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When can I take a pregnancy test?

Advice on the earliest you can take a home pregnancy test and suggestions on making sure you get an accurate test result.
Trying for a baby can make for an incredibly frustrating time and waiting to take that test each month can be torturous!

When can you test?
The technology behind home pregnancy tests has advanced greatly in the past few years and we can now take tests much sooner and still expect a reliable result. However, there is a risk that testing too early could mean getting it wrong. So, when is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Officially, the most reliable time to take a pregnancy test is after you have missed a period.

It's likely that the length of your cycle varies on a monthly basis, so the best way to work out when to expect 'Aunt Flo' is by monitoring the length, pattern and variability of your menstrual cycle.

Taking a pregnancy test after your longest expected cycle is most likely to provide you with a correct result. However, waiting this long can be absolutely agonising so many choose to test earlier.

Of course, it makes sense that you find out whether you are expecting as soon as possible but being too eager could affect the result. So, one of the best ways to make sure you get an accurate result from an 'early' pregnancy test is by understanding how they work and making sure you use them effectively.

How do pregnancy tests work?
Pregnancy tests detect the presence of the hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in urine. Once a pregnancy is conceived and implantation in the womb lining has taken place, hCG is passed from the developing foetus to the mother-to-be's blood via the placental tissue. Because of this, pregnancy tests can only give a positive result after implantation (and not just fertilisation) has occurred.

The length of time between fertilisation and implantation varies between pregnancies and individuals but is on average 6 - 12 days after ovulation. This means that the earliest day you can test and expect to get a positive result is seven days after you have ovulated.

That said, you should bear in mind that if you test this early there is a chance that implantation will not yet have occurred and you may get a false negative. For this reason it is usually best to take another test 3 or 4 days later.

The amount of hCG increases rapidly throughout the first stage of pregnancy and levels double almost daily which is why test results are more reliable the further along a pregnancy is.

As older tests could only detect the higher levels of hCG present several weeks after implantation, women had little choice but to wait. However, the new range of pregnancy tests available are sensitive enough to detect significantly lower levels of hCG in the blood and so are able to provide a positive test earlier on.

Home pregnancy tests all have different sensitivities which means that they differ in the amount of hCG that needs to be present in urine before they are able to give a positive result.

If you are looking to test earlier on you should look for a pregnancy test with a high level of sensitivity. This will be expressed as a number on the box and typically ranges from 20ml/U (very sensitive) to 150ml/U (less sensitive) with lower numbers indicating increased sensitivity. If you test early on with a low sensitivity test you are unlikely to get a positive result even if you are pregnant (false negative).

How reliable will the results be?
The reliability of most pregnancy tests varies between 97 and 99% accuracy when they are used in 'optimum circumstances'. To make sure the result of your test is as accurate as possible you can try the following...
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions on the testing kit box

  • Test when you go to the toilet first thing in the morning as if you are pregnant levels of hCG will have accumulated overnight and will be easier to detect.

  • If you test in the day try not to drink lots and lots of water before hand (although obviously don't dehydrate yourself) as this will weaken the presence of any hCG in your urine.

  • Check the test result after the recommended length of time as if you leave it too much longer the result may be compromised.

  • Regardless of whether you tested early or not it is advisable to repeat the test 3 or 4 days later to confirm the result.
So, when can I test?
If you are monitoring your cycle using bbt or other charting methods, the earliest you can test is 7 days after ovulation (using a sensitive test), although the longer you leave it before testing the more reliable your result is likely to be.

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Hello am 20yrs old nd I missed mai menstrual cycle last month whxh was june nd since den av bn feeling weak...nd nau am aving dx.kinda whitish discharge nd I dnt seem to understand whats wrong ..and am scared to go for d pregnancy test..pls kindly inbox me wat I can du..
by Lizi01 5th Jul 2013, 5:20pm
Hello I really need help
Iam 45 years old and my son is 21 years old this month.I though I was not going to be pregant but hav my implant for the last three days.My next monthly period will be end of next week. My partner is 47 years old and was not able to produce babies for all this time. Iam worried sik,am I pregant?
by jentapeta 20th Jun 2013, 3:39pm
i was on the depo injection for two years something wich i would never go near again or advise anyone too if they do want a baby in there lifetime!
i came of the depo in january 2012 and been trying to consive with my partner ever since !
after about 15 negetive pregncey tests after wishing and hoping i am and been let down so many times. i think it was my head tricking me!
ive worked out my ovulation dates and me and my partner had sex when we were ment to according to dates. my last period was 26th of augut 2012. and its now the 13th of september 2012 at first i got a really creamy discharge with a little pink in it when i wiped that lasted two days. now ive had back poain for four days really bad and also headaches difficulity sleeping, been moody feeling sick and having a sore tummy like cramps and burping alot and today i have lumpy breasts. i need someone to help me could i be pregnent?
by regb 20th Jun 2013, 3:30pm
hi ladies

I had unprotectet sex 3 days before my periods,bt the day of my periods nothing happend,the next day i had a brownish discharge nd that was it,im showin some of the pregnancy signs,like fuller breast nausea,wen cn i take the test
by ntazz 20th Jun 2013, 3:20pm
i am trying to fall pregnant bt i used morning after pills last month becouse i was not sure weather i want a baby or wat so i jst pray i fall preg as soon as possible
by tshabi 20th Jun 2013, 3:16pm
Can Nos (energy drink) cause a false positive?
by lj043010 20th Jun 2013, 3:12pm
Hi Everyone,
I am emotionally exhausted with trying to conceive and truly don't know what to do at this point! I have been trying for 5 years and nothing! I have been through test after test over and over and no answers as to why I cant conceive none everything looks great. my family is huge, my mother and father had 10 kids all of my sisters have kids and my brother. I feel so lost. I cant imagine a life with out ever having kids and I am 31 years old I feel I am running out of time! I find myself crying randomly on a daily basis over this. adoption in Canada is a long, long process and in vitro is so expensive. any advice. I do apologize for being such a downer its just a bad baby trying day for me....
by keepingfaith 20th Jun 2013, 3:09pm
Hello I really need some help,
I had the implant for 18 months and iv now had it out for 7 months and I don't seem to be getting pregnant and its worrying me, I have been pregnant before but i had a abortion as I was to young at the time to keep, but iv got really sore nipple my bellys bloated, neusea really tired but cant sleep at night and really mood?
please help.
by hmhmhm 12th Jan 2012, 9:13am
Hi everybody i went to my dr on friday with sore breasts, she said she beleives im pregnant after examining me however i have not missed a period yet as im not due on till the 29th of this month, but i have had some other symptoms like headaches, a bit of nausea, heartburn and extremely sore breasts, the thing is tho i did take a test friday mornin before i went and it said negative, the dr did say it could be too early to tell but i worked it out yesterday that if my last period was the 1st of sept then i cud b 1week 3days but then jst gone to another sight and it said i would be 3 weeks, if that is the case would i be able to get a positive result at 3 weeks pregnant? please help :)
by CHIHUAHUAEM 26th Sep 2011, 12:28pm
i had the implanion removed on the 22nd of august 2011, would i be able to see a positive result on a test this early?
by duckyfuzz 7th Sep 2011, 10:20am
Had unprotected sex 5 days after period started while I was still on it, and my period flow stopped completely the next day. 3 days later, I took the plan B pill and now 4 days later, I am spotting, sore breasts, light headed... could I be pregnant? How soon can I test??
by mommyof6 23rd May 2011, 12:57pm
most times i get confused oner this testing stuff. I have being testing since feb for like four times and every thing came out negative what is d possibility for me to test positive by may
by pepisco 23rd May 2011, 12:56pm
Could i be pregnant? i had miscarriage on 4th of mar and my doc prescribed me pregnacare which will finish 5th of apr. From my calculation i am suppose to see my period on 1st of apr. today is 4th of apr, i didnt see my flow. what do you think?
by ayoakin 11th Apr 2011, 9:45am
Has anyone experienced several negative pregnancy test results, when late for your period? Is it possible to be pregnant? I'm really hoping so... I am three days late for my period (normally always like clockwork and never late) and I'm experiencing some pregnancy-like symptoms (back ache, tender breasts, etc.) yet I've done two tests (a cheap one yesterday and then a digital clear-blue one this morning) and both have been definite Nos. Feeling really confused and stressed and just hoping I am pregnant... Any advice really appreciated!
by LondonMum 6th Dec 2010, 8:46am
ok here goes....i was on the pill for several years and then had the implant. i had this removed over 9 months ago, after this time myself and my partner had unprotected sex on many occasions without any period then stopped for 3 months but was to scared to go the doctors....i was then rushed to hospital with abdominal cramps where they operated and found a cyst on my overies (i had this removed) since then 3 months ago my periods have returned almost to the day i was due (impressive)!!
My partner and i had unprotected sex twice last week and i should be due on in the next few days.....did i leave it to late in my cycle to conceive?? my boobs are sore and im slighly tired but i get that usually a week or so before my period?? Any comments would be great thanks
by vikkih 16th Nov 2010, 4:39pm
I had unprotected sex about 2 to 3 weeks ago, my last period was on September 29th. I was due again on the 25th of October... now it's the 27th and I have never had a late period in my life, I'm not all that stressed and I'm eating just fine. A little more exercise than usual but still, never have I had a late period. Usually early actually. Could i be pregnant? And if so when should i take a test?
by Snookie21 27th Oct 2010, 9:26am
Reading below has been really helpful for me, my period is 4 days late, i was due Tuesday but nothing. Never been so late before!! Monday-Thursday i felt sick, dizzy, headaches, random period like pains that came and went. Was pretty convinced i was pregnant. Felt better yesterday and today bit still no sign. Taken four tests so far, all negative. Granted, all were done in the afternoon, and it seems i should have done them in the morning. Been trying for 9 months so feel like i'm going abit mental!! Good luck to everyone in a similar position, i sympathise with you!!!! I just hope i get a definaitive answer soon! xx
by babyhopes77 4th Oct 2010, 11:18am
HI Ladies,

I have just taken my first course of Clomid. My normal cylcle is 33 days which should make Ov day 19.
I tested all through an my OV days were 16 and 17 on the test strips. The nurse said Clomid can change your cyle? Has anyone else experienced this?
We were trying from day 11-16. I'm worried that we didn't try for long enough.......
If my cyle has changed I'm due on 28th Sptember, if not 3rd October.
I took a First Response test yesterday ( 19th) and it was negative.
by saph 27th Sep 2010, 12:56pm
Hello everyone
I think I am in the same position as most of you I am always regular on my periods my last one came 26th july and lasted three days they are always light ones however its now September no period did four tests all negative and did doctor test the same however as I am always amorous the week before my period I had unprotected sex that week five times in one night I really fell pregnant almost all the symptoms but my doctor says that because if the conceive date was the fourteenth it takes about six to ten days for the egg to fertilise so we are on the ninth September now I'm feeling sick pulling pains in stomach sore back when bending feeling tired and running to toilet every two seconds just want to know how long before I need to wait before I di another test
by whiteprincess2010 8th Sep 2010, 10:33am
Hi everyone,
I need help! Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby. I am now 5 weeks late and have done 3 tests and they have all came up negative. I spoke to a friend who is a nurse and she said it is still possible that it could be wrong. I spoke to the doctor about it and they wouldn't see me about it. I want to know am i pregnant or not. Could anyone help please x
by xX2010Xx 7th Sep 2010, 5:05pm
is it possible for my 2 month old baby to be teething?
by emma17 1st Sep 2010, 10:03am
I need help mummys !!
I had sex with my partner, and we are trying, i bleed after we had sex, for about 2 weeks, ad then 4 weeks later did a pregnancy test, im guessing the odds aint looking good, should i do another one or just try again, please give me the truth, not juts being nice, xx
by hannah1994 16th Aug 2010, 5:14pm
im due my periods in 6 days time but ive been trying for a baby would i get to know if i do a home pregnancy test now as am getting the simtoms of being pregnant please help
by littlewoman2010 12th Aug 2010, 10:39am
Can someone give me some hope? I'm 14dpo and done a test this morning got bfn. Yesterday I had really mild period pains on and off. Could this be implantation this late? My boobies have been sore and veiny for over a week and I have felt nauseas on quite a few occasions and I pee a lot. I have also got a very prominent brown line from the top of my tummy down to my pelvis. I'm giving up hope now with the bfn :( I know I ovulated 14 days ago as I have been using clearblue fertillity monitor and I also track my cervical mucus. Just wondering if it's over this month? Thank you
by Sam41 11th Jun 2010, 5:28pm
Hi everyone, I am 20 years old with a irregular period and saturday the condom broke, should i take a pregnancy test? how soon could i take a test? please let me know thanks!
by scbabe90 11th Jun 2010, 5:23pm
My last period was on the 9th of may but on the 23rd I spotted for about 2 days. I was due on yesterday so should I leave it a while or take a test?? Xx
by gembo12344 11th Jun 2010, 5:15pm
I took 2 tests last night and they both came up with very faint lines im 2 weeks late for my period, does this mean that im pregnant? i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months with no luck and one miss carriage 4 months ago, so im finding it really hard to believe can any one help me out with this?
by kristy1 18th May 2010, 5:19pm
hi im 36yrs old iv had 2 m/c so far and im now 5 days late for my periods iv had alot of the symptoms i feel my belly is bloated i did a pregnancy test on tues but nothing can any one tell me when is it likly to show up if i am pregnant? my last period was on the 15 of march it is now the 13 of april??? some help please .... thank you
by engela 18th May 2010, 4:46pm
I am very concerned that I am not getting my period. I am several days late and have ALL of the signs... nausea, little vomiting, sore and swollen breasts and the cramping .... I have taken several tests... all of them said neg results... But I truly and sincerely believe that I am pregnant! Is it possible for several tests to come back neg? This never happened to me the last times I was pregnant.
by momofboys 14th May 2010, 5:28pm
Hello i need some help and im not sure if im pregnant or not? My last period was in january, and ive took 2 pregnancy tests and both said negative, was it too soon? And when should i take another test?
by Canadian33 14th May 2010, 4:59pm
hi, i don't know what is wrong, i took plan B immediately i had sex, 7days later i saw my period which was on the 7th and now we are in feb and i'm expecting my period but is not showing any sign. i did the pregnancy test 3 days ago it was negative still no sign of period. could i be pregnant.
by Margareth 14th May 2010, 4:10pm
hello my period is supposed to come in like 5 days ive been feeling very sick for about like 3 or 2 weeks i have terrible headaches backpain im urinating alot & my breast have been sore, and i feel like vomiting but i haven't im very tired alot now like im just wondering could i be pregnant and when would be best to take a test plz help thanks
by thickgurl 8th Feb 2010, 9:28am
hi my last period was on 17th of dec ,and due for nov period by 17th which never showed up till today have done 1 preg test (on 21st jan) but all turned up negative what would be happeng coz all has left me confused, and have been having regular periods? how maney days i wait for next preg test?
by pannap 27th Jan 2010, 9:36am
hey ...ermm i need some help am unsure if am pregnant or not because ive had sex without contraception and i don't know precisely when am due on and i have been experiencing quite a lot of the pregnancy symptoms can anyone tell me when the best time to test is plz because to be honest am terrified =[ am 18 years old and all help would be much appreciated x
by gothchick 6th Jan 2010, 11:39am
Hi im 16 and wondering what to do because i have been sick for the last few mornings and i am getting rounder on the tummy. should i take a pregnancy test a week after i had sex or wat. at the moment im really confused and dont know what to doo please advice me. someone must know how scary it can be..
by 1993Leigh 30th Dec 2009, 10:01am
Hi Charmero and Brana
I am in the same situation as you two and I was wondering if you had now found out whether you were pregnant or not to see how long I should wait to redo a test should my period not start. Should you be pregnant now, how long after your missed period did your test show positive results? Thanks
by petitpois 18th Dec 2009, 4:26pm
Hello! My name is Brianna. My period was supposed to be on the 28th of November and it's still not here. I think i had some spotting today, but it was deffinitely not my period. I am 9days late for my Period and i have taken two pregnancy tests and they both said Negative. I have been feeling pregnant and have researched the symptoms and i have all the signs but the tests are saying no. I'm having the same problems as Charmero below. Someone please tell me if they've had this problem and what happened!! I would be forever greatful.
by Brana 7th Dec 2009, 10:28am
Hi, I hope someone can help me. I had the coil removed on Nov 9th, I've had no period but some slight spotting and abdominal cramps on and off for a few days, my boobs are tender too. I've taken 3 tests and all are negative. I'm convinced I'm pregnant as all signs are telling me so! Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms and been pregnant?
by Charmero 6th Dec 2009, 6:09pm
hi girls!
i am currently 5 days late and i am feeling pregnant (if that makes sense?) i already have a little boy who is 2 years old and we have been trying for another one since june so is hoping that this is it and it has finally happened, although i am a little scared about taking a pregnancy test as i worried i will let myself and hubby down again and feel really stupid, i have been wrong in the past but this time i feel different so not sure what to do, might wait a couple more days and then do a test.
by septbabys 6th Dec 2009, 6:08pm
hi my last period was on 17th of oct,and due for nov period by 14th which never showed up till today have done 3 preg test but all turned up negative what would be happeng coz all has left me confused, and have been having regular periods?sometime back i used emergency pills on 2 occations,
by meural 30th Nov 2009, 11:12am
Hi everyone, my last period was oct 7 and I started take preg test about 4-5 days after my period didn't start. I had negative test for up to a week and a half and just figured I was not going to have a cycle for nov.
I took two test today and hey were both positive. I am now two and a half weeks late for my cycle. Why did it take so long to show up???
by chookie 23rd Nov 2009, 10:45am
Emma give it a few more weeks and go back again to the doctor,i had a medical test for a job and i was not pregnant but i was so sick three weeks later nad took a home test and it said i was pregnant so i went to the doctor and had a scan and they told me i was about 8weeks pregnant but three weeks ago was too early or it was because of the time i went to have the tests done.ask for a scan it will be more accurate if you are or not
by kunashe 16th Nov 2009, 10:02am
hi, i had unprotected sex and now im worried about my period, and my next period is supposed to be between 18-24 and its already 23 and nothing. so my question is When will it be the best time to take a pregnancy test???
by talida3 26th Oct 2009, 2:46pm
my last period was 19th august,i usually come on every 7 weeks I should of got my period last week but only have a brown discharge which isnt heavy. Ive done 2 tests which were negative was it too early to test?
by missedout 13th Oct 2009, 9:09am
my last period was the 6th September and I am due on again on the 4th October. I had very regular un-protected sex around my time of ovulation and before and after... this morning, a week after ovulating I was sick. I am never usually a sicky person. I have also been constipated, had headaches, fatigue and been on the toilet frequently. When do you think I can do a test, as I am on the edge here wondering if I am, at last, Pregnant. x Thanks for your help
by MrsMurgy 28th Sep 2009, 4:40pm
Hi the first day of my last period was 3rd of august and it was very heavy,but had sex in july just after i finished my period and the comdom burst and i always use condoms,so when i had my period in august i just thought i wouldnt be pregnant but i have not had my period yet and iam as regular as clock work, could i be pregnant?
by kiraprincess 11th Sep 2009, 3:40pm
I had unprotected sex twice in the last three days (v. good!), when should I take my pregnancy test, I'd like to do it as soon as possible!
by Naughtyagain 18th Aug 2009, 9:46am
hi the first day of my last period was 7th july , i then had sex on the 14th july from what ive tried to work out my ovalation was the 18th july can i do a pregnancy test now ?
by zlittlemiss 31st Jul 2009, 2:25pm
am really not sure if i am pregnant. my last period was 5 july 2009 and now its the 28 can i now take a pregnancy test? my breast hurt but am not sure if thats a symptom or not .. some one please help me
by lorieb 29th Jul 2009, 9:03am
i had unprotected sex around 3 weeks ago and my last period was on the 9th of may. i have had irregular periods and have already took two pregnancy tests that have came back negative but im experiencing sore breasts and slight sickness. is it still too early to take a test?
by lisa1583 9th Jun 2009, 11:14am
by ShareenElliisBabyx 8th Jun 2009, 9:46am
i have done two tests which were positive, but forgot to look for day or two. can this cause false posiiive as i have done one sine which was negative, im so worried in not pregnant
by kate69 5th Jun 2009, 9:09am
My last period was on May 3. My period comes on every 21 days, i was suppose to come on May 29 and its now June 3 and I haven't had a period yet but I have taken two pregnancy test and they both said i was negative. Do you think I am taking the test too early?
by bentley1737 4th Jun 2009, 9:11am
my last period was on march 24 and andtoday is 24 of may ,if i go test can it show now that am pregnant
by malaysia3 26th May 2009, 12:42pm
How many of you were pregnant and got period and negative pregnancy tests sometime after conception or embry implantation.
by perkypolly 5th May 2009, 12:20pm
Hey..i need a bit of help here!! I had my period the 26th Feb and i was on properly for about 9 days and then the next 3 days was just brown stuff (dry blood). on the 10th March me and my man had sexual intercourse and he 'came' in me. A few days later i had cramps in my stomach. I took a pregnany test on the thursday, 2 days later and was negative..WOULD IT SHOW UP THAT SOON IF I WAS PREGNANT? my cycle is not a normal 28 day one i was on and off the pill a few months back but am completely off it now and have been for about 1 month. JUST NEED A LIL ADVICE PLEASE!! Thanks
by MummyCrystal 17th Mar 2009, 9:26am
my period is supposed to be last feb 28, but until now i didnt have my period. i experience some sign of pregnancy. when is the best date to take pregnancy test? thank you
by sexyhardtocatch 9th Mar 2009, 9:30am
i had my period last on the 24 of january. do i have a chance of falling pregnant since i have not got my period since then up until now i usuall have a 28-30 day cycle.
by diyya 2nd Mar 2009, 9:30am
Hello, I was due to come on on Thursday just gone and am really eager to do a test I have one that can test 4 days before your period is due so have I left it till the right time or should I wait untill expected period time has passed? I do not want to get too excited but I also want to take more steps to being a healthier Mum ie stopping smoking etc (I have stopped but I feel I need help by patches etc and do not want to use patch if I am pregnant.)
by Memily 23rd Feb 2009, 1:08pm
hi i have been trying for a year and am still not pregnant, i am due on,on the nineth of this month, when can i test, my breasts are tender, can these be early signs?
by lushiouslil 5th Feb 2009, 9:59am
hi. im quite sure my last period was 18th dec,08' and i was only on for a few days, my periods are usually irregular and having 2-3 a month, but since december i havnt had one, iv never missed a period before, my partner and i are trying again for a 3rd child. shall i wait abit longer and see if i come on my period or shall i go ahead with a test.please help. thanks xxx
by babycakes03 2nd Feb 2009, 10:47am
im leanne ,im 19 and really confused a cnt really remebmer the date of my last period was, i no it was after the 17th december and didnt carry on into january. should i do a test or not some1 plzzz help ......
by legsleanne 30th Jan 2009, 9:01am
I'm Chantiqua and I'm a 17 going on 18 in October female who thinks she's pregnant. This will be my first child, but my boyfriend's third. But anyways... I started my period on January 4, 2009 and it then stopped on January 9, 2009, for me that's not normal because my period lasts up to 7 days..... I need advice because I'm not sure like I want to be !!! What should I do? What should I think? Am I just thinking too much about it?
by Chantiqua 13th Jan 2009, 9:18am
well ive just done two tests and got 2 lines on both.the thing is that me and my partner have been trying for a while and after my last child in 2002 i got the contraception injection which as messed my periods about,i guess im just not beliving the tests what test would you suggest that will put my mind at ease? as the last 2 were the cheap ones thanx
by babygenuis 17th Nov 2008, 8:56am
Im bit scared to test, i believe i ovulated on the 29th oct (i had pains) and i had sex that day also. and i had light pinkish/brown discharge early hours of sunday morning (9th nov) and it stopped today. So im not sure if that may have been implantation?? and how long i should wait now? and im trying to stay calm! its so hard. best of luck to everyone. xx
by pixiella 11th Nov 2008, 9:53am
hi i ovulated on the 26th of october how soon can i take a pregnancy test?
by xxsammyxx 29th Oct 2008, 9:27am
hi i have a question to ask time my period was suppose to come on the 13 of this month and it didnt each month i write down when i saw my period but this month it didnt come when it suppose to come it came on the 16th with light bleeding the first and second day and on the 3rd day it was heavy and the last it went light. during this time ive been have heartburn and i can see changes in my body what is going on can i be pregant
by dolly77 20th Aug 2008, 8:55am