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Should you share your baby name?

Advice on whether you should share your favourite baby names with others before your baby is born
Naming your baby is a hugely personal decision that should be made by you and your partner alone. Unfortunately once people find out you are expecting they will be more than happy to share their opinions as to what you should name baby and what names they think are completely unsuitable, usually whether you ask for their advice or not. While batting off these suggestions tactfully is an art in itself, the real question is whether should you tell people what you are planning to call your baby before he or she arrives.

On the plus side sharing your decided names with others enables you to test the water - you'll get a good idea of how popular the name is in your area (and a feel for whether your child is going to be sharing her name with 3 other children in her class when she gets to school) and will also be able to see how people generally react to it. It can also be useful to share your naming ideas if you have friends who are expecting at the same time as you as telling them what you are planning to call your little one will hopefully help to avoid 'you stole my baby name' fallings out!

On the other hand keeping your chosen baby name under wraps can help you resist pressure from others who have keen ideas as to what you should call your little one (family members especially). It also helps avoid people reacting negatively to the name and putting doubts in your mind. Not sharing with others will also help if you completely change your mind about names once your baby is born (something that often happens).

Ultimately whether you decide to tell or not will probably depend on whether you have concrete ideas as to what you would like to call your little one or whether you are still trying to make up your mind - but its your choice, you don't have to tell people if you don't want to. However, it can be best to agree whether or not to share your planned baby name as a couple so that your both happy.

Regardless of what your family and friends think of your chosen name, its your decision - remember that its almost guaranteed that they'll fall in love with the name once they meet your baby.

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Do not tell a soul your baby name choices until the baby is born and they can't pass comment, I only say this because we shared our baby name with my OH's family and they pulled faces and laughed and said 'you cant be serious', everyone else we told loved the name or were at least polite enough to pretend they liked it but now it seems that their spiteful comments have ruined it for my OH as he is having second thoughts about the name now! I found the whole thing really upsetting.
by leeswife 4th Feb 2011, 5:20pm
My 1st is Ronan Kaleb Samuel
am having another boy and now my boyfriend wants to use his own name and fathers name.
My 2nd will be Samuel-James Kohen (james my granda name)
What do you fink is it ok to name him this thanks his heart is set on it x
by suzibear1811 25th Aug 2010, 4:34pm
my 1st i name robert william george after robbie williams and george as he was born on st georges day
my 2nd oliver richard james, oliver was the only name we could agree on, the other 2 after my late gt uncles
my 3rd leonard jon marc, leonard after my late grandad-and my lil bros name is marc jon so turned it round
im expecting my 4th and if you take the 2nd letter in the first name that is the 1st letter in my next childs name, so this ones name will start with E
by stacykel 12th Aug 2010, 9:41am
Is it so strange that if I named her Winwin?Please help!!!
by chrysanta 14th May 2010, 5:27pm
We picked Henry Wellington Benjamin for a boy and April-Matilda for a girl - we didn't tell anyone either of these names while I was pregnant, and we didn't find out the sex either, so everything was a big surprise to everyone! :) I'm glad we didn't tell anyone the names, because everyone had their opinions about everything else to do with my pregnancy, so it was nice to keep something from everyone!
by LuckyMummy2 12th Oct 2009, 10:09am
We shared our duaghter's name; Ellie-Joy early on & never had any problems, this time we've picked Logan for a boy, which my mother-in-law dislikes & is in strong opinion we should be calling it Dylan! Couldnt really care less though it's our choice! But we have decided on Sophie Olivia for a girl & now my sister-in-law has got the major hump cuz she wants Sophie if she has a girl...even though they have no plans for anymore children anyway & im already 15 weeks pregnant! My hubby just told her it's first come first served haha.
by toddie12 30th Jan 2009, 9:01am
We chose our names very early on and shared them. Then, last week one of our relatives (who was expecting after us) went into labour early and used our girl's name!! We've learnt our lesson - if we have any more children we won't be sharing names in advance.
by MaggieA 17th Nov 2008, 8:56am
I have a very opinionated mother in law and an over sensitive mother! - I wouldn't dream of sharing any of our baby name ideas with either of them as it will all get out of hand. So for us its just the two of us deciding!
by Mistymoon 14th Nov 2008, 9:20am