Tv viewing tips

Useful information on keeping television viewing educational for your baby including advice on chidren's tv and dvds.
In an ideal world children wouldn't watch TV and would happily be entertained with other activities. However, TV plays a big role in today's hectic society and keeping your child from ever watching it is an unrealistic goal. Instead you should focus on providing your child with educational programs designed for their age group and helping them to understand what they see.

Here are some tips to help keep TV educational for your baby;

  • Limit viewing to half an hour a day for babies under 2 (split into 10 minute segments) and a maximum of two 2 hours for infants under 5
  • Ensure your child only watches age-appropriate programs with educational, interactive content
  • Limit viewing to the front room - keep TV off during meal times and out of your baby's bedroom
  • Use TV as an opportunity to teach your baby about the world - watch programs together and join in!
  • Avoid leaving the TV on in the background - listening to music is better for baby developmentally

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