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Rockabye Baby CDs

The transformed iconic rock lullabies that both you and your baby will love
About: Rockabye Baby! specialise in turning your favourite 'iconic rock' tunes into soothing lullabies, perfect for settling even the most restless of babies. Their ingenious cd selection encompasses lullaby renditions of classic songs by U2, Coldplay, The Beatles, Radiohead and No Doubt to name a few, magically transformed from jumping rock anthems to relaxing melodies by the weaving of the glockenspiel and the vibraphone that Rockabye Baby! feature on their cds. (Available from

The review:  (Tested by Dom and baby Lola)

Lola (5 months) and I gave the Coldplay and U2 cds a listen and both really enjoyed Rockabye Baby's gentle renditions of their well known tracks. To make it baby friendly, every trace of electric guitar and heavy drums have been removed and chimes are used to pick out the melody in place of vocals. While this definitely makes it lullaby music the Rockabye Baby cds are much more enjoyable to listen to than regular kiddie tunes and make for really relaxing background music.

Out of the 2 cds I definitely felt that the Coldplay renditions worked better (Lola fell asleep without crying half way through this album which definitely helped it score some brownie points!) as some of the U2 songs included seemed a bit of a strange choice. Whether this is down to personal preference or just the fact that Coldplay songs tend to be more laid back and lend themselves better to being transformed into lullabies i'm not sure. Both of the cd sleeves are really well done though as they display babyfied versions of the original album covers, making them a really 'cool' addition to your baby's music collection or a great gift.

As a bit of a music fan myself I was a bit sceptical about how I'd get on with these lullaby versions but they're actually really well done and while they won't necessarily replace the originals in my collection, they've definitely earned a place in Lola's nursery and the car for a good while to come.

So, whether you are a die hard music fan or simply a parent who would like to introduce a bit more variety to your baby's music collection, I think that you'll find the Rockabye Baby! cds provide a refreshing alternative to traditional nursery lullabies.

For more information and track listings or to get a Rockabye Baby! cd (RRP £12.95) of your very own visit

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