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Review: Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump

Find out if this is the breastpump that will make expressing a breeze.
The Review: Stacey tested the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump.

The Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump is a manual breastpump designed to stimulate milk flow in a way that closely mimics the way a baby feeds. It features a unique Let-Down Massage Cushion for easy expressing and has been clinically proven to be just as effective as a hospital-grade electronic breastpump.

Having breastfed for nearly six months and never properly expressed before I was unsure what to expect but was very pleased with the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump.

The pump is lovely, lightweight and simple to use - and not scary to get out of the box. The pump doesn't consist of many parts which makes it really easy to unassemble and clean properly then quickly pop back together again.

The pump is packaged very well, has clear instructions and comes with a bottle and a sealing disc so you can express then seal the bottle easily. I found this very handy because it meant you weren't popping a teat on the bottle then putting it all in the fridge then having to warm it before feeding it to the baby.

The bottle screws on to the pump very easily, though I do think this should screw a bit tighter - it only screws on two turns which felt a bit loose to me. Once when I was using it I screwed the bottle on at an angle, but soon worked out that it has to be screwed on straight to fit properly.

The first few times I used the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump I used a small bottle and filled them a bit too easily. Thankfully the big bottles fit on the pump too so found I could express a few bottles at a time which is a bonus! I also found you can screw other AVENT bottles onto the pump so you can express directly into a storage cup, Via cup, bottle or training cup.

When I first went to use the product I did wonder how the pump knows what strength "suck" each Mum needs to express - but you can adjust it by how much you squeeze the handle. (A pump I previously used had a switch on the side you adjusted then had to squeeze the handle fully every time - I found this awkward as I was forever changing it!)

The silicone that rests against your breast made the pump comfy and meant that I could express while watching TV or watching my daughter play and forget I was doing it so it didn't feel like a time consuming thing.

My son has tried bottles before and taken to them fine, but the AVENT teats are different to the ones he's had before so I had to encourage him to suck the first time he tried it, but after that he easily took to them.

I took the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump with me while we visited family and it is very discreet - however mine does have an irriating squeak when you squeeze it! I think this may be because it is still new, and after a few minutes of expressing I tend to forget about this anyway.

I also learnt the hard way to pop a tea towel/muslin cloth under my breast while expressing - so afterwards when I took the pump away milk didn't spill down my top. The pump collects some milk in the funnel still which dripped on me a few times before I remembered to have a towel handy!

The bottles included with the Philips AVENT Comfort breast pump are really good, easy to set up and take apart and clean, and very easy for George to latch on to after me encouraging him the first time. The teats are meant to mimic breastfeeding so we've had no problems at all.

One thing I have noticed so far and am very pleased with is that the teats have never "sunk" - I remember with my daughter the teats on a different brand would collapse as she was feeding, but so far this hasn't happened with the Phillips bottles. We don't have experience with Colic but it sounds like these bottles would be really helpful in preventing it as the teats vent air into the bottle to stop babies swallowing it instead.

The bottles are a nice size that fit well in baby changing bags and are not too bulky to store. They also grow with your baby's needs because you can swap and change various parts - like adding a handle to a regular bottle so your baby can learn to feed themselves, something I very much look forward to trying out.

All in all I am very very pleased! It's comfortable to use, does the job perfectly, seems to be hardwearing and is compact so not taking up loads of space in my kitchen or in a bag when I take it out.

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