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Review: Precious Babies

Find out whether this new book by fertility expert Kate Brian is worth a read.
The Review: Claire read Precious Babies by Kate Brian.

Precious Babies explores the emotional and practical repercussions of infertility on parents who manage to conceive.
Precious Babies by Kate Brian is a 'must-read' for anyone that has conceived after experiencing infertility.

As someone who has gone through infertility, there are many questions I find I have, but am always unsure who to ask, and too worried I will be told I shouldn't be feeling that way.

Knowing that Precious Babies was written by someone who has experienced infertility and then conception, readers will have more confidence in what they are reading, rather than it being written by someone that has never known the highs and lows of infertility and pregnancy.

The book takes you on a journey through the very emotional period of conceiving, pregnancy, birth and childhood, providing answers and tips on how to deal with many concerns that may arise. The book touches on many questions that to anyone expecting, especially after infertility, may feel they can't or shouldn’t be asking.

After your child is out of nappies and you no longer see a midwife/health visitor, this book is there to give advice on questions that may go unanswered. Many pregnancy and baby books cover only that, but Precious Babies takes you further on into childhood, where parents will still have many questions - on a practical and an emotional level.

Infertility can be a lonely place, even if you have then later been able to conceive. Surely we should be so happy to conceive after many struggles, but often we can feel that there are even more things to be concerned about, even though we have finally reached our goal. This book shows that you aren't alone, and there are many others with exactly the same concerns.

When reading Precious Babies, I found myself nodding along, relieved that I wasn't the only one to feel this way.

Precious Babies by Kate Brian is published on the 6th October 2011 as a trade paperback by Piatkus (£12.99).

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