Signs of labour

Advice to help you recognise the early signs of the onset of labour during pregnancy with information on imminent birth and delivery..
Labour is the process through which your baby will be born. For most women this happens when they are around 40 weeks pregnant, but anything from 37 weeks to 42 weeks is considered as being normal.

With a first baby, from the first signs of labour until the baby is born can quite easily be a full 24 hours. This is because labour tends to start gradually allowing your baby time to adjust to what is happening.

If you have already experienced labour the womb seems to work differently. The process of labour may still begin gradually but you will usually deliver your baby much more quickly.

Signs of the onset of labour:
  • A show - This is the mucousy plug that sits in the neck of the womb. As the neck of the womb begins to open this mucus may be dislodged. The mucus may be clear, slightly brown or pink. You may notice some streaks of blood. This is normal. If there is more than just a few streaks of blood, if there is bleeding without mucous or if your baby has not been moving please contact a midwife to make sure things are OK. Otherwise just wait and see. A show can actually happen a few weeks before you actually go into labour so it may or may not be a sign.
  • Waters breaking - Your waters are the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby. They can break before you go into labour or during the labour process. When they do break you will be aware of leaking fluid all at once or keep leaking small amounts. Some women feel a popping sensation.

    Most women go into labour when their waters break after 37 weeks, but it can take a day or two. You will need to contact your midwife or the delivery suite to let them know what is happening. If you do not go into labour yourself then your labour may be induced because once the waters have broken there is a small risk of infection to your baby which increases with time.
  • Contractions - This is the muscle of your womb tightening, pulling up on your cervix and pushing down on your baby. At first you may be aware of just some discomfort or period type pain that comes and goes. As time goes on you will become more aware of definite contractions, usually felt low down in the front of your abdomen or in your back. They will become longer and stronger and more intense.

    Once your contractions are lasting about 45 seconds to a minute they will probably not go away. Up until this time they can stop for a number of hours or days and then come back again. Do not worry if this happens. You will start again where you left off. Once the cervix has begun to open it does not close again.
  • The stages of labour - We divide labour into three stages
  • Stage 1 - From the time your contractions become regularly and strong until the cervix has moved out of the way which means you are dilated to 10cms.
  • Stage 2 - From the time the cervix is fully dilated until the time the baby is born.
  • Stage 3 - From the birth of the baby until the delivery of the after birth or the placenta and membranes.
Every labour is different. No one can predict for you how things will go, but there are lots of things that can help you on the day.

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I'm 39weeks and 5days preg, having back and abdominal pain, my tummy is so tight is this a sign that I might be in labor?
by rebo 20th Jun 2013, 3:25pm
tomorrow i'll be 36 weeks. I keep having really bad crotch pains and lower back pains. Sometimes when i'm standing or sitting i leak clear fluids and when i pee sometimes it's clear. Do you know what it is? This is my first pregnancy so im not sure about stuff like this..
by daniedesiree 20th Jun 2013, 3:25pm
hi im 40weeks plus 6days pregnant i had a sweep done and midwife said i was 1cm .i had cramps little while after the sweep which has stopped now .today iv had a large brown show . can anybody help with this one thanks
by berti 28th Jul 2011, 11:59am
i am 26 weeks pregnant and i have been getting braxton hicks and i have been losing yellowish to clear mucus but no blood could this be early labour
by TJ1989 28th Jul 2011, 11:58am
hi im 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant ive been getting tightening back pains and cramps all at once i was getting it for hours i really tought i was in labour and then the pain just stop i got a show on wednesday .. was tat labour or fake labour
by jennyc89 25th Jul 2011, 10:25am
Hi Im 33 weeks pregnant and ive started experiencing tightening and pressure down below, sometimes when i walk its really painful, my 1st child was born at 32 weeks could anybody please help me on this matter.
by elizabeth74 4th May 2011, 9:06am
Hi I'm new to this, I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my first, I have recently started experiencing pains down below and sometimes it hurts to walk sometimes, its OK when I'm sat down but when I walk alot it begins to hurt and its quite painful, any ideas what this could be and is it normal? Any help would be much appreciated :)
by SophieFlower01 23rd Dec 2010, 4:21pm
Hi all I'm 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant, for 2 days I have these sharp pains in my lower back,it is coming and going,this is my 4 child all 3 off my other children were born between 33 and 37 weeks,I cant sleep because off these pains,does it meen that im in labour or are there trouble.
by alvenita 22nd Dec 2010, 9:29am
I'm 35weeks +1 and I'm getting sharp stabbing pains shooting up the front can be very painful when moving can this be a sign of early labour? For a couple of weeks I have had small amounts of a show as well this is my 3rd baby.
by thab 8th Dec 2010, 8:42am
hi all I am 33 weeks +4days with my second child i had my first baby 3 weeks early had a show 3 days ago since then had loads of braxton hicks watery discharge back ache and cramping baby still active also felt bit off today do u think i could be in early labour never had any signs with first as waters broke thanks xx
by lisa0102 8th Nov 2010, 11:25am
Hi this is my first baby having a girl, I'm 34 weeks on Tuesday 2nd nov would appreciate if i could have some feedback im only 21. I too have had lower back pains and also down my sides, pain as if im on my periods and mine are quite painful lol my sickness has come back all of a sudden i was having twins but sadly one died iv been told twins come early in pregnancy and as my remaining baby girl was a twin im wondering if i am having signs of early labour. I also am getting uncomfortable pains in my girlie bits. i also have a cyst on my left ovary which was meant to be investigated on my 20 week scan to see if it had enlarged but they didnt check it? so that also could be causing the pains????? HELP lol
by charlotte1989 1st Nov 2010, 8:58am
38 and half weeks pregnant. 2 hourly contractions for 2 weeks. 5 min contractions for 6 hours on fri. none got longer than 30 sec. now back to the 2 hourly thing. passed fed up 2 weeks ago! why could this be happening????
by beedingbabe 25th Oct 2010, 10:39am
hi i am 39+4 days i am due on Saturday and this is my 5th baby i don't feel well in myself i have bad lower back ache and a few pains in my belly i have not had a easy time i have been in and out of labour since i was 26 weeks so she has had her injections to make the lungs better is anyone having the same symptoms as me and what to do x
by mackey98 13th Oct 2010, 6:04pm
im 38 weeks pregnant and this will be my fifth baby.i have been constipated most of my pregnancy and today for first time i have been to the toilet with diahrea 3 times.i get lower back pains.i get a pain on the bottom of my stomach like i just got my period but without the bleeding,i also get a sharp pinching pain inside my girlie i going through early labour? as this pregnancy is so different to my others.
by chrissylouise 28th Sep 2010, 8:54am
Hi i'm 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant and it's my first baby. I'm only 19 and have been told so many things i'm not sure what to listen to!! The problem is . . when i go to the loo (pee) and finish i feel as if i need to go back and do another just 2 minutes out of the bathroom, does anybody know why this is?? I could really do with some help please.
by Kim91 20th Aug 2010, 5:30pm
hello im 37+weeks pregnant with 5th baby this time we are having a girl carring her has been a little diffrent to my boys. ive been getting very bad dull back ache for about two weeks lower cramping in tummy on and off sort of period pains her head is deep in pelvis when i walk it feels shes going to pop out also lots of watery d.c. could this be a sighn of labour.
by ajako 18th Aug 2010, 9:27am
Hi, I am 39 weeks today, and have been having irregular contractions that start and stop for the last week or so. All day toda, I have had lower back ache and a 'heavy' feeling quite low down in my tummy. Do you think I could be in the start of early labour? x
by happymummy5 16th Aug 2010, 5:14pm
Sorry this is a bit delayed, only just found the site!! This is a reply to Coly, about your daughter having those symptoms when she was 33 + 4 weeks, it could be irratable uterus syndrome. I had exactly the same thing and i've been in and out of hospital all through my pregnancy. It's nothing to worry about but if she gets any contractions that are in any way regular she has to go in as irratable uterus can set off real labour at any time!! Good luck!! Actually having read the date of your post she's probably already had the baby in which case, congratulations!!
I'm 38 + 3 weeks and I'm sure I'm going to go into labour any time now. I've had all the signs except my waters breaking and I'm sooooo desparate to have my little girl here! 9 months is starting to feel like forever!
Good luck everyone!!
Beth, 19.

by YummyMummyBoo 12th Aug 2010, 10:39am
Hi i am 32 weeks pregnant and it's my third child. I have lower back pain, stomach pain, i have also had a show and this has gone on since Sunday. Today the pains are getting stronger and have alot of pressure, also i have been having a discharge of water all day espically when i move. Could any one tell me if this is early signs of labour, as baby is low and i've been told i could go early.
by sharondec 12th Aug 2010, 9:45am
Hi, i'm about 37weeks pregnant and been have had pains on my lower abdomen for like a week now and also been having to use the bathroom like 5times a day with loose stool. Could this be sign that i'll soon have my baby? Need urgent answers please
by loistare 11th Jun 2010, 5:39pm
Hi, just wondering if anyone can help..Im 20 and pregnant with my first baby. Im 37weeks and 2 days. I have an idea what the 'pre-labour signs' are but would like reasurance. I havent experienced Braxton hicks so far but im told some women dont, but last night i got a semi strong period like pain and pressure as if i need the toilet (poo) but i dont, i woke up this morning as was sick havent been for months now, i can feel the baby move quite abit shes moved more today than the past few days, get a funny sensation in my vagina (inside) and every now and again get the semi strong period like pains back with backache. I hope someone can help as to weather these are signs of pre labour signs or nothing to worry about? thank you! Lauren
by Laurenhoward777 21st May 2010, 4:08pm
Hi im 30 weeks pregnant and the baby has already dropped, im also getting a warm sensation in my lower back, my hips are aching and im getting headaches. My urine also seems clear. This is my second pregnancy but im worried as i went to the hospital and they said its braxton hicks, they said that about my first baby and 10 minutes later there he was. What should i do
by jemma12 18th May 2010, 5:38pm
hey im 29 weeks pregnant and frisst time mum. been losing water for the last 5 days been in and out offf hosptial and gettin contractions they said its nothing to worry about but my cervix is engaged . dose this mean early labour?
by finlaygray 18th May 2010, 5:36pm
hey im just wondering if you can help me.
im 29 week pregnant and iv been getting pains down below for 2 week on and off. they only stay for a couple of minutes. i did go to the midwife and she said. my cervix is closed so nothing to worry about just if they carry on to go back. its been two week now and im still getting them. al so iv been getting yellow discharge which is normal the midwife said. but it keeps going to brown and the past couple of nights iv been losing white clumpy stuff. which i don't know what it is can some one please help me?
by JLJkk 18th May 2010, 5:30pm
hi, am 38 + 4 days pregnant and been having pains on a off for the last few weeks, i lost the Mucas plug (the show) last week ova a period of a few days but today i have had belly ache all day had a bath to try sooth it but no joy still got it. is this a sign of early labour??
by jo2525 18th May 2010, 5:20pm
hi all, i'm 35 weeks preganat and been having period like pains and lower backache for about 2 days now, was wondering if i'm in early labour ???? i've had no show yet.
by amyl 18th May 2010, 5:19pm
hi my daughter 2 weeks ago at 33 +4 days started contracting, she was given a steroid for baby and then some meds to stop her going into labour. she has had nothing since but this morning has got up with lower back pain again and has got diahhorea any1 got any thoughts on it kind regards
by coly 18th May 2010, 4:50pm
iam 16 and this is my first pregnancy. im 26 weeks 1day. im geting really nervous and i woundering how will i know when im going into labour. my family keep telling me i will know, but im really scared. could any one give me some advise please louise
by smugs 14th May 2010, 5:26pm
hi i'm 38wks+3days and been gettin very bad lower back pains,and period like pains, is this a sign of maybe early labour also wat does a show look like and does it have to be pink... im 20yrs old n thisis my first baby
by shellbee89 14th May 2010, 5:23pm
hi stacey, i had a clear show with my first. it was a completely clear lump of jelly. i thought the same, a show was only was only after i realised wot it was.
by shelluk5 14th May 2010, 4:30pm
hiya stacey1985 im due on 19th feb and ive had and got a clear show plus the pains bt the midwife said everything is fine so i dont think theres anything to worry about but phone your midwife just incase because everyone is different xx
by claire90 14th May 2010, 4:20pm
hi all, im 37 weeks 3 days. this is a 4th baby. i have been getting pains on and off for the last few weeks but today they are getting really bad. i have been losting a clear sticky discharge for a few days but have been told a show has got to be pink. has anyone had a show which has been clear.
by stacey1985 10th Feb 2010, 4:59am
hi this is my first post
i'm 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and over the last 3 days have been having pink staining my discharge is clear, had spoken to midwife last night and she asked if I had ever had an eroision, which I have had and she said it could be coming from that. i'm still staining today and having some period pains but no contractions, has anyone had any similar experience as never had this with my other pregnancys, and now it is going on i'm just worried that it could be early signs of labour. maybe i'm over reacting.
by jennymc 18th Jan 2010, 2:43pm
im expecting my first baby and am getting period aches in my lef side and down my left leg is this a sign labour will start soon {im 39 weeks}
by inky1 5th Jan 2010, 3:48pm
Hello there. This is my first ever post so please bare with me...
I am 38+2 days pregnant and am due to have a c-section on the 29th Dec 09. Even though I am a mum to and angel called Joshua and a little boy called George I have never experianced labour and am starting to get a little concerned that I may miss something.
Over the last week I have been having very painful braxton hicks with period type pains in my pelvis, tightening all over my belly and a burning senststion in my upper abdomen left feeling bruised after (the tightening is not consistent). I have had an increase in discharge but not lost my plug as far as I am aware. Last night I had a popping sensation in pelvis and my pants were slightly damp after but as far as I am aware my waters have not broken as only had an increase in creamy discharge nothing more (sorry tmi)... I have been getting mild backache but not sure if this is the way that he is lay or anything else.
I am not due to see anyone until the day before the c-section so any advice to put my mind at ease would be hugely appreciated!!
Best of luck to everyone else :0)
by Mum2two 23rd Dec 2009, 9:36am
hello, im ebun. i am 40wks and 3days gone.had some serious lower tommy cramps lastnyt,woke up dis mornin to see a jelly-like pinkish substance which i suspect to be mucus plug,few minutes ago my found my panties wet in a small area with clear liquid which didnt smell like urine,can it be my amniotic fluid leaking?dont want to raise a false alarm as everybody is waiting for this baby.its my first.
any ideas pls?
by bunnnyandcheeks 21st Dec 2009, 9:34am
hello my name is danielle .. i am 19 years old and i am bout 38 weeks pregnancy. It my first and i am gettin really nervous and i was wondering How will i know when i am in labour?? Everyone tells me i will know but i am scared incase i dont .. Can anyone gave me advice please x x
by DanniiBabyy09 17th Dec 2009, 9:29am
this is a message to kayli23 im 36 weeks and am the same as you getting all light headed and chest pains.i told my husband that it scares me.
by rikkileanne 16th Dec 2009, 9:09am
Hi, this is my second pregnancy and its completely different to my first, im due in 3 days. With my first my waters just broke and contractions started about an hour later! This time.. ive had terrible back ache and the top of my bump is really burning and I just cant get comfortable!! Bit concerned about the burning though!! xx
by Kayl86 7th Dec 2009, 4:13pm
this is my second pregnancy but couldn't have been any more different than my first! i'd like some help/advice please on this. Im 37+1 and the baby is 3/5 engaged, i am constantly going to the loo (Waterworks) but no pain, i feel lightheaded a lot of the time (as if i'm watching myself-if that makes sense??), i get a lot of back ache and now i've started with chest pain that definatley isnt heartburn. Im wondering if all of these things could be a sign of early labour?
Please could anyone help???xx
by kayli23 26th Oct 2009, 12:49pm
hello,what i know is that peoples body are different,some loose their mucus plug and immedietely go into labour,nd some their waters will break,with my first baby my water broke,then two weeks later i lost my mucus plug nd it wasnt up to 2 hours i delivered.some will not experience any of this nd still go into labour,but when the real contraction comes you will definitely know,its different from BH,by then ur baby is ready to come out,is better your water breaks at the second stage(final stage)so your baby will be at less risk to get infectedam 37 weeks old now nd am having bh more often,and am prepared to carry my bundle of joy,GOD will c u tru.
by excellent 12th Sep 2009, 8:01pm
hi all....with my first baby i was induced..felt sick all morning.. then had like a snake skin type show. i was having mild period pains then my waters broke. felt i needed to got to the toilet. and pushed her out minutes later. second was same. with the third one my waters broke first but no pains. went to hospital and they let me sleep overnight on deliver suite cus i werent dialating. in morning they said i was 4cms but i hadnt felt a thing. they put me on an introvenus drip which got me going and she was born soon after. I am due in 2 weeks with my fourth child but can tell u this has been the strangest pregnancy by far. ive been in and out of hospital with water loss, had a show, pains coming and going but they keep sending me home saying there is enough water and altho im 2cm nowts happening and to just carry on til the pains come!!! no pregnancy is the same. my advice to people is trust ur instincts. u will know when its time. obviously its not time for me yet but it will come when its ready. we all get fustrated cus we want our babies but remember its in the best place. enjoy the pregnancy and dont leave anything to chance x
by nortican78 11th Sep 2009, 3:37pm
hi there, i am due tomorrow with my first baby and have had a few braxton hicks going on and have hardly slept for yonks! in response to another member on here, i have had surgery on my cervix as there was a large weak area caused by the pill and have not been told that this will make pregnancy or birth any more traumatic than usual.To be honest, have pretty much forgotten it as its not been mentioned and made it full term with no issues. i am feeling pretty calm and relaxed re the big day as panicking wont help! just keeping my fingers crossed that it goes as quickly and smoothly as poss- like all expectant mums! good luck to all x
by dancegirl 1st Jul 2009, 9:04am
hi im 39 wks today i thought i had gone to in to labour this morn but its hard to tell as i have pulled a muscle in my back & have been in alot of pain anyway. i was pretty sure i was having a contraction but not had anything since, is this common if were to be in slow labour? has anyone experienced this?
by funkychicken 29th Jun 2009, 9:59am
hi everyone, ive just found and joined this website. i am 39 weeks today and getting aprehensive about my labour, been thinking its all going to be a breeze, but im now beginning to wander how long its going to take will i cope and 101 other things going through my head. I am 21 years of age and having my first child, my partner has been excellent and really supportive, however family constantly going on about have you got this have you got that, you should do things this way, you should be doing that... BLAH BLAH BLAH. being helpful yes, but ita constant the same thing everytime you talk to them. i have no idea if i have been experiencing braxton hicks contractions as i dont truly know what to expect, never having had period pains, but as yet no show and no definate signs of labour starting.
by MrsBurns09 14th May 2009, 9:42am
mummykimbo, have period type pains is normal in the final days of your pregnancy. I am 40+1 weeks and I too am getting the period pains, but no show. Just been getting a regular discharge for the past few weeks. I think our body starts preparing up mentally by giving us mild pains so that we are slowly coming to terms with whats to come.
by mummytummy 11th May 2009, 11:38am
hey im 38 n half weeks preg. ive been getting period pains everyday now for at least a week their not mega painful but it this a sign of early labour starting? ive not had the show yet!
by mummykimbo 7th May 2009, 9:15am
iam 37 weeks pregnant ive been having realli bad stomach pains for 2 days now i cant sleep much at night ive had a few pains down below is this the start of labour?
by angiebabie 30th Apr 2009, 9:19am
Hi, i'm 36 weeks pregnant and started having my show on saturday, and am still losing bits of it, (no blood or anything) should i be worried?
by evs560 29th Apr 2009, 10:01am
i your 36 weeks now with cramps and there going down ur leg its the baby sitting on ur nevrse whitch well make ur legs feel like someone ran them over im 34 weeks and that happends to me all the time plus i get fake labour pains all the time too.but what helps sometimes is to put a hot water bottle on ur tummy that heat goes tho ur body and makes u warm making the pains go away it works for me.....
by ashleypearson 9th Apr 2009, 9:26am
Hello everyone, I'm 36 weeks pregnant now with my 3rd and this pregnancy has been totally different to the other 2, My last baby came at 35 weeks so i was told by the midwife to expect another early one, howether this baby seems to be happy to stay in there, I've also been told that i may have problems with my cervix dilating because i had a loop cone biopsy done about 5 yrs ago, Is there anyone else that has been told this??as i'm dreading it that i'll go into labour then end up having to have a c section, I've not been getting many braxton hicks, though i was woken last night by period like cramp around one side of my back and down my right leg. But since then nothing! Is there anybody out there that has had a baby after surgery on the cervix? I'd really like to talk to someone that has been through this, Good luck to everyone anyway..
by fionella 9th Mar 2009, 9:28am
hi everyone x im 39+3and i'm not sure if I have had my show or not ..... last week i had a clear substance within my underwear, but 6 hrs previous my partner & i had sex ..... i know that this is a really strange question but this is my first baby & i'm not sure if this is right....... ive also been experiencing really strong pains that feel like the baby is pushing down that have been coming as i rest or go to sleep at night....... these have been over the past couple of days. I cant wait to see my baby, the curiosity is killing me lol. My partner is a nervous wreck !!! and so is everyone around me I am trying to keep strong but I feel that im so out of control as i dont know what to expect...........I want to enjoy this birth, but i am not sure that i will know when i go into labour.....
by sexymomma1 23rd Feb 2009, 1:03pm
hi everyone x im 39+2 and ive had my show today, which was a thick greeny yellow colour! ive been experiencing really strong period pains that have been coming especially during the early hours of the morning, there enough to wake me from my sleep. these have been over the past couple of days. this is my second pregnancy. My first was nearly 3 weeks overdue, and i had to be induced, the pain was unbelievable, as the inducing labour is very often the pain of the end of a delivery which is much more intense. in the end his head was too big for my pelvis and his head was facing up! which makes delivery really difficult. in the end i had an emergency c-section. Overall i had an horendous experience. Hopefully this time things will be more controlled and ill be more prepared! I had a membrane sweep yesterday to help things move on and i was 1cm. I cant wait to see my baby, the curiosity is killing me lol. My husband is a nervous wreck! I want to enjoy this birth. Im not going to be a hero ill take all the pain relief going! lol. good luck to you whos reading this and thank god its not the 1800s when all you had was hot water! lol x
by goz 16th Jan 2009, 9:44am
Hello everyone!! Congratulations to you all and the fun and games ahead! I am a mum of 3 and expecting twins on xmas day. I just want to share my experiences and put some minds at rest if i can. fIRST EVERY WOMEN AND LABOUR IS DIFFERENT. With all 3 of my children the head never became fully engaged until the onset of labour. the doc was writing on my notes 1/5 2/5 and so on but never quite reached the engaged bit! My 1st child came exactly on the due date and the other 2 both came at 38 weeks.

I can't really say i had much in the way of signs of labour, all i do remember is the few hours before going into labour i madly cleaned, felt full of beans and then as i sat down to go to sleep feeling exhausted the labours started!!!

I do remember the aching back but to be honest it felt like that for the last few weeks and it's not until you're in labour you can really identify that that back ache was the start of it.

my first labour ....... the first sign i had was i felt a 'knock' in my pelvisthen a bit of water trickled out, i knew it was my waters as when i wiped myself it was like wiping the remains a cracked egg(it's sticky).
Then maybe 30 mins the contractions started and nothing more in the way of signs til hospital. It was only my hind waters that had broken, they broke the rest in labour.

My second felt the same knock, same liquid stuff but this time after a couple of hours the contractions came and the plug came out and all my waters broke before i'd got to the hospital.

My third i woke up and straight away i was experiencing mild contractions straight away. from around 7.30 am. by 10 am the contractions were coming every 5 mins and were strong. so went to hospital only for them to tell me that i wasn't even dilated!! they sent me home and pretty much the contractions came evry 5 mins til 9 pm i just couldn;t take much more, went back to the hospital and finally but slowly was 3 cm dilated!! the plug, waters etc all came out literally just before i started pushing the baby out.
by mumo5 24th Nov 2008, 9:37am
hiya im 39 wks pregnant and really fed up,im been ill more or less the full lenght of my pregnancy,its my 2nd time,my 1st went 2 weeks over and had to be enduced,im just gettin over the flu so hav been real run down,in gettin real sharp pains down below quite breath takin sum of them,i had examination last wk and she was -2 to 3 cm,does this mean anything to say my labour could start any time or do i hav a little wait yet thanks sam
by seren2008 17th Nov 2008, 8:54am
Hi Kim, im Melissa, im due to have my first baby on Thursday although I haven't been lucky enough to have any signs of her coming as if yet so its a bit of playing the waiting game for me, unfortunately.
I'm sorry to hear about your complications, maybe you should try and relax a little and that should help your blood pressure go down but I know this is much easier said than done as I was only painting the bathroom last week!!! I have had lower back pains ever since I can remember but I do think this is rather common but you can get one of those wheat bags that you put in the microwave they're supposed to be really good for getting rid of the pain. Another thing, make sure you mention this pain to your midwife as back pain and headaches can be linked to pre-eclampsya and thats why they check your urine everytime you visit them, I hope this helps, sorry for rambling on x
by meli2905 22nd Oct 2008, 11:04am
hello i'm kim,
i'm 31 weks pregant tomorrow and had a few complications from been 25 wks, i've been leeking water and sufferin from blood pressure. for the past couple off days i cant stop cleaning, my nesting period must be kicking in lol. but i've got these cronic pains in my lower back, i'm really unsettled and hirritated. please can anyone help me has anyone every felt like this??????
by kimmi1982 20th Oct 2008, 10:55am
i am 40 +weeks and i have been getting strong period like pains for the past 2 days this is my 3rd baby long do u reckon b4 i go into actual labour
by amandakelly2008 8th Oct 2008, 9:06am
to chloe. i know how hard it may seem. with my first child my partner left me at 6months pregnant cos i was having a little boy and i found out he had cheated so much behind my back it was unreal. i know right now it seems hard but you will be fine, i had all those feelings but my little boy is the most amazing little thing in the world and his dad is the only one that will have regrets. keep strong and i hope all go ok for you. your ex isn't worth it and as time goes by your little girl will have so much love from you, you will be both fine x x x
by tigerbabe 30th Sep 2008, 8:50am
hey, I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and have been having braxton hicks for about 4 days, since yesterday they've been accompanied by almost like period pains. I've been feeling a bit sick recently too and I'm just so desperate to get this all over and done with and hold my little girl. This is my first baby I'll be 18 in 2 months and I'm worried I'll get judged by people when i go into hospital.
I'm stressing out like crazy as my boyfriend of a year left me 3 months ago for a girl 5 years older than him that has a boyfriend and lives 65 miles away. I just don't feel like I can cope alone and I'm terrified of getting post-natal depression - anyone have any advice on preventing this??
thanks xxxxxxxxx Chloe xxxxxxxxxx
by chloecousins 24th Sep 2008, 9:41am
hi shanieyabuzzin i was only 16 wen i had my first baby i was as worried as u r but it isnt that bad as i am in my 35th week of pregnancy with my 3rd child now. i had a 42 hour labour first time round & had gas & air + pethadine which was great pain relief wold recomend it 2 any1. all i can say is enjoy ur pregnancy cus its 1 of the best things 2 experience!!!!
by hannahkay 16th Sep 2008, 9:00am
Im really scared about going into only just 3 months gone but im only 16 years old and this is my first baby. Ive been told by plenty of people that its really painful although some people have said that it isnt has bad as people make out. Ive also been told that with your first child you are in labour longer and my mum said that its usually atleast 12 hours with your first !! im dreading it !! how am i going to cope 12 hours in labour? and what would you say is the best pain relief??

Thank 4 takin time to read this xx :D
by shanieyabuzzin 8th Sep 2008, 10:35am
Okay so I'm really worried right now.. I just left the hopsital and its like almost 9:30pm. around 2:00 today I went pee and A gush of blood came out of me.. So the first thing I did was call the doctor and he said to come up.. I went up and the nurse check to see if I was dilated and my cervix is still high and very thick.. Im four days over due.. almost 41 weeks.. Now The blood that came out of me was like period blood color and alot... like It was the amount of blood you see in a scary movie. But the doctor sent me home because my contractions are only 8 mintues apart... and im not dilated.. Im am so scared right now.. The doctor couldn't even tell me what caused all that blood... I really need some input about all this... I'm worried for my son's life and mine... please HELP
by lilmama08 18th Aug 2008, 9:16am
Im 22years of age and am 34weeks pregnant wiv my second first was born at 37weeks and im really worried that this baby is going to come even earlyer.a few days ago i had a pinkish show wen i went to the toilet and from then have had a few twinges but nothing major.The one thing i am worried about though, is i keep getting this popping feeling in the lower part of my tummy like my waters are about to also experiencing yellow discharge everytime i go to the is moving ok but my bump looks a bit smaller to me scared of going to my midwife because im scared of being sent into hopital.what should i do?anyone out there who has experienced any of these symptoms or anything like this?
by mummynikki 6th Aug 2008, 9:08am
not very nice xxx
by kjfhkfh 4th Aug 2008, 9:09am
hey,im 5 days over due,an was trying 2 keep my sprits up,but lack ov sleep an the heat is really getting to me now,an been eating alot ov pineapple,wondering is she ever gonna come.
by kellyxx 4th Aug 2008, 9:09am
hello i am 31 weeks pregnant (tomarrow) counting down the days. up until now i had excellent pregnancy no sickness, nopains, no discomforts thankfully. very tired at this stage now and begining to get pains down one side of my back down towards my leg, have lots of trouble sleeping now between moving from side to side to taking frequent bathroom runs. very nervous about the birth now as this is my first time ans im not sure what to expect only from what friends and family have told me to what i have read in all the mountians of books i have bought.
by Tonto 22nd Jul 2008, 5:13pm
by 2TO 22nd Jul 2008, 9:03am
hi i am 34 weeks pregnant with my first child,right am so tired and cant wait to see my baby but when i think of labour i am so scared sometime i wonder if i will manage to deliever normally coz thats what i really want not a c section.Is the show that visible i mean is it something you can esaily dictate
by pamsy 4th Jul 2008, 8:45am
hello i am 37 weeks pregnant today with my second bady and i gave birth to my first naturally and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world when i was handed my son (also i was feeling labour pains with him from 35 weeks and he did not arrive until 41 weeks) anyone that is scared its understandable because here i am bady number 2 scared again and wondering if c section would be best way to go but than i remembered that feeling and i would not miss it for the world.
by evilgenius 16th Jun 2008, 8:35am
hi im 38+2 weeks pregnant and i had my show when i was 37+6 and in mynotes its says that i was 1cm dilated how long do you recon it will be till he comes i keep getting pains but i also have back end problems if you get me! so i get stomach cramps thinking its that or im in labour i dont know im really confused and this ismy second pregnancy i also feel tired and like im in an illusion little back aches here and there i just want him to come now any advice
by chantrelle 6th May 2008, 8:45am
im 38 +3 have been loosing my plug now for 2 weeks. im going round the bend lol! all i can think about is having my lil man here! im having pains in my cervix, strong braxton hicks and pains in my lower tummy (just above pubic bone) for days and still nothing is happening! this our 3rd child but everything is diffferent. just goes to show there are no 2 pregnancys the same! oh well im sure he will come when he is good and ready. send me labour vibes please :)
by logansmummy 2nd May 2008, 8:46am
hi i am 38 weeks pregnant with my third baby ,i was told and had read that with third babies the babies head does not engage until just before labour .i went too see the midwfe testerday who told me the head was well engaged ,but still nothing !! i have had some tightenings and cramping pains and the baby has slowed down a lot.i am getting frustrated and worried a little although his heartbeat is fine .does anyone have any advice ?thanks sharon
by sharryann 4th Jan 2008, 9:06am
I am 32 weeks now and am concerned as I am constantly on my feet. I am getting what feels like baby braking winds in my tummy and I have cramps and find myself trying to hold baby up from my lower abdomen as it is difficult to walk. Am I just being a sissy. Baby has little space to move and when she turns she hurts me. I am worried as I find walking very uncomfortable.
by tanyab 12th Oct 2007, 8:26am
i was told by my doctor that I am going to give birth in 3rd week of Sept, and the midwife says that immediately you are in month 9 of your pregnancy, you should expect your baby at any time. Is this date given to me real?
by ELoke 5th Sep 2007, 8:46am
I lost a little of my show at 38 weeks ,I still havent gone into labour and im in my 40th just shows that loosing your plug isnt always a sign you are going to go into labour straight away
by lou19 29th Aug 2007, 8:39am
i am 34 weeks pregnant. i dont know if i should have a c-section. i am scared of having my baby naturally. i just want to have my baby soon as possible. if i have the c-section i will have my baby at 39 weeks. for some reason i feel like i am going to go into labour sooner than that. once i do should i just try to have a natural birth? i just dont want anything to go wrong.
by itsagirl 11th Jul 2007, 4:15pm
I am now 38 weeks pregnant. I am getting frustrated because I was at the doctors last week and he said I was dilated 1cm and one day later I lost my mucus plug. It has been 3 days now and this is my third pregnancy. I only lost my mucus plug with the other ones when I was in labour. I have also been told by an RN that with subsequent pregnancy you usually lose your mucus plug just before the onset of labour. I have had some piercing pain in my groin area and some back pain. Does anyone out there think that it may happen within a few days for me? Please tell me what you think and what I can do to get things going.
by AskBaby10828 23rd Apr 2007, 8:59am