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Why exercise in pregnancy really pays!

Discover how the amount of exercise you do in pregnancy will affect your baby's future behaviour.
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A recently published study has found that if you exercise regularly throughout your pregnancy your children will grow up to be more active too. At a time when childhood obesity is on the rise this is definitely a fact worth knowing!

The study followed 5,500 11-12 year olds and monitored their activity levels over a period of at least 3 days. The findings clearly suggested that those children born to mother's who exercised in pregnancy were significantly more active regardless of any biological predispositions. Its thought that this is because expectant mothers who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to continue with this healthy lifestyle practice after their baby arrives, helping their little one to understand that being active is a regular and important part of life, and encouraging them to develop good habits themselves.

This explanation really illustrates how influential parental behaviour is in shaping a child's later values and lifestyle practices, emphasising the fact that children are much more likely to 'do what you do' rather than 'do what you say' so it really pays to get, and stay, active for your own health and for the health of your developing baby now and in the future.

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