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Top and tail bowls

Advice on using a top and tail bowl to wash your baby.
Top n Tail bowls provide a fantastic alternative to bathing your young baby - they are especially good for newborns and those nervous about submerging their baby in a bath of water. They are incredibly portable so you can place them on your baby's changing unit or move them to the warmest room in your home.

Top n Tail bowls are essentially a medium sized bowl split into three compartments - 2 larger and 1 smaller. The larger compartments can be filled with warm water to wash your baby's top and tail halves respectively and the smaller of the compartments can be used as a makeshift handle or to store soap or a cloth.

When cleaning your baby using a top to tail bowl it is best to work top down, this way you can leave the nappy on until the last minute helping to keep your baby warm and avoiding any accidents! Firstly submerge a cloth or a piece of cotton wool into the 'top' side of the bowl and gently wash your baby's face, arms and upper torso, rinsing the cloth as necessary in the same side of the bowl. You should then ensure that you dry your baby's top half thoroughly. You can then remove your baby's nappy and clean your baby's legs and bottom using the clean water in the otherside of the Top n Tail bowl. Then simply dry your baby and put on a new nappy.

A Top n Tail bowl provides you with an inexpensive, simple, safe and hygenic way of cleaning your baby. They are available in a huge range of colours so can be chosen to match the rest of your nursery colour scheme if you wish.

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I used a top and tail bowlI had two flasks of water in the becroom,one for cold one for hot,as my baby got older i switched to wipes and the extra sensitive work fine for him.
by suzi2 12th Aug 2010, 10:19am