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Stretch mark treatment and prevention.

Advice on the various treatments and preventative measures that can be taken to minimise the appearence of stretch marks. during pregnancy with information on the effectiveness of removal creams.
There are many treatments that claim to help with, or prevent stretch marks and although there is no official scientific research that supports these claims, many women do find that they help.

The most widely available treatments for stretch marks are the moisturisers and creams available in high street stores and pharmacies. The majority of these moisturisers contain some form of elastin or collagen to try and help maintain the skins natural elasticity and may also contain vitamins E and A, or cocoa extracts which help keep the skin supple. The motion of massaging moisturisers into the skin daily, will not only help to relieve the dryness that often accompanies stretch marks, but will also help to encourage better circulation to the affected areas and thereby help ease the tension placed on the skin.

Within 6 months of giving birth, stretch marks will usually have faded and become much less visible. However, in severe cases, or if the stretch marks are causing particular distress, there are other options available. Creams containing Retin A, may be prescribed by a doctor. These may help the appearance of stretch marks by penetrating the outer layer of skin and helping to replenish skin cells and collagen production. These creams should not be used when pregnant or nursing, used alongside vitamin A supplements or in any other way than that recommended by a doctor as they may produce side effects.

Cosmetic treatments such as microdermabrasion are also an option for severe stretch marks that remain over time. This involves the outer most layer of skin being partially removed by light abrasion helping to tighten and smooth the overall appearance of skin in affected areas. Treatments such as these are not painful, do not require anaesthetic and are often performed by a qualified beautician. Laser treatments which stimulate collagen production can also be used to treat stretch marks; however this is an extreme, expensive and often unnecessary procedure which shouldn’t be considered without advice from a GP.

Although it is impossible to predict who will be susceptible to stretch marks there are a number of precautions that can be made to not only reduce the appearance of stretch marks but also improve the health of both mother and baby. Hydrated skin stretches more easily, so it is important to drink lots of water and try and avoid too many fizzy and caffeinated drinks. A balanced diet rich in vitamins E and C, zinc and silica will also help keep the skin healthy, as will maintaining a healthy weight throughout the pregnancy. Avoiding over exposure to sunlight and taking regular exercise will also enhance the health of the body and supplement other preventative measures taken to avoid stretch marks.

By taking these measures, stretch marks should become less of a problem and should begin to fade naturally after the birth.

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Nothing can stop stretch marks!!! Just some advice, whenever your belly is itching, DONT ITCH IT! ....When its itching you, if you itch, you will get a stretch mark there!! Good luck not itching! lol
by Georgeos 13th Oct 2010, 9:15am
I was a size 6/8 when i fell pregnant im now a size 12/14 and ive been using the palmers moisturiser since i was 8 weeks pregnant im now 38 and i dont have any strech marks i know alot of ppl are using bi oil but i dont think it works i would recommend palmers to anyone.xx
by carina87 1st Oct 2010, 9:07am
its good to be ur member
by shekhar 12th Aug 2010, 10:51am
nothing works i keep moaning i was soo smalll now om like a whale an the stretch marks are deep purplee
by luvinmarbumpp 12th Aug 2010, 10:08am
i am 37 weeks gone i used bio oil and coco butter, but i got stretch marks on my sides, my legs and my bump they havent dne a thing. Bio oil only makes me itch so hopefully wen i have had him they will fade!
by daisy1990 1st Feb 2010, 9:21am
I had been using Bio Oil on my teenage stretch marks before I fell pregnant, but had been going for months and not seen any difference. I'm still using it now (10 weeks) but to be honest, I'm not holding out much hope. I just think that I'm going to get them and there's not alot I can do about it. It's already obvious that my old marks have got a bit darker and more red again in the last few weeks.
Ho hum.
by ItWasThePenguins 14th Dec 2009, 9:43am
i dont really think that moisturisers work, i like oils best. I put a little bit of rosehip oil in my bath every night and cover my tummy, hips, bum, breats and sides in bio oil every morning after a shower and so far (at 51/2 months gone) i dont have any streatchmarks and touch wood that this satys this way. It has also helped with my existing stretchmarks as i developed early my hips and boobs practically grew over night so have small ones in those places. But they are barely noticeable now. Best thing as well is to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.. hydrating on the inside helps with skin tone too!! hope this helps ladies!!
by Gemmaking 14th Dec 2009, 9:42am
I have a 3 week old baby and didn't get any stretch marks from my pregnancy and I swear it's down to the oils I used. I read that there's nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks, but I have some stretch marks from a growth spurt when i was a teenager and they run in my family so in theory i was supposed to get them, but I rubbed rosehip oil every night and alternated between mamma mio oil stretch mark and mamma mio stretch mark cream every morning and didn't get 1. i had to buy the 3 products but by alternating they lasted longer (and so worth it as they worked). The mamma mio products lasted ages too. i'm still using them as i think they seem to be helping the skin's elasticity as my belly shrinks back. I can't say which of the 3 was the most effective as i used all 3 throughout, but if i get pregnant again i'll be doing the same.
by alij 8th Dec 2009, 5:57pm
i started using bio-oil wen i was 8weeks pregnant.i am now 34weeks n i only have a few small stretch marks on my bump but my skin is very nurse even noticed and asked me was i using bio-oil.wen i told her i was she said she could tell wen sum1 uses it and wen dey dont.she told me d skin is always firmer and ders a greater chance of d stretch marks fading or even disappearing after d baby
by AxC 28th Sep 2009, 9:33am
I have always used Vitamin E oil from the body shop. It was first recommended to me by the hospital. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant on baby no 4 and i only have 1 stretch mark very low down and hardly noticable. Another added benefit is i have used it 'down below' and have never had any stitches.
children so far weighed 7'10lbs, 9lbs and 8'13lbs so werent small either. Needless to say i am using it agan this time and so far so good :o)
by Millpull 21st Sep 2009, 9:17am
Hey! I've used Bio-Oil and Cocoa Butter during my pregnancy, from about 12 weeks onwards. I'm now 37 weeks and am covered in stretch marks! I didn't have any at all until a week ago, and now they're on my bump, hips, tops of my legs and bum! I was a size 6 before I got pregnant though, and am now a size 12 in maternity clothes on my bottom half. I think it just depends on how much weight you put on during pregnancy, and how quickly!
by LuckyMummy2 9th Jul 2009, 9:00am
i would suggest to try and avoid strech mark start looking afta your skin before you get pregnant use a body brush each nite and lotion your skin and that sud help. Not saying it will help every one but its worth a try . Thats what i have done and i am on my third.
by carmen121 15th Jun 2009, 9:33am
when i hit puberty i put on tonnes of weight & got horrific streach marks! 6yrs later & im 33weeks pregnant got some marks but not as bad as b4 but a gentle exfoliant works! get a scrub from bodyshop kinda looks like sugar mixed with bit of water & some exfoliating gloves & use every night in the shower takes bout a mnth or 2 but no one would ever have known i had them helps keep the ones on my inside of my legs at bay & off my tummy just got marks on my hips!
by 1mummybear 2nd Jun 2009, 11:08am
Hi im 38 weeks into my first pregnancy and i have been using both cocoa butter and the bio oil since week 28, with little to no effect, im covered in strech marks on my ever expanding bump and my arms, breasts and even the inside of my legs are covered, iv only put on 30lbs, and nothing seems to help, im hoping that some of these will fade in the first few months after delivery as i am only 21 does anyone know how to speed up the reduction in the redness? im really embarrased by them
by shabba1211 19th Nov 2008, 9:09am
i have been using bio-oil every morning and night since i was around 22weeks preganant, i had really bad ones on my boobs but they have gone down loads and some have even gone silvery..havent got any on my belly or sides!!! I personally think it is really good
by Kirstikles 20th Oct 2008, 10:57am
I have been told to use cocoa butter cream and Bio oil, my friend and sister have both used it every night and not had a single stretch mark, but then my sisters second came along, did the same thing and has a few now. just keep it moisturised that's what im trying to do!
by kimblob 6th Oct 2008, 9:49am
hey is der any1 dat can tel me a cream dey used 4 strech marks dat actually work....???im nly 5 months pregnant and my stretch marks are really bad....!!
by soon2bamum 4th Jan 2008, 8:59am