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Mothercare 5-in-1 super fabric trekker

The rocker, walker and ride-on all in one - designed to support your child's physical development and make learning fun!
Mothercare's 5-in-1 trekker really does what it says on the tin. This one toy has five different adaptations designed to grow with your child and encourage physical development at each important stage.

  • 6 months+ - Once your child can sit up unaided the trekker can be used as a rocker. It's fitted with a soft, safe, supportive seat and a fun activity tray to keep your baby entertained.
  • 8 months+ - Once your baby becomes a bit more stable you can remove the rocking base, add the footrest and control handle and use the trekker as a stroller to push your baby around
  • 10 months+ - Take off the support seat, activity tray, footrest and handle to create a push along walker that will provide your baby with the support they need to take their first steps.
  • 12 months+ - Reattach the control handle and the trekker becomes a fun ride on for you to push your baby around on.
  • Onwards - Once your baby is completely confident with moving around by themselves you can remove the control handle and they can whizz around to their hearts content!

The trekker starts life as a rocker / activity centre entertaining your child and stimulating development as soon as they are able to comfortably sit up unaided. It then transforms through stroller, walker and ride on stages helping to build strength in your child's legs and prepare them for taking their first steps. Once your baby is older, stronger and more confident, the trekker really comes into its own as a push around car.

Initially fitted with a soft supportive seat, parental control handle and footrest, the trekker has all the fun and developmental benefits of a baby walker with few of the associated safety risks - a definite positive. Retailing at £49.99 the Mothercare 5-in-1 super fabric trekker provides real value for money and it is suitable for infants from 6 months right through to 3 years of age.

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I want to buy this one. Can anyone please let me know where i can buy this trekker in India.

by Vinodhini 5th Oct 2011, 9:27am