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The Graco Playtime Swing

Find out how this feature-packed fun swing will keep baby entertained for hours.
  • Hanging mobile with 3 soft toys

  • 6 different rocking speeds

  • 15 different music options

  • 3 lie-back seat positions

  • Machine washable seat

The fun-packed Graco Playtime Swing is the perfect way to let your baby rock in style.

Newborns and toddlers alike will get hours of enjoyment out of the dotty-patterned swing, which also features a built-in toy bar and play tray. Your little one will happily while away an afternoon rocking away in his favourite seat.

For busy mums this will be a life-saver when your baby simply won't stop crying or is having difficulty getting to sleep. All the different music options and rocking speeds available mean your baby is bound to respond to at least one of these settings.

Sitting your baby in the comfy seat frees your hands for doing other things - meanwhile your baby will love looking all around, playing with the toy bar, or just lying back and settling.

What we love about this Playtime Swing is its mixture of comfort, fun, and versatility. There are lots of different ways you can use the swing to either soothe or stimulate your baby, giving you space to get on with other things while keeping baby nearby.

We think the Graco Playtime Swing is just what your baby needs both for stimulating fun and soothing rest-time.

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Retailer Price £64.99

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