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Win a Dream Genii support pillow

Enter our competition to win 1 of 2 amazingly comfortable Dream Genii support pillows
Congratulations to carolinetanya and charliechin who will each receive a Dream Genii support pillow.

Prizes: We have 2 Dream Genii support pillows worth £45 each to give away to the lucky winners of this competition. Each Dream Genii comes complete with a designer cover worth £22.50 and a free night shirt worth £14.99 too!

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All entries must be received before midnight on 26th October, 2008.

A winner will be chosen at random from those listed on on 27th October, 2008.

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Dream Genii - for a magical night's sleep during pregnancy

The award winning Dream Genii support pillow is specially designed to aid restful sleep during those stages of pregnancy when getting comfortable is a difficult task.

Unlike other pillows, Dream Genii offers gentle support for the tummy, back and knees without taking up most of the bed, allowing you and your partner to get a good night's rest.

The unique shape of the pregnancy pillow encourages you to sleep comfortably on your left side and, if used regularly from the second trimester, can encourage baby into the optimum position for birth. The gentle back support discourages rolling onto your back during the night, which can restrict blood flow to both mother and baby and the leg support is designed to take the pressure off your tummy and back by gently lifting your leg whist you sleep.

Dream Geniis are really soft and comfortable and once your baby has arrived, can be used as a handy feeding support pillow.

For more information on the Dream Genii support pillow visit

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When not to massage
There are occasions however, when one should not give a child massage. First, if the child is ill or is feverish, it should not receive a massage, and secondly, of course, when the child does not want one.
by sunitaverma 15th Dec 2008, 8:56am
My husband thinks it could be used as a barrier to stop me nicking his side of the bed!
by johnson23 27th Oct 2008, 10:27am
I've heard so many great things about these.
Can't wait to have one of my own!
by WinnieWin 27th Oct 2008, 10:18am
i had one of these sort of pillows with my last pregnancy it had so many uses.. while i was pregnant and suffering with S.P.D i used it at night for support .once my son was born used it for breast feeding.. and also when my son had a cold i used it for him to sleep on so his chest was rasied helping him breath better as he had a blocked nose now he older i use it every night to put my head on and almost cuddle it as i used to suffer with alot of neck ache... now pregnant again need to get another one as not giving this one up now lol
by gothicthug 24th Oct 2008, 11:00am
what these handy pillows can be used for after your baby arrives? - Feeding
by MummyStevens 24th Oct 2008, 10:55am
The Dream Genii looks amazing and i'm now dreaming of winning one! Its been 10 years since the birth of my daughter and i find myself expecting with my 3rd at the grand old age of 41!! Its quite daunting especially as between myself and my husband of 3 years we have 5 children already. However its an amazing blessing, so i'm tolerating the nausea and tiredness and looking forward to our arrival. I can think of lots of uses for the Genii after baby has arrived: It will be a good support for my sore tummy after my ceasarean, especially when supporting baby during feeding and cuddling. It also looks like a good substitute for the pillow nest i used to make to support the baby as they get older and start to sit up. I think it will also come in useful during my Yoga classes- which i will be needing to keep my sanity!
by moometti 24th Oct 2008, 10:32am
how my better half would love this
by sbroadley 24th Oct 2008, 9:53am
Help insomnia, please give me one of these pillows x
by weeloobylou 24th Oct 2008, 9:49am
I'm only 16 weeks and have been having the hip and back pain for about a month now. My girlfriend let me borrow hers while her baby was visiting family on the east coast. i really want one now, I haven't slept comfortably since
by chantel702 24th Oct 2008, 9:43am
after my baby arrives i'll use this pillow to win a pillow fight with my hubby, but joking aside, it looks good to use in a cot as a bumper!
by firstbump 24th Oct 2008, 9:42am
What an amzing idea.. to give your little bundle of joy a comfy place to snuggle in and at the same time be close to Mummy and Daddy - what more could they ask for. I wonder if they come in 'adult size' too? Once your little bundle is asleep it's time for you to get comfy and snuggle up with the Dream Geniis, getting comfy and snatching those precious few moments of calm that you have longed for... and indeed earned! Looks like a perfect addition to any home.
by JennyO 24th Oct 2008, 9:40am
what can i say, this pillow looks super comfortable. Its gotta to be better that my arangement of pillows. My husband is getting pushed out the bed due to the amount of moulds i am trying to make
by glitters 24th Oct 2008, 9:40am
I need keeps
by kirstystu 24th Oct 2008, 9:30am
I'd love one of these,they seem great
by LeeLeeHenstock 1st Oct 2008, 10:54am
I have tried a friend's own and they are very confortable . A must have !
by fav82 1st Oct 2008, 10:52am
i am contemplating buying one of these pillows because I have heard so many good reports about them, I wish I oculd win one! I wished I would get pregnant on holiday after a failed IVF and my wish came true :o) Hope this wish comes true also.
by Lairdy 1st Oct 2008, 10:51am
Aaaaargh! Just foud out it is twins! Very excited but know it's gonna break the bank so to win a pillow to help me get a good nights sleep is just what I need!
by CalH 1st Oct 2008, 10:49am
I just was told by a friend about this miracle pillow,I tried it and I guarante its very good and useful.
by cuks 1st Oct 2008, 10:45am
Oh This looks so much better than what i'm using. i'm using a normal pillow which gets in the way and takes up loads of room.I always wake up on my back too.
by vice 1st Oct 2008, 10:41am
I had one and loaned it after my son was 6 months, It was fantastic while I was pregnent and the only way I could get any sleep so i would recomend to all, but my one I loaned I never got back and as I`m now trying for number 2 and have bad back and knees I need another one! So my advice is once youve got one keep it DO NOT loan it or give away as you will regreat doing so! They are sooo comfortabe, easy to use, don`t take up extra room,so no moaning partners being pushed out by other pillows,
by kamala 1st Oct 2008, 10:35am
this looks amazing what a brilliant idea
by laura1964 1st Oct 2008, 10:28am
They look really comfortable and easy to use - I would love one of those!
by penpal 1st Oct 2008, 10:24am
Wow these look great, i wouldnt mind one at all...
by ShelleyBias 1st Oct 2008, 10:20am
Those pillows seem heavenly!
by ParsnipSalad 1st Oct 2008, 10:14am
The Genii pillow looks very similar to the authorpedic pillow. It works in the same way as it takes the strain from the most relevant areas of the body and allows the user to relax.
The Genii is just alot longer to enable more than 1 area of support, is there anyone with this pillow and does it actually make a difference to comfort levels.
by Phippsi 1st Oct 2008, 10:13am
I'd love one of these, any extra comfort will be worth having!
by Nad22 1st Oct 2008, 10:12am
these pillows hace been recommended to me by my sister , she says they were the only thing that helped her get a good nights sleep when things were getting bigger. !!!!
by magicbunn 1st Oct 2008, 10:11am
I would love 1 of these they look reallt comfy and soft for the baby and me
by charlotte1991 1st Oct 2008, 10:11am
Im only 15 weeks pregnant and already finding it hard to get comfortable in bed, one of these would be great!
by helenlisa123 1st Oct 2008, 10:11am
I'd love one - could not get comfortable trying with a normal pillow last time I was pregnant.
by emmasfabulous 1st Oct 2008, 10:10am
I have a friend who swore by this pillow in the later stages of pregnancy - it really helped her have a comfortable nights sleep. If I don't win one I'll probably buy one soon!
by faywheeler 1st Oct 2008, 10:10am
This pillow looks very comfy, being in the early stages of my 1st pregnancy it really is hard to find a comftable sleeping postion with ordinary pillows so i'd LOVE ONE!!
by ikotsbaby1 29th Sep 2008, 5:46pm
feeding support pillow
by annahelm 29th Sep 2008, 5:45pm
I think this sounds like a great item. I am a single mommy to be by choice and I remember the backaches from first pregnancy. They were horrible, I stole every pillow from hubby trying to get comfy. Would be nice to have the support from the Dream Genii this time around.
by jaelless 29th Sep 2008, 5:44pm
I keep stealing my husbands pillow to support my bump - its causing all sorts of arguements but this looks ideal for me!
by donohoe 29th Sep 2008, 5:41pm
one of my friends feeds using these all the time now that her beautiful baby has been born and they look comfortable and easy to use. I'd love one of these....
by Mickeyb 4th Sep 2008, 10:59am
I don't have any experience with this. Is it comfortable?
by petra81 4th Sep 2008, 10:55am
I have one of these pillows and it's fantastic - no pain in my hip since using it because it distributes the pressure well when sleeping on your side. The only downside is that the hole in the pillowcase is very small so it takes a bit of effort to change the pillowcase.
by pommeblanche 4th Sep 2008, 10:16am
Oh this would be a dream come true! I suffered with sleeping before I got pregnant, could only get comfortable on my tummy, now with ever growing bump getting in the way I am finding positions very uncomfortable. Be a good chance to have that well deserved rest while carrying a child before the sleeplness nights begin...........
by srileys87 29th Aug 2008, 9:38am
these look magic i;d love one
by nellesapelle 29th Aug 2008, 9:21am
these pillows are amazing a great thing 2 have 4 any expectant mum
by doris2008 28th Aug 2008, 10:57am
one these would be great !!
by alsbluey 28th Aug 2008, 10:23am
Not sure if this looks comfortable or not.
by clairewoods 28th Aug 2008, 10:13am
i would really like one of these as it looks so comfortable and soft. I usually use my big pillows which takes up soo much space on my bed. it would really come in handy.
by grobs 28th Aug 2008, 10:12am