your special discount, please quote the discount code AB01 when ordering online at or you can order over the phone by calling: 0871 871 9975.