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The full toy story

Join David Hawtin, British Toy & Hobby Association, as he answers your questions and dispels fears over the safety of UK toys.
Chat Date: Thursday 27th September 2007

Chat Time: 15.30pm

Following the recall of millions of toys worldwide, there have been understandable concerns about the safety of our children's playthings, particularly those that come from China. On Wednesday 26th September the British Toy & Hobby Association will allay the fears of parents and highlight the stringent safety procedures that surround the manufacture and sale of toys in the UK.

But what measures can parents take to make sure their children's toys are safe? By simply ensuring that the age warnings and guidelines on the packaging are followed and by looking out for the Lion and CE marks, parents can protect their young ones from untested and potentially unsafe toys.

Old toys should also be checked. Any broken or damaged toys should be thrown away rather than given away, which may pass the potential accident on. Parents are being urged to check for loose fur, ripped seams, sharp or rough edges, loose eyes and noses or any broken parts that could cause choking or other accidents.

Join David Hawtin, from the British Toy and Hobby Association, live on Wednesday 27th September as he offers advice on toy safety and discusses the outcome of Wednesday's toy summit of leading experts from the UK toy industry.

David Hawtin, BTHA, joining us live online at on Wednesday 27th September 2007 at 15:30 to discuss the current situation regarding toys

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Is David Hawtin, British Toy & Hobby Association, the same David Hawtin who heads the Toy Industry Association, Inc., sponsored by the Chinese?
by baybubba 15th Jan 2008, 2:40pm