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The Wilkinet Baby Carrier

Discover why we're giving Wilkinet Carriers the big thumbs up!
  • Combines the comfort of a wraparound sling with the convenience of a conventional carrier .

  • Supports your baby's body as if they were held in your arms.

  • Can be used in 4 different positions to cater for infants from birth to 24months.

  • Distributes weight evenly and supports your back so there is no dragging on your neck and shoulders.

  • Draws your baby's weight towards you rather than pulling against you.
Wilkinet Carriers are designed with your comfort, your baby's development and your wallet in mind!

These ergonomically designed carriers cleverly adapt to suit the changing needs of your baby as they grow from newborn to toddler, all the while enabling you to carry them comfortably. They combine the benefits of four different carriers, helping you to carry your baby facing towards you, away from you, on your hip and on your back, so you only ever have to buy one!

To guarantee a comfortable ride, Wilkinet Carriers support your baby's head, neck, bottom and thighs as if they were held in your arms. This in itself is better for your baby's lower spine and pelvis than the carriers that place all the weight between your baby's legs. What's more, their clever wraparound method of tying also means that their is less pressure on your shoulders, back and neck as your baby is pulled towards you rather than drawing away from you, so this makes it infinitely more comfortable for you too.

As an added bonus Wilkinet Carriers are built like 'traditional' wraparound slings with no clips, clasps, buckles or zips to break so its not only fantastically easy to put on, but it will also last the distance too!

Available from:

Retailer Price
Mothercare from £43.95

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I got one from my neighbour who used it on her two boys who are now aged 13 and 14 and then passed it on to her daughter in law who used it on her two and then gave it to me!
It's amazing, there's a variety of ways to tie your baby to you and Toby loved sitting in it, I've even used it when baby sitting for my friend and her little girl fell asleep in it for two hours!
It's even comfortable for you which is very rare!
I don't use it too much now seeing as Toby is approaching 20lb he's a bit too heavy to carry around but my partner will use it to carry him around!
Well worth the money and perfect for if you just want to pop down the shop and don't want to drag the pram out!
by xtine1985BScHons 3rd Dec 2008, 8:02am