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Review: Snowflake Christmas album

Find out whether this 'Christmas album with a difference' is a must-have for your children's CD collection.
The Review: Jenny & Tasha tested the Snowflake Christmas album by Zero 7 singer Sophie Barker.

I have to start by saying that I'm really not a fan of children's music. No matter how hard I try most of the 'especially for children' music we've listened to as a family has just grated. So the Snowflake CD made a refreshing change.
It's got a really good mix of Christmas songs and all our favourites were on there.

Better still, I enjoyed it too as it doesn't have the cutesy saccharine sound that music for kids tends to. In fact, my husband and I actually listened to it again over dinner when the children were in bed!

What's great about it is that it isn't too fast paced so we were able to put it on before bedtime without worrying that it would send the kids hyper.

Some of the words were a little different to the versions I already knew, but it didn't stop us singing along as a family.

So, all in all I'd definitely recommend this CD.

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