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Swimlite Aqua Mum

From miracle birth to innovative idea - the new swimming support for mums-to-be
Swimming in the pool on holiday with her husband Mark and their daughter, Sandra from Market Rasen a rural town in Lincolnshire, was 6 months pregnant with their son Oliver. Her lower back ached and her shoulders were sore, She spotted her daughter's semi-inflated beach ball on the side of the pool. She wondered if she put it on her ever-increasing 'bump' whether it would ease the strain. "Eureka, it did!" With fantastic results. Her daughter never got to play with her beach ball for the rest of the holiday as it was firmly placed under Sandra's swimming costume. This gave her the idea for the Swimlite® Aqua Mum®.

The idea was quite sensational as there was nothing on the market like it. Sandra explained, "There has been increasing reports in the media about women becoming overweight in pregnancy, which in certain cases may result in worrying complications therefore trying to keep fit is so important. Swimming is highly recommended by most midwives and health professionals, as it is one of the best forms of exercise a woman can do during pregnancy. It is low impact and non-weight bearing."

She added, "Water does provide a certain amount of buoyancy, however there is a problem. Carrying the extra weight of the pregnancy can shift your centre of gravity causing you to be buoyant below the waterline. In your efforts to correct this imbalance, extra strain is placed on the body, which results in an unnatural posture and may cause discomfort in the lower back and neck regions."

The patented design of the Swimlite® Aqua Mum® is intended to solve this problem. Once inflated and placed inside a standard one-piece swimming costume, it provides extra buoyancy to the lower abdomen, which adjust the centre of gravity placing you back into a more natural position in the water. The product is designed to encourage pregnant women to swim more often and for longer periods without having to suffer lower back pain and neck ache.

Its unique selling point is that it is very discreet, almost invisible. The product is made of soft pliable non-phthalate PVC, which moulds to the body and creates support for the lower abdomen. It is immediately effective, comfortable, lightweight, simple to use and very affordable.

The product has gained widespread recognition as being a revolutionary, innovative product, and has benefited from excellent reviews from Babyworld and Baby Talk and has been featured in Practical Parenting and The Swimming Times magazines Feb 07. The product is being sold via online retailers such as Blooming Marvellous, The National Childbirth Trust and Ichild.

Sandra has just appeared in an article in The Sun, commissioned by Barclays Bank on Women in Business and she has had several appearances on regional BBC TV and Radio news with her achievements can be seen on BBC2's Dragons Den attempting to get funding for the Swimlite® Aqua Mum®.

A former driver in the RAF and more recently an IT tutor, Sandra gave up work to care for her family and, following the success of the Swimlite® Aqua Mum®, is now turning her talents to designing other baby-related products. You can visit her website for more information or you can contact Sandra on 01673 843142 or 07932 066549.

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