Staying cool in the summer

Tips on staying cool, relaxed and refreshed this summer.
From the look of things so far, this summer is going to be a scorcher (who knew we'd be wearing flip flops in April?!?) and while everyone else might be looking forward to baking themselves silly in the sun, pregnancy and heat aren't things that go together well - feeling sweaty and swollen never makes anyone feel great! So, to help you enjoy the beautiful weather, here are our top tips for staying cool now it's starting to heat up-
  • Drink plenty of water! Even if you don't feel very thirsty you need to keep your fluid levels up and water or squash will keep you more hydrated that fizzy drinks will. This will not only help you to feel cool but will also stop you feeling so weary. Try cooling water in the fridge and keeping a bottle in your handbag so you can always have a drink to hand.

  • Tea is also excellent for quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated and will also help your body to cool itself internally. Plus sitting down with a cuppa will always help you to feel refreshed too.
  • Ice! Put it in drinks, chew on it or wrap it in a flannel and use it as a cold compress. Soaking your feet in a bowl of iced water can help soothe sore and swollen feet no end.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fabrics (linen really comes into its own in the summer months), these will help keep the air circulating around your body and just generally make you feel more comfortable.
  • Try filling a spray bottle with water to spritz your face with throughout the day, add an ice cube to the bottle in the morning or keep it in the fridge over night to help it stay cooler for longer.
  • Take a cool bath or shower if the heat is really getting to you.
  • Carry a fan! - whether you go for a battery operated or classic hand-powered variety, having a fan to hand can really help to keep you cool when the temperature is rising. If you work on a computer, mini fans that plug into usb ports are now available and these are fantastic for keeping you feeling fresh if you're office doesn't have air conditioning.
  • Get minty - Whether you eat them or use scented body products, mint helps to soothe and refresh and leaves a nice cooling sensation on your skin.
  • Run your wrists under a stream of cool water or wet a tissue and place it on the back or your neck or chest - might look a little odd in public but boy does it work!
  • Cooling flannels in the freezer and placing them anywhere you feel the need also works a treat - this works with towels too.
  • To help you sleep at night keep your bedroom as cool as possible. If your room gets a lot of sun keep the curtains closed during the day, keep the windows open and invest in a rotating fan to place at the foot of your bed.
  • Try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight, whether inside or out. Why not invest in a stylish parasol or wide brimmed hat and channel some old style film star glamour while you're staying cool!
Failing that, what better excuse do you have to indulge in your favourite ice cream?

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