Weaning summary

Advice on weaning your baby with information on the three stages of weaning from six months to one year plus useful weaning tips and recipies.
Weaning summary

At all stages salt or sugar should not be added to your baby's food.

Stage 1: six to eight months

Your baby continues to get most of his or her nutrition from breastmilk whilst learning to take pureed food from a spoon such as fruit and vegetables, baby rice, mashed potato, soft cooked meat and pulses, yogurt and fromage frais.

Stage 2: eight to ten months transitional

A wider variety of food and different textures are introduced, including meat, fish, eggs and cereals. Finger foods can be introduced. Wheat can also be introduced plus cow's milk (in cooking and to mix solids) can be given.

Stage 3: ten months to a year

Your baby should be enjoying three meals a day, with snacks and drinks between meals. Some foods can be normal adult texture.

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