Seven bundles of joy

A mother-of-three in Egypt has just become a mother-of-ten, after giving birth to septuplets
A woman has given birth to seven babies - four boys and three girls - in Egypt.

Ghazala Khamis, from the northern Beheira province, was already a mother to three daughters, but desperately wanted a son, so underwent fertility treatment.

She has yet to see her babies in person, and she and her husband are now trying to come up with names.

"I saw them on TV, they are very cute," she said.

"I am just waiting to hold them in my arms and breastfeed them.

"I don't know if I can do it to all, but I will try."

Both mother and babies are doing well, but the septuplets - who weigh between 2.3lbs and 4lbs - still need a lot of care, according to Dr Emad Darwish, who delivered them on Saturday.

"This is a very rare pregnancy - something I have never witnessed over my past 33 years in this profession," he said.

All seven are being kept in incubators, although four have been sent to other hospitals because Dr Darwish's hospital does "not have enough incubators".

A Caesarean was performed at the end of Mrs Khamis' eight month of pregnancy because pressure was being exerted on her kidneys.

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