Smoking whilst pregnant

Advice about the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy and the effects of smoke on your baby when you are pregnant
Being pregnant can be a stressful time, with many changes to get used to over the nine month period. Giving up one of your last little favourite luxuries can seem like the last thing on your mind, but giving up smoking is one of the changes that you really should welcome with open arms.

It's been widely documented that smoking whilst pregnant doesn't do you or your unborn child any good, but the risks can be far more serious than many think, and can effect your health just as much as your child's.

There are several consequences for your unborn if you smoke whilst carrying. Firstly there is the risk of slow growth and underdevelopment, both on the inside and out; resulting in not only complications whilst pregnant but also the risk of low birth weight as well as premature birth dates. This is because when you smoke, a gas called carbon monoxide is released into your bloodstream, cutting down the oxygen that reaches your baby.

For each cigarette you smoke, the blood flow to your child is disrupted for roughly 15 seconds, making underdevelopment and low birth weight common. In fact, smoking accounts for between 20-30% of low birth weight babies, 14% of premature births and 10% of all infant deaths. If this information isn't enough to help you stop smoking, the risk of cot death and stillbirth are also greatly increased if you smoke whilst pregnant; while after the birth, your child may well suffer from damaged airways, breathing problems and even asthma.

While the effects of smoking during pregnancy can cause many health and growth problems for your child, the risks on your health during the nine months of pregnancy are also extremely dangerous. Smoking when carrying improves your chances of severe complications during pregnancy and birth, including increased morning sickness, bleeding and a much higher risk of miscarriage.

While the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy are painstakingly clear, roughly 30% of British women continue to smoke whilst they are pregnant. This is alarmingly high and could be accounted for by many assuming that as they didn't quit when they first fell pregnant there is no point stopping a few days, weeks or even months into their nine months, however this is simply not true.

While smoking during pregnancy at any stage is damaging, the most harmful effects of smoking occur within months 4-9. Therefore quitting within the first three months of your pregnancy means your baby is much more likely to be of a healthy weight and stage of development.

Pregnancy itself can be a risky business without the added complications that smoking brings to a child's development. By quitting the fags you can give your child the chance to have the healthiest possible start in life, and it might do you a fair few favours as well.
Author : Elizabeth Stansfield

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I have found the solution which definitely has helped me,its called super cigarette,order it online,its like a real cigarette that you puff on an actual smoke comes out of your mouth only the catch is its not the poisonous smoke we are passing on to our babies,call it mock smoke if you like!!its roughly about £40 i got mine were i live up the town but i highly recommend it as it has helped me a great deal,none of us want to smoke whilst we are pregnant but it is extremely difficult to kick the habit.It is 100% safe for you and unborn baby,its even safer than all the nicorette chewing gums,inhalers etc etc that the doctors also advise you against taking,if any of you are interested let me know how yous get on with it!!!good luck:)
by mama29 14th Oct 2010, 2:15pm
I'm 15 wks and stopped at 9 weeks. When I decided to stop i just went cold turkey and I'm fine now. Get the odd craving but it passes when It hink abuot what it does to my baby. And I was a heavy smoker too so i'm saving money and feeling better. I did have a little help from nicorrette gym, my doctor said it was ok to use an every time I got a real craving at the beginning I had one. It is hard but after seeing a woman in labour and smoking outside my maternity ward it put me off for life!!!
by HayFox 14th May 2010, 5:32pm
Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and am finding it hard to give up cigs. Am down to 2 a day now. Really thought would have given up as soon as found out but still have cravings now and again. Can it do lots of damage at this time in my pregnancy
by don2 14th May 2010, 4:23pm
hi all am 6weeks pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy and stopped smoking as soon as i found out. ive done it cold turkey on my own..cuttin down is an excuse not to stop and others who say it will stress the baby out is rubbish esp b4 ur 12weeks and tellin urself that is not goin to help anyone, there are nicotine replacements avalible and support classes u have just got to want to give up for the baby growing inside you and when you crave that cig just picture holding your healthy baby at the end.
I say all this because like most of the people on here i smoked with my 1st pregnancy we'd been tryin to get caught for 3years and in may 09 in finaly happened bak then i had all the excuses not to quit and didnt think it would harm my baby even tho you hear all the time smoking during pregnancy harms you and your baby. aug 09 at 13weeks i went for my 1st scan were i was told there was no heartbeat (missed abortion) and it had stopped at 8weeks but id not miscarried. my world fell apart there and then we'd tryed so hard for that baby and it was taken away worst still i had to go back the next day and have a d&c i should of been goin the hospital to give birth not to have it taken away.. yet i was SELFISH enough not to stop smoking and eat properly when i new i was pregnant and i had that special chance. its taken 5months for me 2get pregnant again and as you can imagin am worried its goin to happen again altho this time i no am doin everythin i can to get my prize at the end..i havnt smoked for 3weeks now am eating healthy having all my fruit,veg,salad,meats and milk and cheese for calcium and i will continue to do this as i crave a healthy baby alot more than i do a dirty if reading this dosnt make you want to give up picture urself with what happened to me and knowin you could of done things to prevent it. COME ON ladys were strong and we can quit and stay smoke free with will power and nice thoughts and preperation for our bundels of joy xx
by dreha 14th May 2010, 4:00pm
im 15 wks pregnant now! And when i found out i was pregnant i knew straight away that i had to give up! Although it is a lot harder than what it does seem. For the first week after i had found out i was having a we ciggie here and there but i have completly stopped. As there are just to many risks in smoking while pregnant, knowing there is a wee person trying to grow instide of you, and with you lightin up a few ciggies a day could kill it, how could you have that on your shoulders. Im now very glad to say that i have now been of the ciggies for 9wks and have not only noticed a bit more change in my pocket but a healther me! Quit Now its deffinitley the way to go.!! maria xx
by maria91 21st Jan 2010, 9:20am
i'm 5 1/5 mnths ans till smoking however have cut down dramatically. my midwife told me not to quit cold turkey as this can cause more stress and have only just found out that patches are avaliable!
by Gemmaking 14th Dec 2009, 9:48am
I am now going into my ninth week, when i first found out i didnt smoke for two days but found the habbit very hard to quit. My hubby is also quiting with me but we have not been able to quit.
Today i was looking at stats on the internet and found that the chance of having a still bord is incresed by ten percent, that for me is the biggest turn of after nine months just becuase i was to selfish to stop smoking. I have also got friends who every time i lit up walk away and say horrible things like you will never be a good mum if you keep that smoke in your mouth and simply wont talk to me for hours after.
it really helps and makes in embarrasing too. good luck but i have now quit as sick as it sounds just think of being in labour with a dead baby because you smoked!!!!
by Lushusmum 26th Nov 2009, 9:44am
Even reading all this still isnt helping me not smoke, in fact its stressing me out so I want a fag!!! My mum smoked while she was pregnant with me and I was fine, but I still wish I could give up :(
by Lydia89 10th Nov 2009, 1:11pm
I'm 7 wks pregnant and finding it incredibly hard to stop smoking. IAs soon as i found out i was pregnant i didn't smoke anymore for that day. After that i've been having 1 maybe 2 a day. Some days i can go without any. I've been keeping myself very busy to try take my mind off of it. I find that i'm getting very irritable and crabby whenever my partner lights one up. I've made him go outside to smoke but i can still see him and smell it on him really strongly when he returns. It drives me mad, i'd do anything to have one but the guilt is terrible. Especially as i've had a stillborn and a miscarriage in the past. They were nothing to do with smoking as i didn't smoke at the time. Anybody got any tips to help quit altogether? Good luck to all other mums trying to quit!
by chatterbox 18th Aug 2009, 9:35am
I am 6 weeks pregnant and I still smoking it is very hard to quit is there a good way to stop
by gumina 13th Aug 2009, 11:28am
im also finding it very hard to give up smoking, i need help im nearly 19 weeks any one have any ideas??xx
by seza82 13th Aug 2009, 11:28am
i am having a really difficult time trying to quit smoking, but i really want to quit i keep telling myself that every ciggie i have is harming my baby but ijust cant seem to quit does anyone have any advice on how to quit??? xxx
by lucycherish 29th Jun 2009, 10:10am
am i at high risk if i smoke once a day when i'm going to bed at night?
by LeeSo 12th Jun 2009, 9:12am
I am finding it really hard to quit, anyone got any useful advice/ tips? Also does anyone know if you can wear stop smoking patches whilst pregnant? Thanks
by AH1988 14th Apr 2009, 12:51pm
I am a smoker and found it really easy to quit during my last 2 pregnancies as ciggies made me VERY sick.
I am now 7 weeks pregnant with my third child and am not finding it so easy this time round. I am going to stop. I am going to get help from my dr to do it. Although this baby wasn.t planned, it is very much wanted and I will do wahtever it takes to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby at the end of it.
by forglen 3rd Feb 2009, 9:18am
can smoking why pregnant make you have a misscarige??
by gema17 27th May 2008, 8:38am