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Take vitamin D to avoid rickets, say doctors

Research shows the bone-weakening disease is resurfacing
Infants and toddlers should take vitamin D supplements in order to prevent rickets, doctors have advised.

Latest research shows that four in ten infants have low levels
of vitamin D, while 12 per cent have a deficiency which could result in the bone-weakening disease.

A third of the infants who had the deficiency showed evidence of bone mineral loss.

Breastfed babies who did not take vitamin D and toddlers who drank less milk were at a higher risk of developing the deficiency.

The study, conducted by Children's Hospital Boston, was carried out on nearly 400 healthy children who visited a primary care centre for a physical examination between 2005 and 2007. Parents filled out a questionnaire regarding their nutritional intake and that of their children, and also reported on the use of vitamin D and other supplements, time spent outdoors, socioeconomic status and education level.

Dr Catherine Gordon, one of the authors of the study, said: "Given the potential benefits of vitamin D on bone and other tissues…the current findings support recommendations advocating for vitamin D supplementation for all young children."

Recently, there have been several reports of vitamin D deficiency and rickets across the US. Vitamin D deficiency also appears to be high in other countries, including Greece, China, Canada and England.

Full-blown rickets leads to stunted growth, physical deformities, poor teeth, and general ill-health.

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I always give my child vitamin D drops since she was born!!! I breast feed her and heard that a human body doesnt have much vitaminD that our children can get.
by Laurie6 27th Jan 2010, 9:37am