The Towgo

Find out why the Trunki Towgo ride-on suitcase is the ultimate in kids' travel entertainment.
About:  The Towgo is the newest addition to the Trunki family, the world's first collection of 'ride-on suitcases for globetrotting tots'. Designed to make travel fun, it is packed with clever features that keep children entertained but that are also really practical for any family holiday.

The Towgo can be ridden solo (the hidden stabilisers help keep less confident 'drivers' upright), towed using the super strong towing handle, or carried (ideal for when you're running late and rushing to departures!).

Big enough to fit in enough toys and games to keep your little one entertained on even the longest of journeys, yet light enough for your child to pull along themselves, the Towgo also meets current UK hand luggage regulations and is made from the same sturdy materials as quality adult suitcases.

The review: (Tested by Emily, Ben & Imelda)

I tested the Towgo out on a weekend away in Norfolk (not exactly globetrotting I know but with a long train journey, a beach and a little bit of sunshine it certainly felt like it!). Emily (3 1/2 yrs) was the 'official tester', however brother Ben (1 3/4s) and cousin Imelda (3) also gave the Towgo a good work out (much to Emily's annoyance!!!).

In terms of entertainment value the Towgo definitely did its job and the children absolutely loved it. In fact, you could say it went down a little too well and there were many territorial arguments over the course of the weekend! Despite this they all really enjoyed pulling each other along and it seemed to withstand all their bashing and running around really well.
The colours are really bright and fun which definitely makes it easier to keep an eye on when you're on the move and the mere fact that you can sit on it came in really useful when we were waiting for a (rather predictably) delayed train at a station with far too few seats. The only thing I would say is that although the Towgo is easy to carry when you attach the strap, if you are struggling with loads of luggage yourself, a rucksack may be easier (although not nearly as entertaining).
From a practical perspective, taking the Towgo with us meant that we had on-the-move entertainment for the whole journey which made the train ride a lot easier to bear for all, plus its still proving to be really popular now we're back home. Quick tip though, make sure that you lock the catches when you are moving around as there is a risk that your child could open their Towgo and unload its contents at an inopportune time (yes, I am talking from experience).

My only 'could do betters' would be that it would be nice if the Towgo's 'ears' were slightly bigger to allow for a better grip and if the wheels weren't fixed so that the Towgo could turn without the child riding it steering (could potentially pose a 'bashing into things' issue for younger or less coordinated children).

But all in all, I think the Towgo ride on suitcase is a fantastically entertaining piece of holiday equipment - just make sure you get your children one each if you decide to invest!!!

For more information on the Towgo (RRP: £29.99) , visit

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