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When to call the doctor

If you're baby seems a bit poorly it can be difficult to know when to call the doctor, we share advice on when you need to pick up that phone.
As a parent, new or more experienced, its completely natural to worry about your child's health and when your baby is under the weather you want nothing more than for someone to make it better right away. However, when your little one seems a little off it can be difficult to know whether to go and see the doctor immediately or to just wait and see.

You know your baby best and when it comes to getting medical assistance you should follow your gut instinct if only for your peace of mind. However, here are a few guidelines that will help you decide when you should take your baby to see the doctor.

Visit your Gp when.......
  • Your baby has a high temperature (38 degC/100.4 degF plus) or is feverish.

  • Your baby refuses to feed and doesn't seem hungry

  • Your baby isn't wetting his or her nappies as normal

  • Your baby vomits severely (more than just post-feed spit up) or projectile vomits

  • You notice blood in your baby's vomit or stools

  • Your baby's eyes appear pink, sticky or watery

  • Your baby appears unresponsive and drowsy when awake

  • Your baby's skin develops a yellowish tinge or appears bruised

  • Your baby cries uncontrollably and can't be soothed

  • Your baby appears irritable and doesn't like to be held

  • Your baby develops a rash

  • Your baby has diarrhoea for more than 12 hours

Call for an ambulance if........
  • Your baby becomes unconscious or stops breathing
  • Your baby becomes limp and unresponsive
  • Your baby appears to have difficulty breathing or is breathing much faster than usual
  • Your baby becomes very pale and the skin around his or her lips and fingernails develop a blue tinge
  • Your baby has a convulsion (fit)
  • Your baby has swallowed a toxic substance
  • Your baby is showing obvious symptoms of a condition such as meningitis
If something doesn't feel right its always best to get some advice; NHS Direct (0845 4647) is a 24 hour health information service that you can call for reassurance out of regular GP hours.

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