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Soft toys

Useful information on buying huggable soft toys for your baby
Soft toys are great play things for little ones as they allow them to indulge in imaginative play without the risk of hurting themselves. Play with soft toys also help to build the reflexes and hand eye coordination skills that will play an important role when your baby begins to move around more independently.

The range of soft toys available is extensive with everything from dolls to balls and from teddies to skittles to choose from. Soft rattles and books are great for younger children as they can be explored without the risk of accidental injury.

When choosing a soft toy for your little one it is important for you to go for cloth toys rather than ones made from fake fur or hair as these could easily be sucked and present a chocking hazard. Likewise it is important to avoid toys with hard buttons or eyes that could come off. Before giving a soft toy to your child you should check the toy over yourself and make sure that its designed as a toy rather than an adult novelty item. Additionally, you should avoid leaving soft toys near your baby while they sleep.

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