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Why don't I feel pregnant anymore?

Find out what it means for you and your baby if you lose that 'pregnant feeling' part-way through your pregnancy.
Towards the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy (or around 12 weeks in) you may start to feel that your familiar 'pregnancy symptoms' begin to subside, leaving you with a feeling that you aren't pregnant anymore. Obviously this can cause real concern if you have become accustomed to a distinctive 'pregnant feeling' only to find this fades as your pregnancy progresses. However in most cases there's nothing to worry about - here's why.

What happens at the end of the first trimester?

As your first trimester comes to a close and you enter your second trimester, some important changes are taking place. Your first trimester is likely to have been characterised by feelings of nausea and fatigue as your body adapts to your new growing baby. Your body has to work incredibly hard at this stage to give baby all the nourishment they need, and to nurture him/her through the initial development stages.

As such you may have been acutely aware of your body's symptoms during this time; many women experience the majority of their morning sickness in the first trimester and often have sore breasts and feelings of exhaustion as they deal with all the changes taking place.

What happens next?

As the first trimester ends you may lose these symptoms and not 'feel pregnant' in the same way. This is usually just because you and your baby are entering the next stage of your pregnancy which will see your baby develop fully and start to fend for themselves in the womb.

Feelings of nausea and tiredness tend to fade because your baby will be mostly fully formed by the 12th week of your pregnancy. Baby's organs will have developed, and with your placenta also fully developed, he or she will be provided for now and will continue to grow without too much fuss at this stage.

Mums-to-be generally notice this change before any bump starts to show, or other physical signs that a baby is on the way. However in most cases this feeling of not being pregnant anymore is just a sign of your body settling into the pregnancy and getting ready for the next stages.

It's also common for mums-to-be to feel that baby has stopped moving towards the end of the pregnancy, and wonder why they can't feel them kick and wriggle in the same way. However this is generally just a sign that baby is getting ready to be born and is running out of room to jiggle around in.

What if I'm worried?

Of course if you feel concerned about your pregnancy symptoms disappearing and want the reassurance that baby is developing as expected at this stage, it's worth contacting your doctor. Make an appointment to have a scan so that you can see for yourself that all is well.

If you experience any bleeding or pains coupled with a loss of pregnancy symptoms, contact your doctor right away. In most cases, however, your pregnancy will be proceeding just as it should and your bump will soon be starting to show.

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Am 14weeks 4day am am not feeling any sign or movement in me nd my pcv is low thou I was given medication to boost it but am still worried
by akinbisola 20th Jun 2013, 3:41pm
Nearly 19 weeks.. I love being pregnant, ths my 1st. V lucky, no sickness- a little tired. Now my body seems to enjoy being pregnant?!?! I eat v v well, lots of varied fruit/veg. Keep busy @ wk& walk lots.. Hope everyone feels good at some stage cause being is an amazing thing. Good luck
by Crispychrissi 26th Sep 2011, 12:27pm
im 17+3 weeks, and i havent even heard the babys heart beat yet and i dont have to see the midwife again until after my scan on the 24th june , approx 2weeks after the scan , getting worried incase anything wrong is happenening as i had a miscarriage in december. would anyone recommend me buying a doppler? thanks
by heatherf18 18th May 2011, 4:21pm
Im 15 weeks today, very nervous and excited at the same time.
This past week i havent felt as big as normally. so i cant wait to see the midwife for reasurrance i go and see her next week :)
by katie12 11th Mar 2011, 5:15pm