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Win a copy of 'First Time Parent'

We have 5 copies of this essential parenting guide to give away.
Congratulations to Heidi from Kidlington, Lauren from Edinburgh, Elizabeth from London, Victoria from Crewe and Cecilia from Kingston upon Thames who each win a copy of this fantastic book!

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Parenting expert and author Lucy Atkins offers advice to future parents
Chapter 1 - Preparing to welcome home baby

Chapter 2 - Hopes, worries and fears

Chapter 3 - Preparing to bring baby home

Nine months worth of various aches and pains, bizarre cravings, morning sickness and an ever expanding stomach have finally come to an end and a new member of the family has now finally arrived.

It's amazing to see, despite months of planning; how ill prepared some new parents are for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Many aren't aware of the implications of having a little person join their family at all and have no real understanding of the basic do's and don'ts.

One person willing to share all her knowledge is Lucy Atkins, mother of 3 and author of 'First Time Parent'. Lucy has teamed up with the Fairy Godmothers, a panel of mothers and soon-to-be mothers who are offering advice and guidance into the first few months of motherhood.

In the first of 3 vodcasts Lucy and the Fairy Godmothers are discussing preparing to welcome baby home. This instalment offers advice on everything from essential clothes to preparing the perfect nursery environment.

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I have just had my first scan at 12 weeks, what a wonderful experience and emotional. so far my pregnancy has been great no morning sickness or unusual cravings. I am so looking forward to being a first time mum. my baby is due in may 2009.
by louisedavies24 10th Nov 2008, 9:54am
great site....i am not the only one who needs help after all
by helendg 6th Oct 2008, 10:53am
I love babes and i am on my first. Hats off to all the brave women that endeavour this journey and what's more go on to have 2 or 3.
All the help i have had so far is from friend's and one book that has not been too helpful.
My partner is trying his best but is not really supportive and really doesn't want to be at the birth.
This book sounds like it is inspirational.
by VanessaH 6th Oct 2008, 10:50am
I need all the guidance I can get please.
by brightonbelle 6th Oct 2008, 10:50am
I am a mother of 3 kiddos and remarried to the love of my life who does not have children of his own. Next summer we are having a tubal reversal and planning on extending our family. I would love all the info that is out there to give to my husband. He does not have a clue of what to expect during a pregnancy.
by gotthebabybug 6th Oct 2008, 10:41am
i am a first time parent.i think tis book will be helpful for me.
by rojakhan 6th Oct 2008, 10:31am
My name is Mumsey Manghena, I'm a mother of five months old boy born 16 April 2008.

Expecting your new baby is very nice, it mapke you and your partner proud and feel your house with warmth and love. But you must know that to become a parent it is not easy that is why you will need to have a strong support systems like familly, friends, doctors, books and forums to assit oyou on Pareting you first born baby.

As a new mother I went through lot of challenges so far and I'm still seeking lot of advice and support.
Having books like this helps a lot becuase you always learns new ideas that will assist you in growing your child. These books they carry lot of information that calms parents "why" as a first time mother you get easily irritable with small things xthat your baby does becuase you are not used to nesting some one. Your baby cries can make you very irritable or when the baby does not sleep can also make you feel very bad.

I will use the exoerience that I have so far as the example:

After when my baby was born he used to cry a lot and not go to rest. Because I did not know what to do, i just cry and rejected my baby. I always felt like giving him away until I decided to go to the Baby shop and buy him a lULLABIES music CD which it helped al to. and there are so many challenges that I went trough and I could not bear them.

I then decieded to buy a book to read about parenting and also visiting a web site where I join the forums and also do the google search which helps a lot.

So people must consider different methods on growing thier babies whhich can help a lot.
by Malik 6th Oct 2008, 10:30am
Mother of 3
by cshowell 6th Oct 2008, 10:26am
it is a real fun to have the kids
by riffat 6th Oct 2008, 10:21am
First time parent tip - the only person who expects you to be superwoman is you - so take a breath and give yourself a break!
by wildchild 6th Oct 2008, 10:19am
Same as the coment below... i only get 2 anti-natel classes and they start 2 weeks before my due date... and didn't know what book to get as there are so many! this one sounds like a gooden!
by Jo5nn 6th Oct 2008, 10:14am
All the help and information we've received so far only take us up to and through the birth. It'd be great to have something to help us through what happens after the birth!
by Sweety75 11th Sep 2008, 12:58pm
Always a worry when you don't fit into the correct 'band' etc on charts with health visitors guidelines !! as a first time mum it panics you like mad.
by chappell 11th Sep 2008, 12:52pm
This sounds perfect for losing so much confidence in myself as my ex boyfriend has totally deserted us and im feeling useless and down all the time...just want the nine months to be over and some positive to be in my life!
by gembabes 4th Sep 2008, 11:46am
Perhaps this book may be enlightening to read beforehand so it isnt quite so daunting!
by starlottie 4th Sep 2008, 11:35am
I used to be a nanny when I was 20 and now pregnant with my 1st child (due in 7 wks). People are saying how it will be a breeze for me but my nanny days were over 20yrs ago, it's not the same as having your own. I'm as scared as any other new parent, this book will be a godsend.
by Cleo 4th Sep 2008, 11:30am
I am a first time parent and would be blessed if I could get hold of this book. I would like to know how I can get a copy for myself since I dont live in the UK.

by nits 4th Sep 2008, 11:26am
I have just finsihed reading my preganancy books and realized I still don't know what to do when our little one comes! this book sound slike just the trick!
by JKechichian 4th Sep 2008, 11:25am
Sounds like some sound advice in here - my antenatal classes don't start until 2 weeks before my due date and I'm worried that if I'm early, I won't have a clue about anything at all!
by nicolajessop 4th Sep 2008, 11:22am
If I don't win a copy of 'First Time Parent' , I'll probably buy it as I haven't a clue what to expect and all the books I've read so far are a bit clinical. I want a book to tell me like it is!
by basilbrush1967 4th Sep 2008, 11:22am
I'm new to this website and it looks a great source of advice. I'm at the 'trying to get pregnant' stage so I'll be reading in advance if I win a copy of 'First Time Parent.' That is just what I need since my partner has a daughter so I would be the only first time parent!
by EmmaEmmaEmma 4th Sep 2008, 11:20am
I think becoming a parent for the first time is the most precious but scariest experience in the entire world!!!
I'm 17years old and in 5weeks I will be giving birth to a baby boy ... this is my first baby and from the bad experience of this pregnancy he may be my last, Im really excited to meet my son but scared as HELL
by Squeeze08 4th Sep 2008, 11:18am
Being a first time parent is very hard.
by clairewoods 4th Sep 2008, 11:16am
Baby manual how cool! Seems to cover everything that all parents knew to know for that period of the unknown!
by worm 4th Sep 2008, 11:16am
As this is my first pregnancy, i feel different and enjoy the pregnancy periods with lot of feelings
by nmsivakumar 4th Sep 2008, 11:11am
How long should your baby sleep your room in the moses basket before it can then sleep in its cot in the nursery? i had heard for the first 6 months? what does everyone else think?
by chocofairywarner 4th Sep 2008, 11:08am
i really need a book like that i am walking about lost!!!
by weebarra 4th Sep 2008, 11:03am
This sounds like what I need, i feel like I haven't a clue
by wheatley 29th Aug 2008, 10:24am
This is a great site for people olike me who are trying to get pregnant as is it covers before, during and after!! its gives great advice as wellas a chance to hear from other mothers!
by WendyDavis 29th Aug 2008, 10:17am