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When will I feel my baby move?

Find out when you'll feel those first flutters, whether you should be counting your baby's kicks and lots more.
Undoubtedly one of the most magical moments of pregnancy is when you feel your baby move for the first time. For many women this symbolises the point when their pregnancy finally becomes 'real' as they start to tune in with their baby's kicks, somersaults and naps. However, as with anything pregnancy related this exciting development brings with it a whole host of questions about what you should be feeling and whether what you are experiencing is 'normal'. So, to help you enjoy this wonderful experience without having to stress we explain all you need to know about foetal movement.

When will I feel my baby move?

The first time around most women start to feel their baby's in-utero movements somewhere between 18th and 20th week of their pregnancy. It tends to be a little bit earlier (16 - 18 weeks) for women expecting their second or subsequent babies as they have experienced this 'quickening' before and know what to expect from their baby's first movements. However, despite this 'norm' you shouldn't worry if you feel your baby's movements slightly earlier or later than this as your ability to sense the movement will depend on a number of factors including your weight, the position of your placenta and how active both you and your baby are.

How will it feel?

To begin with your baby's first movements will feel more like a gentle 'flutter' in your tummy as he or she can stretch and somersault in your uterus with plenty of room to move around. In fact the sensation can be so different from the defined 'kicks' that you'd expect that many women mistake it for wind to begin with!

As you progress through your second trimester you'll gradually notice the fluttering become stronger and more noticeable as there is still plenty of room for acrobatics in your bump. However, it's not until the start of third trimester approaches that you may begin to sense your baby's cycles of activity and notice when he or she has a nap and is quiet for half an hour or so, has the hiccups (felt as lots of little jolty movements) or hears a loud noise.

You're also likely to find that your baby becomes more active after you've eaten (the rise in your own blood sugar will give baby a little energy boost too) or when you rest (when you're still you'[re more in tune with baby's movements and more likely to notice activity) and quieter when you are active and moving around (the swaying motion of your walk can sometimes lull baby into sleep).

As you progress through your final trimester you'll start to notice your baby's movements change as they finish growing and somersault space becomes more limited. Now you're more likely to feel stronger, more defined kicks (sometimes in the ribs and sometimes in the stomach so your partner can feel it too!) as baby stretches his limbs and starts to move towards a position suitable for birth.

You'll continue to feel your baby's movements right up to when you give birth and you meet him or her for the first time, although there will be a definite slow down as your due date approaches and there is little room in your uterus to spare.

Do I need to count my baby's kicks?

In the past midwives have used the kick counting system to follow development however many no longer see such a 'strict' monitoring regime as necessary. The assumption was that you should feel at least 20 kicks over the space of 2 hours however as this is so dependent on whether you've been active, where your baby is in his sleep/wake cycle and how your baby is positioned it isn't hugely reliable. Now the focus is very much on going with what's 'normal' for you and baby. Some women have a very clear sense of their baby's regular pattern of movements while others don't ever sense a distinguishable 'cycle', because of this you're in the best position to know when things are as they should be regardless of the exact number of kicks you sense an hour.

It can be tempting to compare the number of kicks you feel with your expectant friends or even against past pregnancies. However, this is in no way, shape or form a predictor of how your baby is developing and/or how active he or she will be when they're born. As long as you continue to feel some movement on a regular basis everything should be fine.

I've can't feel any movement, should I be worried?

If you're ever concerned that you haven't felt your baby move around for a while it's a good idea to have a little something to eat and sit quietly and calmly to see if this helps you fall back in tune with their movements. Of course, if at any point you are concerned your baby isn't moving as he or she should be it's a good idea to call your doctor or midwife for reassurance if only for your peace of mind.

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I am 16 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I felt this pressure in my stomach at the side, when I felt it my stomach was rock hard. When I took my hand away I felt a pushing sensation was really funny a bit like a flutter, do you think this was the baby moving and me feeling it?
by emziemummytobe 19th Sep 2013, 10:43am
Hello everyone am 18wks and a day today,and i can feel lil movement in my belly,one shocking or scary thing is my cookie it's so itchy,i went to the Doc she said its normal for mom-to-be to experience this thrush, she gave me a vaginal cream to apply at night but the itching hasn't stopped completely its like i have to apply the cream even during the day to feel normal,could there be another problem my doc missed out? its on fire help me :(
by Amarula 31st Jul 2013, 1:18pm
I am 1 1/2 weeks late on the iud never been late since i had it put in im having every sign of being preg..And i feel movement in my stomach 3 preg test come ou tnegative..And i know it cant be gas...would i be able to feel the movement about 6 to 8 weeks possibly...
by MrsEdgar 20th Jun 2013, 3:18pm
Well,am 17weeks,but have not feel the movement now and this is not my 1st pregnancy,eventhough I lost the previous one.
by oluwaseyifunmi 25th Jan 2012, 9:32am
Am plus size first time and 21 wks still have not felt any movement yet is that normal?
by SFRANK 3rd Oct 2011, 12:20pm
I will be 12 week and I feel funny I don't know how I should be filling this my frist child. any body tell me how they feel at 12 weeks :-) thanks
by Christina591 12th Sep 2011, 9:33am
Hi everyone, i'm 28 wks pregnant and it sure feels great! It amazes me when I feel my baby move or cld it be hiccups??? Dunno though, but i love the feeln! I'v been experiencing this pain in my vagiana bone or maybe muscle and i feel it only when i have to turn from one side to the other when asleep. I discussed with a friend(she just had her baby), she said I'm experiencing mine too early cos that pain is accompanied with my baby's preparation to come out when the head has turned facing down. Can anyone please explain what really this myt be? Thanx y'all .... Enjoy ur pregnancy! *wink*
by Prettypreggiee 6th Jul 2011, 9:04am
Hi everyone im now 27 weeks pregnant and ant wait to have my baby boy in no more than 13 weeks ive gained two stone wich apparentley is good coz i was underwight before i got pregant and my bump is two centimeters bigger than it shud be which us apparentley coz im having a large boy lol... being pregant feels amazing and feeling my little boy kick and move around all the time is also amazing.... i just want to say to babybump2011 that the oain in ur pubic bone is the same as what i have it can be really painfull at time but toatal normal as all it is is the pressure of your bump.. xxxx
by lilmisshiggz 26th Apr 2011, 5:44pm
Hi every1 im coming up 2 my 20wk pregnancy on tue im a bit worried im a bigger girl would i be feelin my baby move at all im not feeling nothing at all this is my first baby so i dnt no what 2 be feeling 4 i so want 2 feel my baby move about kick me iv wanted a baby 4 about 6yrs now and now its happening and im not feeling anything im not even had morning sickness only the odd heartburn and boobs is really sore oh and sore heads i dnt mind all that i just want 2 feel baby kicking iv got my 20wk scan on wed i cant stop thinking or even talking about it coz i get 2 find out sex of baby im really looking 4ward 2 that but im lookin 4ward 2 just 2 c if baby is fine and 2 c baby moving if i cant feel baby move aslong as i c baby move coz i went 4 a scan at 14wks and the midwife couldnt get a propper scan coz baby wouldnt keep moving or kicking legs about so a hope a c the same on wed im thinking all the time the now that baby isnt ok but a think its coz im a bigger girl

could some1 tell me if thats norm ? and soz 4 the big bit iv wrote this is my first time doing somthing like this.

a big CONGRATS 2 all the mums 2 be out there all the best from me :-D
by Tiesto1969 26th Apr 2011, 5:39pm
Hi everyone, Am almost 17 weeks pregnant and over the moon. I have had my 1st scan and also heard the heartbeat which i found so unreal! Recently I have been feeling alot of strange pains and pressure on my pubic bone but I spoke to the midwife and she explained that its all stretching pains which lifted a load of worries from my mind. I have been feeling strange sensations in my stomach which is baby having a riggle am guessing. I Cant complain though as i haven't had any morning sickness, tiny bit of heartburn, boobs are bigger! lol. Congratulations to everyone going through this amazing time of their lifes. x x x
by babybump2011 13th Apr 2011, 9:03am
Hi everyone, im 15 weeks today with my first, cant believe how fast it is actually going.I had my first scan when i was 10 weeks, i go to se the midwife next week just for a general check up. I cant wait for my next scan at 20 weeks. Its weird because some days i look quite big and then some days i dont feeel pregnant at all lol congratulations to you all!! its exciting but nerve racking at the same time :)
by katie12 11th Apr 2011, 9:45am
hi, im almost 16 weeks pregnant with my first, and i also think i have felt my baby move already! i can look at my belly and see areas moving every now and again! i also hear alot of liquid moving about in my belly, sometimes it goes on for ages, and its mainly at night when im lying in bed or have been lying down for a while! i so cant wait until i actually know for certain that its my baby making my belly move.
and im also excited for my 20 week scan in a few weeks! :D
good luck to you all!
by NatalieJayneRigby 11th Apr 2011, 9:43am
hello, I'm 12 weeks into my first pregnancy, and I'm pretty sure i can feel my baby moving, as I also get a weird fluttering sensation. it takes me forever to fall asleep, as i can feel him getting comfortable, so my partner speaks to my very small start of a bump to have him settle down. i'm very nervous yet so excited at the same time! not yet had my first scan, but im looking forward to being able to show the picture off to my family :)
hope your all well, and good luck to you all!
and also well done to all you mummys!
by bonniebump 8th Mar 2011, 5:52pm
hello, i am in week 17 of my 1st pregnancy and think i may have been feeling my baby kicking for the past 3 weeks or so, its such an amazing feeling for me to think that i have something so beautiful growing and moving inside me. can not wait for my next scan in march. not finding out the sex as i want a surprise..
good luck to all you mummys and bumps out there, hope all goes well.
by tashabump 8th Feb 2011, 5:23pm
hi my name is char an i am 13 weeks pregnant this is my 3rd pregnancy an i am certain i can feel my baby move, i remember from my last 2 pregnancies how it first feel the fluttering sensation like little butterflies are fliying around in my tummy it feels great but don't really want to ask my midwife as i don't want her to dismiss this as my friend was 16 weeks an was sure she felt this same fluttering and the midwife point blank said she would not feel her baby move at that point even though it was her 4th pregnancy!!!! good luck to all you mummies xXx
by charbaybii 8th Feb 2011, 5:23pm
i am 10weeks and I am certain I can feel my baby move not a lot just slightly feels so wired as its my first has been happening for the last week or 2 so yh i was 8weeks when I felt the first little movement cant wait to find out what sex my baby is daddy cant either its his third very excited love Kelly gd luck to all xxxxxxxxxxx
by smallkelly 17th Jan 2011, 3:01pm
I am 14 weeks and 5 days and i am certain that i can feel that all too familiar fluttering sensation has been happening for the last few days this is our third baby and sooooooooo excited love and luck to all xxx
by xxxkellyxxx 1st Dec 2010, 8:49am
I'm 5 weeks and 5 days with my second baby, as i am only 5'5 and just hitting 8st i already have a bump, but todayi noticed an odd sensation in my belly,it almost felt like fluttering or tiny bubbles popping (this tickles a bit) but is not followed by any wind or anything. Surely this is too soon to be feeling any movement?
by roxie25 2nd Sep 2010, 10:53am
im 12 weeks 2 days and i can already feel the fluttering but i had pregnancies prior so i know what it feels like. he always makes me smile when i can feel him fluttering around from his movement. he moves the most when im relaxin or trying to go to sleep for the night but i dont mind because i lay there and feel him move until he falls asleep and then i too go to sleep. its the most wonderful feeling to ever experience... i cherish this feeling and experience and i absolutely adore when my baby moves and my heart melts
by LocaFromLanc 27th Aug 2010, 5:09pm
im pregnant last monts whit twins my last period was 20 may i cant not feel him my twinbaby sex is boy and girl. She kick me now and he not what happens whit them ?
by VanessaAngela 12th Aug 2010, 10:44am
how many weeks can you find out the sex off the baby as im 15weeks and have not had my first scan yet?
by stephanie201 12th Aug 2010, 10:11am
@ Charlene84 if you haven't already been answered then you work out to be 17 weeks and 2 days today, the dr will work it out from the first day of your last period and then the scan will give you a definate due date. like you i know my last period started on 8th March and i too have a 26 day cycle i worked out my due date to be the 13th December and the scan said the 15th December so not that far off. Hope this helps
by Essexbird1986 12th Aug 2010, 10:09am
i am 16 weeks pregnant and i have felt little flutters went to the midwife and heard the little heartbeat it was well cute took us 4 attemots to get here but its happened from nikki
by nikkibump01 12th Aug 2010, 9:49am
im 17 weeks pregnant & i feel baby move alot now x
by meg210989 11th Aug 2010, 5:38pm
im 13weeeks 4days and i have been feeling baby for abot 3 weeks or so. only flutters but i feel her/him this is my 2nd pregnancy. cant wait till next scan to find out wot babys sex is ! x
by charbump 18th May 2010, 4:41pm
i am pregnant. my last period was on the 3rd march. i have a 26 day cycle. how do i count how many weeks pregnant i am? my last period was on a wednesday
by charlene84 14th May 2010, 5:37pm
i am 20 weeks and 3 day and i have not yet felt my baby kick me this is my 5th pregnacy and i was big when i got pregnate but all i way is 184 now should i be real concerned i go get my ultrasound tomorow should i scarded that something might be something wrong with my baby
by jessicadavis 14th May 2010, 5:00pm
I am 33 weeks tomorrow and felt my baby for the first time at 16 weeks. My tummy twitched a couple of times when I was laying on my back so I moved around a bit and then laid down again and the same thing happened. Two weeks later I got the fluttery feeling. Now I am much further on, I can tell the difference between a punch, a kick and turning over completely. Plus little hands, feet or a head push gently against my bladder which is a very weird feeling. Of course, as soon as hubby puts a hand on my belly, the bub stays still! Typical. :-)
by JosieLee 10th Feb 2010, 4:59am
with my first daughter i felt her move. a flutter almost like a butterfly moving at 15 to 16 weeks now I am preg with baby number 2 in my 8 th week . It is a scary feeling when you cant feel your baby moving later towards the end just remember that the baby is growing and gets almost cramped the last month so there no big flip flops for the lil one. at least as many as there were
by mackenziemommie 27th Jan 2010, 9:32am
hi naomimay.
congrats on your news!! i felt my baby move at 17 weeks. it fells like butterflies in your tummy. i am first time mom as well and gave birth to healthy baby girl 6 weeks ago. when you get to week 20 you will feel it a bit stronger. what i used to do was take a big glass of cold water and baby would really move or tea with sugar. i used to get alot of little pains and used to drive myself crazy with worry, but they were only expansion pains, so dont get worked up when you get these. make sure and get you iron levels checks and take galfer tabs if your iron levels are low.enjoy you pregnancy and the best of luck.
by majella 21st Jan 2010, 9:21am
i am 17 weeks and have felt some kinda butterfly feelings on occassion an extreme tightening of my lower tummy which kinda felt like a stitch .. but as am slightly overweight its hard to know as it passes quickly...
by adelethomas23 21st Jan 2010, 9:18am
i am 16 weeks and i am not sure whether i have felt it moving as yet. it is my first so i guess i do not kow what to expect so i will sit tight and wait a couple more weeks.
by naomimay 15th Jan 2010, 4:26pm
i'm 20 weeks pregnant with my 1st. I haven't yet felt ay butterfly feelings but am very sure the baby is kicking, my partner and mum can feel what we think feels like a kicking as its around 5 to 15 kicks when this happens. I also on 2 occasstions now have been lying on my back and seen little pokes in my belly popping out. Firstly i thought this feeling was wind but no wind ever followed. lol. I am quite petite and my bump is really tiny, people still don't believe I'm pregnant as I'm not really showing just look like I have had a big dinner. Are they kicks because i still think its too early to feel kicking??
by fev 28th Oct 2009, 5:51pm
I'm 21 weeks pregnant and everyone keeps saying that the 1st movements feel like butterflies, which I think I felt a couple of weeks ago? I'm a bit unsure as I generally have alot of nervous energy anyway - and a gurgly gut due to excess wind. I have felt a few 'pangs' - which I am not sure whether thats the baby or just my stomach muscles and the other day at work my stomach felt really quite painful with a bit of an indigestion sensation? What that the baby moving? I have quite a hectic stressful job so I guess I don't get much time to 'tune in' to my body and I am so knackered when I get home - I'm in bed by nine! My build is very slight - could this be the reason as to why I think I can't identify the movements of the baby? My bump is only little.
by lauraandbump 26th Oct 2009, 3:00pm
i am 21 weeks pregnant its my first child i am having really bad back pains with my baby is this normal what should i do to relax the pain
by princessbubs 7th Sep 2009, 12:01pm
Hi this is my second pregnancy and was quite a shock have only known for about four weeks I am going for my dating scan next week and am believed to be at 11 weeks for the past couple of days i have been feeling movement nothing major just a flutter or turn possibly but now i am not sure if this is too early to be feeling this is this normal?????

should of read the below comments before posting this Thanks anyway x
by smartiesmart 7th May 2009, 9:23am
hi iam 16wks pregnant wit my 2nd child i swear i saw my belly movin the ova nite...ive been able 2feel it move 4 a few weeks now am so exited congratulations on ur pregnancies everyone n good luck
by tigerspence 1st May 2009, 9:15am
Hi Iam 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and i felt my baby move for the first time last week. Have to agree with flyegirl22 veteran moms (aged 33) know what to expect. And it does feel like butterflies in your tummy.
by Millpull 14th Apr 2009, 12:56pm
I am now 14 weeks pregnant and sometimes i get like a bubbling feeling in my tummy is that my baby moving or is it gas? this is my second pregnancy but my first child is now 6 so i cant really remember the feeling i had last time
by MrsRBennett 9th Apr 2009, 9:32am
After researching this topic, the correct answer is: If you are a veteran mom (you have given birth before) you may fill your child move as early as 6-8 weeks simple because you have experience it before and should be able to tell the difference between gas and movement. For new moms it states about 16-20 weeks for movement and about 24 for kicking.
by FlyeGirl22 20th Mar 2009, 9:14am
hi im nearly 20 weeks now, i think my baby is a little lazy as i only tend to feel movement about twice a day! It does worry me a little at times as i have been feeling movement since about 16 weeks however i heard you should be feeling movement at least ten times a day? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks x
by lyndseylou86 9th Mar 2009, 9:33am
im in my 17th week and i havent felt anything yet is this normal?
by JILLDUNDEE 25th Feb 2009, 9:32am
hi i'm in week 15 and have been feeling fluttering feelings that i can't really explain, is this baby's first movements or is it too early? the feelings aren't wind related and sometimes they make me feel sicky and strange, any idea's?
by mummyrach 25th Feb 2009, 9:32am
im 17 and having 3 babies and i just felt them today they woke me up it was like really bad on my right side but girls if ur worried like this thing said go to ur midwife or doctor im sure its ok
dont worry or dont stress out

lots of lucks bye mommys to be
by jessii 23rd Feb 2009, 1:10pm
by elena004 17th Feb 2009, 9:53am
I am in my 18th week and have not felt anything. But went for a scan and everthing is ok. Is this normal?
by amylou844 30th Jan 2009, 9:02am
im about 9 weeks pregnant so the GP has told me but the last week i have beenfeeling a fluttering sensationin my stomach,and there is no wind that follows,so im wondering if i could be alittle further along than what my GP is telling me,im thinking this because my last period was back at the begining of november around the 11th but it was only very short about 3-4 days when usually about a week and a half so isit possible that i fell pregnant befor my last period? this is my 2nd pregnancy LOVE SURFYMOM
by surfymom 8th Jan 2009, 9:39am
Most mums to be describe movements as flutters so it is probably exactly what you are feeling :)
by loobylou62 18th Nov 2008, 8:40am
Im 16 weeks pregnant and get some fluttery feelings, is this the baby or just muscle stretches?
by YummyMummy3891 17th Nov 2008, 8:57am
I felt him move around 16 weeks aswell im about 24 weeks now but once you get used to the movements you begin to realise that those at sixteen weeks were definately your baby moving.
by dannni 14th Nov 2008, 9:23am
I'm only 16 weeks gone but have been having quite strong fluttering movements for about 2 weeks and it now feels more pronounced like tiny little prodding sensations every now and again. I would've thought it was too soon for this, has anyone else experienced this as early as 16 weeks?
by carrielou88 3rd Nov 2008, 10:18am
It probably is, I thought mine was wind the first time it happened (I was about 18 wks). You may not notice it all the time, but soon enough you will.
by JanieS 20th Oct 2008, 11:04am
am 23weeks old and i feel some movement in my abdomen, it goes and comes after some few seconds, i want to no if dat is part of the movement of a baby. Cos dat is what i feel most of the time. Please tell me if this is part of the baby's movement.
by dede28 3rd Oct 2008, 8:56am