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United parenting promotes good behaviour

Co-parenting helps reduce likelihood of aggressive behaviour.
Parents who cooperate and support each other when it comes to raising their children reduce the risk of behavioural problems, research reveals.

An American study of children aged between four and five-years-old found that children with parents who practice co-parenting techniques are less likely to develop negative or aggressive behaviour.

Lead researcher, Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan from Ohio State University, said: "It's a positive message for parents.

"If you support your spouse in front of your child, show that you are a united front, it can help prevent some behaviour problems in children who may be at risk."

According to the report, positive co-parenting promotes family security and stability which in turn allows infants to learn how to control urges to 'act out' more easily.

Temper tantrums tend to be more common in the 'terrible twos' and are more likely to occur if a child is bored, hungry or tired, the NHS advises.

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