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Baby strollers

Advice on what to look for when choosing a lightweight stroller for your baby plus the opportunity to purchase a range of light weight single, twin and tripple strollers.
Lightweight strollers are a smaller and lighter than traditional prams and pushchairs. Key advantages of strollers are that they are light weight and fold up small and so are easy to store and transport when not in use.

Most strollers are umbrella folding, and can recline, many with a fully reclining seat suitable for a newborn. Strollers are useful as you child grows, when your baby is walking and does not need to be in the pushchair all the time, you can let your baby walk and ride. Strollers are also useful for travelling on public transport. Cheaper umbrella strollers make great second strollers for quick trips, and are small enough to fit in aeroplane aisles.

Twin and tripple strollers are also available and can be useful if you have more than one young baby.

Key things to look for when purchasing a stroller:
  • The ease of opening and closing the stroller, some have a one-hand fold mechanism
  • Whether the stroller folds up small and clips shut so you can carry it with one hand
  • Whether the stroller reclines, one two or three position, including full
  • If you are buying a stroller for a newborn baby find a model with a fully reclining seat.
  • Look out for the extras, such as reclining backs, sun protection, large canopy, basket and padded seats, they will usually cost you more, but may make the ride more comfortable.
  • You may want to look for a model with washable padding, your child is bound to get something on the stroller at some point.
  • Look for brakes that lock both rear wheels by engaging sprocket arrangements
  • Make sure the stroller doesn't tip backwards when light pressure is placed on the handlebars, and check for sturdiness and stability (i.e., a wide wheelbase with seat mounted low and deep within frame).

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