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Review: Munchkin Shampoo Rinser

Find out whether this is the gadget that will revolutionise your baby's bathtime.
The Review: Claire, Fraser (11 months) & Lewis (2 years) tested the Munchkin Shampoo Rinser.

The shampoo rinser is attractive and the colours are lovely and bright; the soft rim around the edge of the rinser is soft so it's comfortable too. The rinser is rather large and wide so it holds a lot of water, even half full; which isn't always a good thing.
The first night I tried this just on Fraser I didn't have much success. The product is recommended for 6mths+ but to be honest it is far too big for even his head and he is a year old in 3 weeks and very tall for his age, so not a small child at all. I think because with smaller babies they still tend to put their head forward when you pour water over them, the whole theory behind the product just doesn't work as the water just went in his eyes whichever way I turned it.

The second night we tried it on Lewis who is 27 months & it works a treat with him. As he is bigger he reacts well to the jug pouring over the back of his head and he's never had water in his eyes since. We are even able to read him a story (mum) and dad washes his hair at the same time with no interruption for him.

So overall, an excellent product BUT I would say that the age spec needs changed OR the jug needs to available in a smaller size for under 2s.

It's pretty much dad-proof as well so a big plus in my book!

As far as I am aware it retails for around £5 which is fair but slightly expensive seeing as it is just a "fancy plastic jug".

The Munchkin Shampoo Rinser retails at around £4.50 - £5. Further information is available on

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