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Skin Shop Cotton & Silk skincare range

New skincare range containing natural silk & cotton extracts soothes baby's dry skin
1 in 3 babies develop dry skin or eczema and dermatologists agree that babies who are bathed regularly in products containing detergents and chemicals could be contributing to the dramatic rise in children with dry skin.

So as a new mum it's crucial to treat your baby's skin with extra special care and make sure it doesn't get dry or itchy, especially if either parent or close family members are prone to eczema or dry skin.

Skin Shop's unique new Cotton & Silk skincare range containing two naturally derived ingredients, a silk protein and an oil extract taken from cotton seeds, has been specifically formulated for use on babies prone to eczema and dry skin.

The silk protein, silk sericin, has been show in published research to reduce trans-epidermal water loss and improve skin smoothness in eczema-prone or very dry skin.

Cotton Seed Oil is rich in omega fatty acids, in particular Palmitic, Oleic and Linoleic acids, which are crucial fatty acids present in healthy skin. Research shows that a deficiency is Linoleic acid and the elements it forms in the skin are directly linked to dry skin and eczema in children.

The Cotton & Silk skincare range has been rigorously tested by a dermatologist in Germany for safe use on babies and has been formulated to give maximum moisturising benefits to very young skin, without causing irritation and is free from parabens, lanolin, artificial perfumes, irritating emulsifiers and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

In addition to the basic Cotton & Silk skincare range, Skin Shop has also developed one of the first dedicated baby and kid's facial cleansers. Why? Well would you ever scrub your face with soap and water or bubble bath or wipe it clean with baby wipes?

So why do many of us treat our children's faces with less care than our own? Almost all adults who care about their skin use a facial cleanser to clean the delicate skin of the face. Yet although children's skin is even more delicate than our own, many of us clean our children's faces with soaps, body & hair washes or antibacterial wipes.

Skin Shop have developed one of the UK's FIRST chemical-free kid's facial cream cleansers, designed to gently remove general dirt and grime, stubborn sun cream, face paints etc from young skin without causing any abrasive damage or dryness.

The cleanser also contains silk and cotton extracts and has been formulated for use on children with eczema or very sensitive and dry skin.

The kid's cleanser works just like any normal adult cream cleanser - simply apply a dollop of cleanser to a natural cotton-wool pad and gently wipe the face clean, you'll be amazed how much dirt comes off a child's face using this method. There is no need for soap or water, which means you, can clean your child's face any time, anywhere.

And parents can rest assured that by using the new Kid's Cleanser, they are cleaning their child's skin in the safest possible way as it contains no petrochemical mineral oils, which can cause sensitivity in young skin and instead uses natural vegetable oils such as sweet almond oil. It also uses naturally derived cleansing emulsifiers derived from sugar, instead of chemical cleansing agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and is fragrance-free and uses no artificial perfumes or scenting agents as well as being dermatologically tested for use on children and babies.

Skin Shop's new Cotton & Silk skincare range includes a daily moisturising lotion, a body & hair wash, a soothing skin balm plus handy natural cotton bathroom bag) and costs £13.99 (plus £1.99 p&p). Skin Shop�s Cotton & Silk Kid�s Cleansers costs £6.99 for 150ml (plus 1.99.p&p) members can claim a special discount of 10% if ordering any of the Cotton & Silk skincare range or facial cleanser direct from (Tel: 0871 871 9975) by quoting the discount code AB01 when ordering either on line or over the phone.

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