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Top 10 old wives tales about pregnancy

We've rounded up the top 10 old wives tales about pregnancy for you to take with a large measure of salt!
If you've ever dodged walking under a ladder, kept your house a peacock-feathers-free-zone or avoided stepping on cracks in the pavement - then it's probably best you don't read this. We've rounded up the ten best old wives tales about pregnancy to hopefully put a smile on your face. Who knows? It may even be worth giving one of them a try!

1. Heartburn

If you experience heartburn throughout the term of your pregnancy then it is believed to signify the birth of a boy with a full head of luxurious hair.

2. Cravings

If your partner requests a 3.00 am visit to Sainsburys for a jar of Picalilli and a packet of Chocolate Hob-Nobs, then you would do very well to comply. Deny your pregnant partner her wildest cravings and you could be on the receiving end of a sty in your eye.

3. One ring

Before the modern miracle of scans, mothers to be had to rely on tying a piece of string to their wedding ring and hanging it over their pregnant belly. If the ring swung back and forth then it meant you would be having a girl. If it was a boy then the ring would have swung in a circle.

4. Sweets or savoury

If you crave meats or cheese during your pregnancy then it's believed to signify a boy and if you crave sweet treats then it could mark the arrival of a girl.

5. Bedroom habits

It was believed that putting a wooden spoon under your bed and a pink bow under your pillow would help you give birth to a baby girl. Whereas, sleeping in a bed with the pillow pointing north would help you give birth a boy.

6. Losing your looks

If you have been avoiding looking in the mirror during your pregnancy then don't worry: it is said that a girl will 'steal' her mother's beauty. However, if your mirror on the wall reveals 'the fairest of them all' then it could mean that you are having a boy.

7. Hairy legs & crusts of bread

If the hair on your legs grew faster during pregnancy then people used to believe that you will give birth to a boy. While failing to eat the end piece of a loaf of bread meant you were having a girl.

8. Feet

Have you found yourself wearing extra socks during pregnancy? If your feet felt colder than before you were pregnant then it meant that you were expecting a boy. If your feet have stayed the same temperature then it was a girl.

9. Sympathy snacking

If your birth partner has been helping himself to your snacks and is piling on the pounds then you could be having a girl. If you really want a boy, then keep your snacks to yourself and encourage your birth partner to shed a few pounds.

10. What's in a name?

Are you finding it easier to come up with boy's names rather than girl's names or vice-versa? How easy you find it to choose a name for your bundle of joy is believed by some to be an indicator of its sex.

Remember that even if you're not superstitious, all of the following should be taken with a rather hefty pinch of salt - which, incidentally, originates from the idea that food is more palatable if eaten with a small amount of salt!

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Im 15 weeks and 1 day today i seem to be getting alot of heartburn, when i first found out i was pregnant it was really bad but it seems to go and come back mostly at night time x
by katie12 11th Mar 2011, 5:15pm
The name thing came true for me, let's see if the same is true this time around...
by Miriam84 17th Feb 2011, 9:00am
I had heartburn with both of my boys, neither had much hair!
by hough2 5th Jan 2011, 4:51pm
I had terrible heartburn and my daughter was born with so much hair!
by lisamash 8th Nov 2010, 11:24am
last time that I was pregnant I followed all of these wives tales and they told me i would have a girl, and we did a beautiful bundle of joy called ella-rose!!!!!
This time I think its a boy we shall have to wait and see good luck everybody and enjoy guessing xxxx
by xxxkellyxxx 11th Oct 2010, 9:04am
I'm 25 weeks pregnant and having a girl, about 50% of these wives tales are true ... i never heard of half of these ... good for a laugh
by RachelK 1st Oct 2010, 9:06am
Theres definitely truth it the hair thing. When I was pregnant first time I was like a hairy mammoth, thought I would take advantage of it second time and grow my hair, it didn't really grow. Not sure about this one yet, most of it seems to be in the plug hole! I was also told that if the linea nigra was straight it was a boy and if i had a bump in it it would be a girl. That turned out to be true too.
by ggmarch 7th Sep 2010, 8:55am
Am pregnant at the moment, i've no idea what i'm having, ppl say they can see me with a girl. All of these old wives tales points to a boy! What fun not knowing! x
by habnana 3rd Sep 2010, 9:32am
well i have a boy n girl n we did the ring on both n it swung left to right wen i had my daughter n swung round in a circle wen i had my son so i do believe in that one and the cravin sweets for a girl n meat n cheese for a boy i believe in that too and as for the heartburn one i sufferd really bad wiv heartburn wiv both mine n both came out bald haha.
by 3rdmummytobe 12th Aug 2010, 10:30am
oh dis is really nice .............. dat i nvr thot off!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
by sabia 11th Jun 2010, 5:19pm