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Review: NordicComfort SilkExcellence Duvet

Find out if this is the duvet that will revolutionise your sleep.
The Review: Hannah tested the NordicComfort SilkExcellence duvet.

NordicComfort specialise in luxury duvets filled with silk fibres. Their duvets are allergy friendly, anti-bacterial and moisture and temperature regulating for a healthier night's sleep.

I trialed the Nordic Comfort SilkExcellence duvet in medium and as I've always been a fan of feather duvets was interested to see how and if a silk-filled version would measure up.

On first impression the duvet was a lot lighter and slimmer than a feather-filled equivalent. However this did make it really easy to get inside the duvet cover, something that was made even easier by the navy piping that sits around the edge of the duvet. It was a little less 'snuggly' than my usual duvet but not to such an extent that it spoilt my sleep.

The duvet itself feels really luxurious, soft and high quality. What I really liked though was that it combines these 'premium' qualities with technology that makes it breathable, anti-allergenic (something that's essential in my house) and anti-bacterial.

As I do get particularly cold in the night I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be warm enough, despite the 'medium' being designed as an all-year-round duvet. However, when coupled with a throw it was absolutely fine and quite ideal for November temperatures. If you do get particularly hot in the night then the duvet on its own would be ideal.

You can also wash it in the washing machine if needs be - they provide a net bag for you to do this, and because of its slim size, it'd easily fit inside a standard machine.

Overall I really liked the NordicComfort duvet and would definitely recommend it to others.

For more information and to check stockists visit the NordicComfort website

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