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10 steps to help baby sleep through the night

We show you in ten steps how you can help your baby to sleep through the night so that you can get some well needed rest!
When trying to teach your baby to sleep through the night you shouldn't expect miracles right away, every baby is different and some will get the hang of sleeping through very quickly while others may need a little more perseverance. However, by being consistent with whatever routine you and your partner choose, your baby will eventually master the art of settling him or herself to sleep and you'll be able to enjoy nights of uninterrupted rest - good luck!

1. Teach your baby the difference between night and day

Babies are born with no concept of circadian rhythm and so have little understanding of the difference between night and day. The only way they will learn that day is for being awake and active and night is for being asleep is if you teach them. The easiest way to do this is by giving your baby lots of attention and activity in the day and as little stimulation as possible during the night hours.

When you're feeding your baby in the day make sure that it's a bright environment with lots of noise and stimulation - try talking or singing to your baby as they feed. On the other hand, keep light and noise to a minimum during nighttime feeds so that your baby stays relaxed and doesn't become fully alert. Along the same lines try not to make daytime naps too dark or too quiet so that your baby learns to differentiate them from nighttime sleep.

2. Establish a bedtime routine

Getting your baby used to a bedtime routine featuring a relaxing bath, a story and a cuddle (or whatever works for you) will help them to understand that it's time to settle down for the evening and will give them cues about what they're expected to do next . Try to make the bedtime routine as relaxing as possible so that it's easier for them to become drowsy and learn the cues for sleep.

3. Teach your baby that cot equals sleep

When your baby starts to look tired and get fussy , be it day or night, make sure that you lay them down in their cot or moses basket before they fall asleep. This will help your baby to learn that being in their cot means that it's time to nap. By the same thread, try not to leave your baby in their cot for too long after they've woken up (providing it's not the middle of the night) as this will help reinforce the idea that cot equals sleep.

4. Teach your baby to settle themselves

Although it can be difficult, you should try to avoid rocking or feeding your baby to sleep as this often leads to an inevitable howling session when they wake and aren't in your arms. If you get your baby completely ready for bed, place them in their cot while they're very drowsy but not actually asleep and then stay with them until they dose off, over time they'll begin to settle themselves so that eventually you'll be able to leave the room when they're still awake.

5. Use a comforter

Babies often startle awake in the night and then start to cry because they feel alone. To overcome this problem you could try putting their favourite blanket or toy in their cot with them (or at least in eye sight) as often simply seeing their comforter can give your baby the feeling of security they need to fall back to sleep. It can help if you cuddle their soother for a little while before placing it in the cot so that it becomes 'mummy scented' as this can reassure baby that you're close to hand during the night.

6. Make sure the temperature is right

It's a good idea to keep an eye on the temperature of your baby's nursery, as not only will your baby be uncomfortable and more likely to wake up distressed if she is too hot or too cold, but also maintaining a regular temperature will help to reduce the risk of SIDS. Your baby's hands and feet can often feel colder than the rest of their body so try using the temperature of their tummy as a gauge.

7. Leave your baby to chat

Often your baby will wake in the night and then settle him or herself back to sleep soon after without your help. For this reason when you hear your baby wake, unless they are crying, try to avoid getting up just to check on them as there is a good chance that they may go back to sleep on their own accord.

8. Don't pick your baby up

If your baby is distressed you should go to her straight away but unless they're ill or you are away from home in a 'strange' place don't take them out of their cot. Instead, stand by the side of the cot, holding their hands, rubbing their tummy and talking or singing to them until they relax back to sleep. After a couple of nights doing this you should try to leave it a couple of minutes before you go to the cot side, gradually extending the time you take night by night.

9. Gradually retreat

After a few days of soothing your baby back to sleep you can start retreating towards the door after a few minutes of comforting. How you do this is entirely up to you, you can immediately leave the room for a few minutes before going back to comfort your baby or, alternatively, you can stay in the room with your baby soothing them from a distance. Gradually start to increase the length of time you're away from your baby until they starts to settle without your help.

10. Persevere

It may take well over a week for your baby to learn to sleep through the night (this equates to roughly 6 hours for a newborn and 10-12 hours for a one year old) and you may have to endure hours of torturous crying in the process. However, if you and your partner persevere together, providing support for each other during the sleepless nights and taking it in turn to reassure your baby, gradually you'll notice that they wake less, with each each crying episode getting shorter and each successive night getting better.

Does your baby struggle to stay asleep through the night? Whether you have advice to share or are looking for support or guidance, why not visit the AskBaby forums where other parents will be able to share their advice and experience with you.

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We tried using a scented water spray called Mon Bebe that contains natural product scents and vanilla which is associated with breast milk and it did the trick. William is much calmer generally and started sleeping through the night
by James1 30th Dec 2010, 8:43am
My daughter has just turned one she has a routine which is the same every night i put her down to sleep at half eight every night and she gets herself off to sleep every time. during the night ella may wake from once to ten times. I go into her room do not speak to her i just settle her back down put blankets over her and leave. hour later this happens again. have spoken to health visitor who is to busy to help as only one in my area help please.
by ellatyler 18th Nov 2010, 3:04pm
I am having trouble with my boy sleeping he's 14mnths now but I really do need him in a routine but reading this I am gonna try and see how it goes. x
by passport 1st Nov 2010, 9:04am
how long should a 8 month old be sleeping in a night?
by nita212003 20th Oct 2010, 10:14am
Help! had enough now. My 41/2 month old baby boy wont sleep through the night. He has a good bedtime routine, bath, massage, bottle in quiet dark room, goes down in cot about 7pm & most nights goes to sleep ok with a dummy. He then wakes anytime between 12 & 2am crying. He has a bottle & doesnt always go back to sleep or he may do later about an hour of settling him but then is awake on & off the rest of the night. he is waking up my 2 yr old who has always been a great sleeper. He slept through the night after 10 wks of age so been spoilt. not coping well with 2nd baby & both me & my husband are exhausted. Baby ends up in our bed which i know is wrong but is the only way he'll settle back to sleep for abit so all of us can get abit of sleep. Have tried a few things but nothing seems to work & he just cries the place down. have started weaning also. Controlled crying worked for my other boy but dont think it will for this baby. He's very clingy & loves to be cuddled which is making it much harder. I just want to stop the night feeds & get him sleeping through til even 6am!! Any ideas greatly appreciated. Oh teething is bothering him which i apprevciate will cause some disruptive nights but this is a joke now xxx

by winnie123 4th Oct 2010, 11:16am
pls anyone know why babies struggle to stay asleep through d nite
by Msendoo 24th Aug 2010, 9:30am
im a new parent to my 6 month old son. and i was wondering should my son be sleeping a full night? i no all babys are different and its a bit selfish but i would like some opions??
by shaunaalfie 12th Aug 2010, 11:01am
i love my little monkey, but he still crys at night for food, he isn't actually awake, he just roles around crying, groping for food, he is now 7 months old and on the advice of the health visitor i have cut down the length of time i feed him for. he now sleeps for shorter periods and wakes more, he used to sleep for longest when he first went down, after falling asleep on me, then wake a couple of times, he now wakes every 2 hours from the moment he touches his cot, really thinking about controlled crynig, but worried i'm being mean?????
by H2mum 12th Aug 2010, 10:40am
i'm a new mum to be and i'm dreading the sleeping but when their very first born in the first few weeks whats it like trying to get them to sleep?
by ali953 18th May 2010, 5:21pm
Darling Daughter is just over 4 months and currently waking only twice a night to feed. She goes down anytime between 730 and 9pm and will sleep till roughly 2am when she wakes for first feed. After that it can be anytime between 3 and 5am for the next one. Tonight she has gone to bed at 6pm and so far is still asleep, we are wait to see how long she will go down for before waking to feed tonight
by liljenniwren 14th May 2010, 4:56pm
hi my little one is 8 months now and has always had problems sleeping has never slpet through the night his bed time routine works great and he goes straight off to sleep. i just put him down and walk out not a problem but he will not give up his night time waking its 4-5 times a night and at various times i have tried everything and its so hard i am at the end of my teather as i am getting next to no sleep someone please help!
by jensonsmummy 14th May 2010, 4:32pm
i have a 5 mnth old lil girl and she did start to sleep virtually all night but then about a month or so ago she started to wake up agen at 2-3 times a night and no matter wot i do i cant get er back to sleeping through the night she wont go unless i give her part of her botle she doesnt wan t alot about an oz or 2 but i wana try and cut out the night bottle and get her back to sleeping thru anyone got any ideas that might help as iv tried most thngs and it doesnt work help what can i do
by hyl89 11th Jan 2010, 3:09pm
My husband and I have been training our 8 week old daughter to fall asleep in her cot withot being rocked in our arms first but also without having to let her cry herself to sleep which would be heartbreaking! We found some tips from a lady called 'The baby whisperer'. Basically, wait for your baby to be dopey with sleep, not actually asleep but calm and quiet and eyes half closed, then lay them in the cot and let them wiggle for a few minutes before swaddling (or however you settle your baby), then swaddle them and put your hand over their eyes. Only shield them- don't actually touch the baby's face! This stops them being interested in looking around the room! Keep your hand there and shhh your baby to sleep. Stop ssshhhing when she has actually fallen asleep but stay by the cot for at least 30 mins in case she snuffles and stirs and when she does then get ur hand ready to shield her eyes again if her eyes open and shh her if she has a little whinge but stop when she does. This whole process takes us about an hour every night and its pretty uncomfortable keeping ur hand hovering over her eyes, especially if she cries and we have to pick her up and soothe her until she gets sleepy again and repeat the process all over again but it really does seem to work!!! Once we get into bed she's then usually settled for about 5/6 hours of unbroken sleep: its really worth persevering with! We have found feeding her and changing her as late as possible so we know nothing can annoy her or distract her from being dopey with sleep really helps too, as well as a very dark room because she's very nosey!! Hope this helps xxx
by Rachel100 9th Dec 2009, 11:13am
my baby is 4 and 1/2 months old I have been trying to sleep training it has only been 2 nights, but they have been so discouraging. I am wondering how long did your babies cry for when they woke up in the middle of the night, before soothing them selves back to sleep. My baby cried last night for 4 1/2 hours, until it was actually time to wake up and I ended up feeding him his AM bottle, then he was very sleepy, don't know what to do, he does not seem to be soothing himself, just crying.!!
by momofbabyboy 7th Dec 2009, 4:13pm
Hi willsmom. I think it is normal for young babies to have this problem (that is what I was told by my HV in new zealand!!!). Ours began to settle better at about 6 or 7 weeks, with afew little helping hands from us. We didn't use the bassinet during the day at first-only at night, daytime sleeps were in a sling, pushchair, carrycot, bouncer, etc with transfer to carrycot if necessary. I wore a gauze on my pack tied around the front of my neck like a bac-to-front loose neckerchief and then put it in the bassinet at night to smell of me but not of my milk, and we used a hot water bottle to warm the mattress and the blanket before putting him down. Those first few weeks we did not put him down until about ten or eleven at night because he did not seem to want to sleep. Then we had a routine of soft instrumental music playing a while before bedtime, lots of low chitchat and cuddle time and lullabies, and then put him in the bassinet in our room and went to bed ourselves-with a gentle controlled crying technique, we would reassure, stroke his head, etc, every minute, then two minutes, then five minutes, and the rest of the time genty read a story out loud or read a book (with the lights off). After a few days he started to settle within half an hour or so, and gradually it became less and less. After about 4 weeks or so, I would just sit and read a book or potter about the bedroom tidying up and he would fall asleep within 10-15 minutes without any crying. Try it! and good luck - I promise you it will get better one way or another. -- don't let yourself fall into bad habits later though -- like we did; you have to teach them all over again! - I think good swaddling helps some babies too . . .
by appleshake 12th Nov 2009, 9:36am
My son is 1Month and i can not get him to sleep in his bassinet.He will be in a deep sleep and as soon as i put him down he crys.So many people have told me different things to try and nothing has worked.All i can do to get him to stop is feed him. After i feed him i put him in the bed with me and he's fine...Does anyone out there have any advice for me?
by willsmom 29th Oct 2009, 9:16am
My son is 3months now and i have been trying to get him to fall asleep alone. Hes so used to fallin asleep with me feeding him or rocking him its hard to get him to sleep without either now. Tonight im goin to try to get him to sleep on his own. Wish me luck and i'll let you know how it goes. X
by KCMJ 22nd Oct 2009, 9:21am
hey brooklynnsmama, i had the same problem with my son, who would go to sleep next to me or in my bed with me, but as soon as i put him in his bassinet he would wake up and start screaming till i gave in and picked him back up. i tried for weeks, many different things (music, mobiles etc) and then the solution came to me one day when i was making my bed, he didnt like his matteress. he was so used to my firm one, and the one in his bassinet was a soft teatree one, so i moved his crib into my room, and now he sleeps a good 8/9 hours at night.
by tylorsmumma09 19th Oct 2009, 10:41am
just putting it out there for anyone ! its helped me !

but my little boy noah was having trouble sleeping, and I was only having 4 hrs sleep per night.i was struglling with having so little sleep. he just wouldnt settle and sleep, and trying to get him into a sleeping pattern was near impossible!
then my sister gave me an instrumental piano CD.
she said that it worked for her so I gave it a try.. and its worked a treat ! for the last 3 weeks, noah has been settling down and sleeping better than ever. i play it 30mins before bed time and continue playing it for maybe another hr or so afterwards?
also besides my sister I dont know anyone that uses music to help their newborn sleep? does anyone reading this use music? good results bad results?

I know in my case for the moment this music regardless to say has been my savior.
so I tried to find the website but I couldnt, so after a while of goolgeing I found it.
its justinhunterbaby and on there you can listen to the music and read other parents posts.
let me know what you think ! im alot happier for it !
by julierowray 18th Sep 2009, 11:08am
My daughter is almost 2 months old and I have been trying to get her on a nighttime routine for the past 2 weeks. The first couple days she did really good. Sleeping about 5 hours the first night and 6 the second but since then she hasnt slept more then 4 hours. She will be dead asleep for about 10 mintues so ill put her in her bassinet and immediatly she will wake up. The only way to get her to sleep through the night is if she sleeps next to me. I havent had a good night sleep in almost a month and I dont know what to do know?
by BrooklynnsMama 17th Sep 2009, 9:17am
Sorry to disapoint you Duffinannie, but my daughter is 5 1/2 months and still wakes between 1 and 2 times a night. I've just come on here to look for some advice too so let me know if you find anything that works. My little one was breast fed until 2 weeks ago and we'd put it down to my milk not being so satisfying, but we're back to square one again. I'll keep soldiering on though, lol. I know it can't last forever. I've 2 elder daughters and don't remember having this much trouble with night feeding. But she is a bigger and much more greedy girl.
by Grayosgirl 4th Sep 2009, 10:51am
My baby is 6 weeks old, she has not much of a routine during the day just naps when she is tired. At night we have her in a routine where she goes down between 8.30-9.00 after a warm bottle and a little dreamshow toy which she loves. However she still wakes twice during the night for feeds which is exhausting. She is already on 6 oz and weighs 11 pounds! Wondering if you guys have any advice on feeding through the night as she will not miss her feeds and the longest she has over slept is 5 hours, but during the night she wakes up usually after 4 hours and then the second feed is about 3 1/2 hours.
by Duffinannie 22nd Jul 2009, 9:47am
My baby is 15weeks old, and has compleltly changed his sleeping routine. He used to sleep very well in the day and he was also establishing a decent bedtime rountine he was starting to sleep through the night or at least untill 5 or six in the morning. But now he wakes up between 3 too 5 and sometimes sleeps at 6.30 to 7.30 pm at night and on other days stays awake to till 11! I am very confused, should i let him get in to his own routine or should i establish a routine! If anyone has any ideas please feel free to offer your advice!
by lellly 30th Jun 2009, 12:04pm
The best thing for us has been the baby comforter. We got one from and it's been brilliant. You can attach it to the cot when your baby is really small and then give it to him to cuddle later. We have dummies on ours too. It made such a big difference to our sleep because it seems to really reassure my ds and also helps him find his dummy. Best thing we bought.

helsbels, if your 8.5 week old is going down at 6:45 she's probably waking at 5:45 because she's had enough sleep. Could you treat the 6:45 bedtime as a nap instead. And then get her up at about 8:15 for a feed, cuddle and little play. If you were to put her to bed for the night at 9:15 she may wake later in the morning and then you could gradually bring bedtime forward. 12 hours is a lot to hope for at 8/9 weeks. In fact, 11 hours is brilliant!
by RobRose 29th Jun 2009, 10:11am
My LO is 81/2 wks old and a very contented baby, however for the last week she has been waking between 5:30 & 5:45 every morning, she is not hungry ( as have tried to feed her), she has a great daytime & bedtime routine inc going down at 6:45, (she can't cope any longer), feeds between 10 & 11pm, then 2 & 3am (bottles of 5 0z)...does anyone else find their baby has started this early waking habit? what did you do? Also I have found after the 2 & 3am feed she is very noisy in her sleep... again does anyone else have this experience? Our routine is as follows the baby expert, apart from we feed later than 5pm at 6:15, I have tried the CLB routines which are very similar by Gina Ford. and can highly recommend when unsure what to do. Pls can anyone offer any support as 5:30 is still the middle of the night!!! it's very tiring with the noises and then early waking
. thanks H x
by 13helsbels 1st Jun 2009, 9:10am
My son is 1 and sleep is a problem. I have tried the controlled crying technique, but he was being physically sick from working himself up so much, I tried sitting in the room with him, but he would be physically sick! It has now got to the point where I will pick him up because im scared he will be sick. I have a bed time routine which we try to follow religiously. He still wakes up once during the night for a bottle, but that i can deal with once we figure out the going to sleep part. Im stuck as to what to try next...
by alipscott75 30th Apr 2009, 9:19am
my son is nealry 8 months and he was sleepin through some nights but out of the blue he started waking 2-4 times a night i have tried alsorts 2 stop this but he is not having none off, what should i do now.
by peaches20 27th Apr 2009, 9:38am
my babay is 28 months and he doesn't want to sleep at night and when he sleeps it is not more than 3 hours
by devy 3rd Apr 2009, 9:10am
my daughter is going to be 2 february 18th 2009 and i still can not get her to sleep through the night she wakes up every night about 3 times and the one time is exactly 2am every day
by tammy73086 26th Jan 2009, 9:42am
Hi Nutty Nat
Have you tried the controlled crying technique as used by 'supernanny'? It is extremely effective. I was having trouble getting my seven month old son to go to sleep and I used controlled crying. Now he goes down like a dream. Put your daughter in her cot say goodnight and leave. Let her cry/scream for five minutes exactly. Then go in, put your hand on her chest and say shhhh shhh for two minutes. Do NOT make eye contact or pick her up. Then leave. If she is still crying wait ten minutes and repeat. Then the next time wait twenty minutes. This reassures her that you are still around but it teaches her that bedtime is bedtime and she's not getting up. It is very hard at first to listen to your baby crying and you need to be resolved but it won't hurt her if she is getting lots of love and attention during the day. By night three you will be in for an amazing surprise! Sometimes it may take longer. But perserve! Its worth having your evenings and your bed back! Good luck. Denise
by Blakesmummy 15th Jan 2009, 5:34pm
my baby is 9 months and i have terrible trouble tryind to settle her to sleep.when i take her up to bed all she does is screa,ive tried different kinds of routines but nothing seems to be working. she hates her cot and now shes getting used to sleeping in with me and my partner,this is the only way we can get some sleep. does anyone have any sugestions?
by nuttynat 9th Jan 2009, 9:22am
My baby is 3 months old and she start sleeping trough the night, i follow the routine of Gina Ford book that advice that the naps should be only 3 to 4 hours per day between 7am and 7pm and the room where baby sleeps has to be dark as posible as the brain produce melatonin(hormone that help sleep) better at dark, and then i do the last feeding at 10:30pm, it give you good tips, you should try it!!!
by lesbta 10th Dec 2008, 8:45am
i have some advice for 86ftj it sounds to me like your baby has colic as my son used to scream constantly around those times have you tried using colic drops or gripe water givien just before each bottle and whenever the cring bouts start i no it can be difficult but things will get better in time
by xxb3ckiboo 8th Dec 2008, 8:35am
i have the same problem from the person who wrote this.... help me please "What can i do? This info won't help me at all. my baby is almost 9months old,and to tell you the truth,she doesn't want to be left alone. She cries all the time,the only way to let her stop crying is to pic her up and play with her. she never goes to sleep without me rocking her to sleep. she fights back just to not sleep. please help,because im suffering with her,i can't even clean my house properly. she just don't give me time for stuff like that.Can i just leave her in her cot,screaming my head of? I don't think so...
by syd 24th Nov 2008, 9:39am
When our 2nd son, Billy, was born he was sleeping through the night from 7:30 until about 5:50 or 6:00 after just a few days, which was great. But it seems as though we are paying for it now. Since we started feeding him solids from about 6.5 months, he seems to be waking up regularly, in fact you could set your clock to him. He wakes at11:30pm, 1:30am and 5:30am every night and the only thing that gets him to sleep is another bottle of Formula, he is now almost 10 months old and nothing I tried on my eldest (who is 2 now) seems to work with Billy, any suggestions? I should point out that once he has the bottle he will lie down and go to sleep by himself, as since birth he has never fallen asleep in our arms.
by Whattodonow 14th Nov 2008, 9:22am
My son is now 17wks old. He will go down to sleep in his cot at around 10pm after a 6oz bottle providing that you hold his hand until he drifts off. By midnight he wakes again wanting another 6oz bottle and takes another 25-30 mins to get back to sleep. this process continues through the night every 30 mins after 2am, if he isnt wanting feeding he wants his dummy, which the majority of the time is lodged underneath his neck. I have tried the bath time routine and the baby massage. He fights sleep day and night which results in me on a good night acheiving 1 hours sleep if that. He is taking gavison powder in his milk for acid so that does thicken his food. Any tips ?
by chatterbox08 5th Nov 2008, 9:10am
My son is 3 months old. I'm trying to get him to nap in his cot during the day, and sleep longer at night. he is breast fed with a formula bottle given before he goes to bed in the evening. i have been doing the pick up put down method but from 8am to 3pm he has only been sleeping 1 hour 40 minutes. in my arms he will sleep for hours. how long will it take for him to do it? i've been trying for 3 days so far. each day the same. can i try something else? any tips welcomed. jo
by horseybob 4th Nov 2008, 9:07am
i found that the gradual retreat worked really well with my son. he did not go to sleep unless you were holding so i started putting him in his cot and holding his hand until he went to sleep then after a few nights i just sat beside the cot so he could see me. i done that for a few nights then i started to stand outside his room. until finaly i was sitting down stairs with a cup of tea!! it does take time but it is well worth it. now he goes to bed no problems. he's happy and i'm happy!!
by jojoc 21st Oct 2008, 8:59am
I have a 3 month old daughter and in the first two months she would NOT sleep more than 4 hours at a time because of her feeding schedule i'm assuming, but then one day- Poof! she slept from 10:30pm until was amazing!! i didn't do anything differently so sometimes you do all you can to make them sleep through the night but if she's going to do it, she might just have to do it on her own. don't give up and don't get frustated, crying won't hurt your baby...
by tng88 6th Oct 2008, 9:51am
Our baby is a month old - for the last week we've tried the above methods (leaving her to 'chat', not picking her up etc.) but she doesn't settle herself. She works herself into a complete crescendo of distress! Is she too young to be trying this? Or is a week too short?
by ClaireE 21st Jul 2008, 8:55am
My daughter is nearly 7wks and she is a nightmare to get to sleep.
Ive tried leaving her to cry and she does this till she loses her breath, ive tried putting her in her cot when she is drowsy and that didnt work either. She constantly screams from around 7pm to 11pm nearly every night and then sleps till bround 3am when she wales up and point blank refuses to go back to sleep for normally 2hours. How can u teach a baby to settle themselves when they scream during the night?? Im constantly exhausted and havent got time or anyone not even myself
by 86ftj 24th Apr 2008, 8:52am
kate4885 how old is ur daughter???
my baby is giving me such a hard time she is nearly 8 weeks and still waking every 1-2 hours i am feeding her myself but we give her 1 bottle at night at around 10 and even then she wont sleep 4 over3 hours!! she wakes 4-5 times a night wanting only a 5-10 minute feedin then falls asleep on the breast and take another half hour to go back in her moses basket. can any one help??
by reenmutt 31st Mar 2008, 8:21am
What can i do? This info won't help me at all. my baby is almost 5months old,and to tell you the truth,she doesn't want to be left alone. She cries all the time,the only way to let her stop crying is to pic her up and play with her. she never goes to sleep without me rocking her to sleep. she fights back just to not sleep. please help,because im suffering with her,i can't even clean my house properly. she just don't give me time for stuff like that.Can i just leave her in her cot,screaming my head of? I don't think so...
by AMANDZ 26th Mar 2008, 1:17pm
I agree with the above BUT my big tip for getting a baby to sleep and to stay asleep is - after establishing a routine ie bath time at a set time etc just before you put your baby down give him or her a quite warm bottle of milk ( obviously not hot - but quite warm ) - this gets them to sleep. But to stay asleep - i crush up half a rusk into a fine powder ( with a pestal and mortar ) and then add it to 4 floz of milk - this seems to satify any night time hunger. So that my daughter can drink it from a bottle i use a number 2 teat but i have made the hole slightly bigger so she can suck the rusk out. Not only does she drink all of her milk ( because she loves rusky milk ) but as i say it seems to keep her going through the night. my daughter sleeps 7 pm till 7 am !
by kate4885 25th Mar 2008, 9:08am