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StickaStyle Removable Wall Stickers

This review is based on the jungle pack 1 Jumbo size stickers from StickaStyle.
The Review: Vikki & baby Robin road tested the Jungle Set One sticker set

These stickers have been a god-send for us as we rent therefore cannot paint / wallpaper rooms for our child's nursery. They really brighten up the room and make it instantly look more like a child's room with minimum effort. No doubt this will be useful even for those who can decorate as children go through so many fads, re-decoration can be a nightmare.
The stickers themselves are excellent; very large and colourful and the characters are so cute it's amazing. Possibly the only cute crocodile I have ever seen and the lion looks like he wants to be stroked!

They are easily positioned and then re-positioned however many times you like and there's no border around the characters so they will fit in with any colour scheme.

The only issue we had was when we originally tried to peel the stickers from the backing. The perforations are a little tough, but we got around this by peeling off the backing from around the stickers instead which was much easier. I can imagine this would actually come in useful if you want to put the sticker back onto the backing for re-use at a later date.

While the giraffe's tail seemed fragile when we started to peel it off the backing, it was robust surprisingly due to the material it's made of so it didn't split or tear.

We'd highly recommend the StickaStyle stickers; they're a great idea and we cannot thank you enough.

The Jungle One StickaStyle set retails at £30 and is available from

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