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Rocking horses

Useful information on rocking horses, and things to consider when purchasing a rocking horse.
A quality rocking horse is a toy that will provide years of good old fashioned entertainment, allowing your child to combine exercise with imaginative play. Ranging from the hand crafted wooden heirloom variety to the hard wearing designed for use, the variety of rocking horses available is extensive.

Rocking horses are still hugely popular and the majority are suitable for use by children as young as 1 year old. Rocking horses designed for the younger age group tend to be fitted with special features to ensure that small children can rock safely. Those designed for younger infants tend to have sturdy wooden bases, encasing seats, handles and are often fitted with straps or leg bars to prevent falls. When choosing a rocking horse for a younger infant it is important to check that you pick one specifically designed for child use that conforms to recommended safety standards.

Many rocking horses have wheels so that little ones can move around as they rock. Additionally there are a huge variety of 'non-horse' rocking horses available with a whole range of different rocking animals now being offered.

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